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Answer to what are the best investments or activities to generate income instead of working a 40 hour week. (Part 1)

Updated on November 25, 2013
Stop Working the 40 hour Week Start Making MONEY NOW !!!
Stop Working the 40 hour Week Start Making MONEY NOW !!! | Source

Stop the 40 hour work-week and start making Income and Money in other ways.

The thought of working 40 or more hours a week verses being free or doing what is fun intrigues the heart and soul of most people. More and more of the young adults are realising that their forefathers work ethics of working 40 or more hours per week does not leave much free time for leisure or for living good wholesome lives. Times are changing to the point that people are looking for relaxing and rewarding lives instead of the fast moving, stressful and demanding manufacturing and factory jobs.

The Rich and the Ones with Money; What do they do to make money?

Yes, when we talk about the super rich people and the elite of the world, we always see them relaxing, traveling and on vacations. But just how do they do this? How are they able to continually live in the luxury of mega-bucks and lavish luxury lifestyles? Look again! The hard-working, slave-driven, 40 hour a week employee are paying the way for these leaches. The working men and women, who are going to work, paying taxes, and trying to strive to put dinner on the table are giving to the rich and the elite to support their life-style.

So it is time that the working men and women learn how to generate income and wealth like the elite and well-to-do individuals of this world. To find out how, one must rub elbows with the rich. Be aware, that they will not want to share this information with just any common person, but will share it with those who are in the same receiving class as them. They do not want their income to be shortened or jeopardized.

In the South, there was a saying at one time, relating to the attitude, which stated a person worked for leisure, but would not work to just work. The concept may have vanished in the years past, but with all the taxes, deductions, insurance, Social Security and all the other itemized items coming out of the paycheck, the attitude of working for leisure is making a comeback, very quickly. The men and women are becoming close to becoming slaves to the economy, the corporations and the government and having some extra leisure time sure sounds great. The people are looking for someway to get paid without sacrificing their precious time to putting in a 40 or more hour week.

To generate income and money

What would generate income without having to work for someone else, a factory or a manufacturing plant? What is the working class missing to be able to have a good income comparable to the ruling elite class?

Look at the Big-Shot generated stories in the media. So and So gets over a million dollars for one event. One president gets over a million dollars for one engagement. One senator gets $25,000 for one speech. The CEO gets a bonus of 15 million dollars. Why are these people getting such large sums of money, while those who are working the 40 hour shift working their fingers to the bones and still not having enough income to support their families and put food on the table for their families?

The answer is simple. The elite and those in power have found out the secret of diverting the money to them. They found that people will willingly give money to the politicians, Sport Stars, CEO's and celebrities without regard to their personal finances.

Solution # 1 Do like the politicians and ask for contributions

#1 Solution is react like the politician. Let people give you money. Pretty simple plan, huh? Change the situations to divert funds to your bank account. This is a simple statement, but can be done and actually legal. One way that this is done is through pan-handling or begging. Politicians call this campaign contribution and churches call it donations. Still, it is the transfer of wealth from one person to another person or bank account.

For regular people, seeking income, this is done by panhandling. This is done usually on a street corner or where there is a stop sign. Some cities and towns have ordinances against this type of activity in certain areas. Few people who donate to such beggars feel that they are doing some good in society and for the good of humanity. These panhandlers in certain cities can obtain several thousands of dollars in a very short time, depending on the traffic, the willingness of the donors to give and the laws concerning such activities.

Solution # 2 Rub Elbows with the Rich

Solution # 2 is to stick with the elite and learn how the pros do it. The inside scoop of how to make money is a great way of learning the basics. Some of the business people use other people's money to invest in stocks, bonds and adventures that would generate money and income. The way of investing is sometimes manipulated to create a false signal that the stock is doing better than it really is and promotions are done on the stock to make the investors believe the stock is going to increase in value, causing the stock to inflate the value. When this happens, the business people would simply sell the stock at a very high value,making a good sized profit.

The insiders know what the business outcomes are, the profit margins, and the future orders for the companies, so being close to those in the knowledge base helps to make the right decisions.

Those that make the money without working the regular 40 hour week know the rules and outlines of the game to receive money and income without actually working for it. The wealth is generated by means of other means than physical labor and actual work. The idea of letting the money and others work for them is the thought of those on the receiving end.

Solution #3- Work for it, but own your own turf

Solution Number three: That is right, work for it!! In this case, the way of working is not actually working for 40 hours in a hum-drum-dead-end job, but one that you would enjoy, that would give satisfaction or a job that you would receive enough income to have leisure time available.

One missionary guy said that that there was a fisherman that had a small boat, that went out fishing each day during the week. The fisherman would stop at 12 noon each weekday after fishing for 6 hours. At this time, he would clean up, spend time with his family, play his guitar and find leisure activities for the rest of the day. A businessman came to him and told him that if the fisherman would invest in a fleet of shipping vessels and spend 12 hours a day fishing, the fisherman could retire a wealthy man retired man with lots of leisure time to do the things that he would want to do. The fisherman responded with why should he work all his life with long hours just to do what he can do now. The fisherman was not under the stress of paying for something that would enslave his life, take his family from him and vaporize his leisure.

We are missing so much!

A small business or venture can bring great satisfaction to many. For those who have some hidden talent or service to offer can be more rewarding and fulfilling than some jobs that are stressful and high paying. In some ventures, the person can be in complete control of when, what, where, how much and who A business can be on a person's own turf and with a person's expertise.

Even if a person could go out and do some things that they like doing, it would be a fantastic adventure to do this, while making money. Two activities that come to mind, are treasure hunting and panning for gold. Both can be very rewarding and very profitable. With gold above $1500.00 an ounce, the time invested would be small compared to the payoff.

Gold Panning the MODERN way.
Gold Panning the MODERN way. | Source
Treasure Hunting on Beach with Metal Detector
Treasure Hunting on Beach with Metal Detector | Source

Solution # 4; Work for Someone Else, but your timing!

You might even be able to find a person or company that will take you on as a worker, piece worker or on contract while doing so on your own time. The efficiency and outcome could depend completely on you.

Some of the companies would let a person make a product, even at home, and pay the contracted person a certain amount of money per piece produced per standards. A person that has learned a trade, like automotive repair or welding, could easily work at home, taking on jobs and repairs at the person's time, leaving room for the leisure time.

Solution # 5: Consign your merchandise.

Yes, this is becoming a popular way of making money. Consign your merchandise to a well known consignment shop for the company to sell your wares. Sometimes thousands of dollars per month can be made in this manner. The area of the consignment shop is important, as well as the legit operations of the store. The amount of the consigned price should not be over the 50/50 split, but some consignment stores require up to a 70/30 split, leaving only 30 percent of the profit going to the original owner. Even at the 70/30 split, the consigned merchandise and profit is better than taking the merchandise and items to the local dump, where no profit would be achieved.

There are some drawbacks to this. You must have the merchandise to replace the merchandise that has been sold, the consignment shop takes a huge amount of the profit to sell it and the merchandise could be stolen, broken or misplaced.

If a person has an unlimited of merchandise, this may be a way of selling and making a profit and let someone else take the grief and time of selling, stocking, insurance, renting and the other woes of having a retail store front.

Antique Consignment
Antique Consignment | Source
REV-13 Consignments
REV-13 Consignments | Source

Solution # 6: Start YOUR own Business.

Many ideas have been published for a person to start a small business. There are lots of people that have made fortunes with small businesses that they started from scratch, while others have lost fortunes. The proper way to start a small is to find a niche. A NICHE is a focus, whether it is a focus on a certain clientele, area, race, product, timing, service, people, animal or emotion.

To consider a niche business, it is important to define the focus of what, who, when and where that the business will correspond. The product or service must be able to support the business, support the people operating the business, support future growth and also support operating expenses.

The next step, is to make sure that the supply of the goods or services can be supplied. The demand for the goods or services must be more than adequate to support the business. This rule is called supply and demand, which keeps the business going and thriving. The demand always must be greater than supply to keep the price up. Too much of an item, including money, drives the value and price down. Small amounts of a desired item drives the price upward, thus increasing the price. This item or service has to be in demand for the price to stay high and the shortage, like gasoline, drives the price even higher.

Remember: A BUSINESS IS STARTED TO MAKE A PROFIT. A business can not stay in business long without making or obtaining more money than its operating expenses. If buying products, the rule of thumb is to buy low and sell high. The profit margin must be created high enough when selling products, the products must be sold high enough to make enough to cover total expenses plus extra.


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    • ncemarketing profile image

      ncemarketing 5 years ago

      These are great tips Laurens. I must say that working as a self contractor has beeen fantastic. Working on your own time is wonderful. I was able to better manage my family and personal life. I was better focused and not stressing all the time, which allowed me to provide profitable results for the company.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Robert, I still think that people are taken advantage of by working with the big corporations and businesses. There has to be a better way than to work for some one else and make a little money. The idea of working longer and harder to make more money does not work with the corporations, in retail and other businesses. The 40, 50, 60 or more week does not make sense any more where more taxes and deductions are taken out. If you have any ideas, please post them for all to see. Thank you for stopping by and for the comments.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you KDuBarry03 !!!!! This is what I have to get through my head too. Life is too short to work each week, every day making someone else a living. I really think that Hub Pages is a great start, but there is so much more that I am missing. Friends,long time ago, in Pa. would pay to go to multi-rich people because they wanted to rub elbows with the rich. This has been years ago, but now it makes sense to me. How do people make money not working? You are so right!!!! Being smart ! Finding a niche !! Finding that bridge !! Thank you again for your wonderful and insightful comments!! Feel free to write me anytime if you know of any ideas that you might come across.

    • profile image

      KDuBarry03 5 years ago

      Exactly, Laurens! Instead of working hard, people can work smart; however, they must work diligently to find the bridge to working smart :)

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you, KDuBarry03 for your comments and for the vote up!! I work very hard, working 10 and 12 hour days 6 and 7 days a week in a very hot, labor intensive shop. Then, I look at people, who are enjoying life, going places each weekend, traveling and going on vacations. How are they doing this? There must be a better way of life than the 40 + hour a week muck and grind. Now, I am over 50 and got my 4 year college degree, but even after this can only get jobs that pay the same rate of pay that I made right out of high school. I am tired of the hard, labor intensive, hot, humid, messy, greesy, nasty and grinding work!!! There must be a better way ! Thank you again for the vote up and for the wonderful comments. I have to put the ways to generate income into action. Please post more tips when you find them. There are lots of people not working and enjoying life. I want to be one of them!!!

    • profile image

      KDuBarry03 5 years ago

      These are excellent business and income-generating tips. I just finished watching your video and the tips are absolutely right. Working 40 hours a week is definitely time-consuming and hard work. The tips you gave are smart effective ways to generate more money than working hard.

      Great hub. Voted up and shared!