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A profitable guide from one shopaholic to another, feed the urge while making a profit.

Updated on December 17, 2013

The best feeling ever!

Let's face it, for many ladies including myself, there's nothing better to brighten the mood than buying a new pair of heels. Not just any pair, but one of those new on the market full priced, unique masterpiece shoes. Whatever your fancy, for those that enjoy shopping for pleasure, it's a never ending battle, I call it a roller coaster.

I feel down, I buy something, I'm happy, a week later, I'm down again and the cycle begins. If you're satisifed with the purchase of a bar of chocolate, you're lucky. For me, a $1500 pair of shoes was the norm. Please don't misunderstand, I still do that today but comfortably and that's what I will explain.

Finding the spending money to support the habbit!

I never had an issue with over spending, I never went into debt doing it, but I do have quite an expensive taste and it takes quite an amount of money to keep the smile on my face.

One day, I saw a sign for an Estate Sale and stopped. I never knew what an estate sale was or what they sell in there, it was a multi-million dollar home overlooking the beach and practically everything in the house was for sale. I purchased a few pieces of art and a statue.

That night, while shopping on line like I always do, I decided to switch positions, how about I try to sell the statue and makeup the money I spent on the pictures. Using my Iphone, I listed the statue and to my surprise it was sold the next day. Most people that enjoy buying, also enjoy selling because when you sell, it gives you the money to buy more.

Next weekend, I purposely found another estate sale to visit and purchased a few more items. I listed them and waited a few days, sure enough they sold. I suddenly switched positions from a buyer to seller but did I?

The Magical Transformation:

I would normally visit the local department stores once to twice a week and shop online just the same. Naturally, I found myself shopping online just to find the next item that sells so I can buy to resell it. On the weekends I was busy frequenting local estate sales to buy items to sell. I just realized one year later, that I have not purchased any high priced item for myself unless absolutely necessary for an event. I haven't been heeled from my love of shopping, I'm just now shopping to resell and it has allowed me the full pleasure and enjoyment of buying as much as I want and no longer feel the urge to buy from a local department store for no reason. I now have a reason and do it with pleasure. Profit.


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