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AlertPay Review Alternative to Paypal

Updated on February 25, 2011
AlertPay Online Payment Service
AlertPay Online Payment Service

AlertPay Scam or Legitimate Online Payment Service

AlertPay is an online payment service providing company which is based on Canada. It started its operations in 2005 as a competitor to PayPal and in this AlertPay review I will discuss how it compares with PayPal, Advantages of AlertPay over PayPal and some reasons why AlertPay was viewed as a scam in the beginning. At the time of writing this review AlertPay had over 2.3 million registered users, it doesn't matter how good you are you can't scam 2.3 million people. Another thing to note is that top FOREX brokers like eToro, freelance brokering sites like freelancer also has AlertPay as an payment option, those are companies that trade millions of dollars per year and if AlertPay is a scam they wont be using it. If all that doesn't make you feel secure you might be satisfied with the fact that AlertPay accounts are insured by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Canada and US. Keep reading the review to learn more about AlertPay, whether you need it or not and how it can benefit your business or simply sign up for a free AlertPay account.

Advantages of AlertPay

The biggest advantage AlertPay has over PayPal is the ability to receive money for most countries in the world. Although PayPal claims to support over 190 countries the reality is they only support the ability to pay online. For some countries like South Africa, Sri Lanka etc you don't have the ability to receive money to your PayPal account. So if you are selling something online and you reside in PayPal receive only country then you wont be able to receive money. This is one of the biggest reasons AlertPay is spreading all over Asian countries and big reason for its growth.

Why You Should Have an AlertPay Account ?

If you are using a online payment service only to buy products from Amazon, eBay etc then there is really no need to have an AlertPay account because PayPal is accepted worldwide and it is accepted in most online shops. But if you are selling online to a worldwide audience then you should think about creating an AlertPay account for people who are unable to use PayPal. If you are paying online to a worldwide audience then I think AlertPay is a must have tool for you, there are plenty of top Asian affiliate and service providers who simply refuse to provide you services because you don't have an AlertPay account. It is free to signup and they have a good reputation in the Industry as well, so you wouldn't have to worry about your financial information getting stolen. Signup for an AlertPay account .

AlertPay Account Types

AlertPay has three account types, listed below are account types with brief description

  • Personal Starter - Ideal for online shopping and have the ability to receive money up to 400$
  • Personal Pro - No receiving limits and low reeving fee, Ideal for freelancers who are receiving money and for small business owners
  • Business - Best suited for businesses who want payment systems in tight integration with there websites and who handle multiple business entities.

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