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ARRA - Recovery & Reinvestment Act

Updated on July 13, 2011

Do you understand the tax changes announced in the Recovery & Reinvestment Act?

The stimulus bill the federal government recently passed made many changes in how rates should be for ordinary people like you and me. If you were or are unemployed this past year, you certainly can not afford to pay taxes on unemployment benefits, which can not be reasonable and certainly cannot afford to hire a tax professional to file your taxes. What you can do is use the quick and easy, proven Turbo Tax program which has been updated to include all changes implemented under the stimulus bill of the federal law which applies to you!


Discover the # 1 Way to reduce your tax

The tax credits are basically easy ways that will greatly reduce the amount of taxes you're supposed to pay. When you earn a tax credit, the amount comes straight from the top of your income. Do you know of any new tax credits on the platform IRS? Of course not, and Uncle Sam does not make it easy! Using Turbo Tax to complete and file your taxes you are equipped with a wealth of knowledge on the new tax credits and other areas of tax legislation that may prevent you from over paying or not get the refund you deserve! The best part is you can do this from your own home and Turbo Tax is designed to walk people step by step through the process. The easy question and answer series makes filing your taxes and earning tax credits easier!


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