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Answer to What Investments or Activities Are Available to Create Income and Money. -Part 2-

Updated on November 25, 2013

Some of the Money Making Investments and Adventures

The following are some ways to make money, income and have adventure, to boot! Some of the following money making thoughts boosts income to some and devastates some entrepreneurs because of reasons beyond their control. There are some people who make a nice living doing what they love to do and some other ones try scheme after another one, trying to find the one that is right for them.

As with any adventure to make money, there has to be a market, a desire, a supply, a demand and someone willing to pay for the service or merchandise. In the following parts, some entrepreneurs find some ways to make money, an income or combine their leisure with their work.

Animal Rides

Elephant Ride
Elephant Ride | Source
Horse Back Riding
Horse Back Riding | Source
Horseback Riding on Myrtle Beach
Horseback Riding on Myrtle Beach | Source

Making Money With Animal Rides

One of the most interesting jobs are animal rides. But on the other hand, the predictions of animals are not certain to what and how the animal will perform during the ride. The handlers and the ride guides have to be very experienced in the total control of the animals.

There are multi-dollars to be made with the rides of animals, but much care must be made to safety, security and convenience of the rider. Also, the animals are animals and events do happen, so insurance must be obtained. The animals do require maintenance, food and water, so the total outflow of money cuts into the profit.

Depending on the ride, the animals used, the equipment and the terrain, the amount of high paying clientele, the profit could be sizable. The very simple pony rides with the round and round in a circle to the camel rides causes excitement in almost all children and to most adults.

Horse Carriage Ride at Fast Food Restaurant
Horse Carriage Ride at Fast Food Restaurant | Source

Making Money with Consignment Stores and Consignments

One person might try consignments. This is a fast and usually simple way of getting someone else to sell the goods that you have. A consignment agreement usually is made between the consignment store and the consignee about what, when, where, how-much, and other stipulations.

Most consignment stores will allow a 50/50 split between the consignment store and the consignee. Any more than a 50/50 split would not be enough for the person putting the merchandise into the consignment store, but some consignment stores charge up to 70/50 and some even charge a percent commission of the goods they sell.

This is an easy way to unload of merchandise and receive a sometimes hefty profit from the consignment store. The way that this works, is that a person must first find a consignment store that is willing to work with the customer or consignee. Ask what merchandise or items that they will accept. Second, find out the commission, prices, and percentages that the consignment store would have for the merchandise. Third, find out how the consignment store pays out. Some stores pay out monthly in cash, some pay out every three months with a check mailed and etc. Fourth, see if you can set up an account and see what days and what can be brought in on those days.

Sometimes a consignment store will pay a bounty for certain items brought in for consignments. Ask about those items, so that you can be on the look out at garage sales, flea markets and rummage sales for these items or similar items.

Most consignment stores love to get antiques and collectible items. This generates more income for the consignment shop plus entices the public to visit more often to get a great deal or to get something that they can resale for a greater profit. Some antiques and collectibles sell low in one area or market and when taken to another market, the market value can climb thousands of dollars. In small farm towns and towns, the value of certain items is uncertain to most people, while in large cities, the demand of collectible items are highly prized and valued.

REV-13 CONSIGNMENTS  Consignments could be taken in for a percentage sale and profit
REV-13 CONSIGNMENTS Consignments could be taken in for a percentage sale and profit | Source
Antique Consignment Store
Antique Consignment Store | Source

Make Money From Gold and Treasure

Did you see the price of what GOLD is selling for? It is going for over 1500 dollars an ounce and keeps going higher. What long would you have to work to make $1500.00 dollars? Even working 40 hours, most people would have to work for more than 40 hours. Maybe this is why there are so many people getting into the buying of jewelry, silver and gold. There are thousands and thousands of dollars skimmed off the buying and selling of this precious metals.

There are people that are obtaining gold, silver and precious metals other than buying the metals from the public. There are scrap metal yards that buy gold, copper, aluminum, silver, lead, brass and other metals, but these are coming to a halt because of the new laws preventing thieves from bringing in large amounts of scrap metal.

Still other people are combining having fun and making money by treasure hunting and gold panning. These people are making a hobby into a way of making money. People are using sluice boxes which can process thousands times more gold bearing material than the small hand-held gold pan of the past. The metal detector has been used to find gold nuggets and also to find precious metal objects like gold rings, silver necklaces and copper bracelets. The treasure hunters, using metal detectors, cover the beaches during the tourist seasons, working a grid pattern, to make sure all the areas have been searched. The treasure hunters also hit the places where meteorites have crashed, to have the hopes of recovering metal remains of comets, meteorites and other space debris, which sometimes are worth thousands of dollars.

Treasure Hunter on Beach
Treasure Hunter on Beach | Source
Treasure Hunter on Beach with Hit
Treasure Hunter on Beach with Hit | Source
Modern Gold Extraction Panning
Modern Gold Extraction Panning | Source
Modern Sluice Box for Gold Panning
Modern Sluice Box for Gold Panning | Source

Make Money Raising Amimals and Fish

All people come in contact with animals, in one form or another such as in the medical field, the satisfaction of hunger, sport, as a friend, transportation, recreation, entertainment and other forms.

Many different ways are available to make money from animals. One is the raising of dogs for show, breeding and for pets. There are farms, called, puppy mills, to produce the animals in large numbers to sell to hospitals, vets, medical research, colleges, for resale, companionship and of course, for pets.

There are untold millions of dollars that are generated by selling exotic animals, horses, cows, goats, cats, birds, snakes, turtles and fish. The uses for these animals could be for research, hobbies, food, entertainment, production, reproduction, education and sport.

Many people are now creating fish farms along with gardens, called aquaculture. The hydroponic garden is on the topside and the fish farm is located on the bottom of the set up. The manure from the fish is recirculated through the vegetation garden on the top, giving nutrients to the growth of the plants, then filters back down to the fish. The fish are usually raised for food, restocking and replenishing the supplies.

The creation of a niche, or focus, to what is in demand for people to buy, then supplying that item or service. The food is always in demand, because people have to live, so the aquaculture is actually creating at least 2 products at one time.

People are raising animals for large game hunters that contract guides to take them on hunting expeditions. These large game hunter, so to say, expect to nail prize trophies and with careful planning, the guides "plant" trophy animals so that the big game hunters can kill the once in a lifetime specimen. Some of these expedition guides charge high dollars to be able to go, because these will be sure bets. These prize animals are carefully raised on farms to assure the best of care, maintenance and nutrition. These animals are taken to the site of the hunt so that the big game hunters will surely take the best trophy ever. These sometimes are large, but also may be birds, rabbits, wild boars, large cats or other desired targets.

The Goat, Named Petie
The Goat, Named Petie | Source
Raising Fish for Fun, Hobby, Food, Profit
Raising Fish for Fun, Hobby, Food, Profit | Source
Large Animals Can Be Raised For Profit
Large Animals Can Be Raised For Profit | Source

Money Making Ideas Instead of Working 40 Hour Weeks

There are money making opportunities that are abounding everywhere. In this economy, it might be hard to find a fantastic niche, but it is possible. The basic idea is to find what people are demanding or wanting, then how you can supply this merchandise or service at a good sized profit. This goes back to the supply and demand. If there are lots of supply, the price goes down and if the supply is limited, the price goes up. The same goes with the demand. The demand goes up, the price goes up. Think of gasoline when you think of this. This is one item that is in high demand, plus the supply is very limited. If Iran and Israel goes to war, the demand would still be there, but the supply might get cut off. This mind thinking that there is a shortage is enough to make a shortage and this might result in panic buying, which would make the price go up even higher.

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