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Using an Accredited Financial Counselor to Help You Manage Your Finances

Updated on July 27, 2011

The recent economic crisis destabilized markets around the world and sent governments scrambling with bailout packages and deals for financial institutions and other corporations. With the upsurge in foreclosures and contracting economic activity, individuals, small and medium sized businesses were hit hard. Those who survived and made it through the depression did so through sound financial planning and discipline. They most likely enlisted the help of an accredited financial counselor.

To begin with, one needs to understand who an accredited financial counselor is and the role they play. An accredited financial counselor is a financial counselor, who has certified skills to assist individuals and families in the process of financial decision making, maintains the highest ethical standards and keeps up-to-date knowledge in the fields of personal finance and financial counseling.

An accredited financial counselor can do a lot for someone with debt trouble. To begin with, the world of finance is vast and reading a few books will not make you an expert of your predicament. Even financial counselors specialize is certain fields only and it is rare if not impossible to find a master of all. An accredited financial counselor will help you disclose hidden issues that you previously may not have known about. Like the saying goes, ‘the devil is in the detail.’ The importance of this in the area of credit cards, mortgage finance and bank loans need not be overemphasized.

The accredited financial counselor will also take an objective look at your financial situation and come up with objective solutions. Most people are incapable of making an objective examination of their financial circumstances and desires. In addition accredited financial counselors can take care of your day to day financial repetitive tasks. This is especially important for busy individuals or those who travel extensively. Furthermore, the financial changes that affect us today take place so fast that you may not realize until it is too late. Again a financial counselor would prove handy in such times.

The natural tendency with human beings is to ignore things they do not want to deal with. This is very evident when tough decisions regarding finances need to be made. A financial counselor will not allow you to look the other way or sweep things under the carpet but rather help you tackle the problem to its finality.

A final note is to always make sure that you hire an accredited financial counselor. There are many quacks out there with all sorts of snake oil remedies for your financial problems. Ensure that the accredited financial counselor that you settle for has verifiable credentials and excellent references.


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