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Personal Finance. Is Obamacare the Answer?

Updated on November 27, 2013

Dear Reader,

Perhaps you are one of many Americans today facing our country's decline in jobs and money.

What is it, or why is it that jobs are more scarce and money is less attainable? How will we deal with that in the future and times to come?

Is Obama care the answer? Is Medicare or Medicaid the answer? What long-term effects will it have on our nation and our people?

These are the questions! Hopefully, I can provide some answers or at least insight! Thank you for stopping in for another of my articles.

Recent News on Medicare and Medicaid!

Dear Reader,

This morning on the radio, 90.9 FM, I heard about a current situation in our world, in our economy, in the United States.

The current situation with more and more citizens today, is the need for health care. The fact is, that many families for example, who were earning 27,000 a year did not qualify for Medicaid health insurance provided by the government so the government recently changed the eligibility for free health care, or Medicaid, which is part of Obamacare, to be available to citizens who were not eligible, by changing the eligibility from 25,000 as the most you could earn to be eligible to 27,000. So now, more families and unfortunate citizens who have been victims of our economic situation are able to get the medical care they need.


For most people, they would say it's good. But in reality and in fact, this is making people less powerful and the government more powerful. The leaning of individuals on government will have consequences!


Some of the consequences will be,

  1. Once more and more citizens become government assisted, if a republican president acquires office, it will be almost impossible to change or cut off the assistance or give a replacement option.
  2. Since more people are acquiring and eligible for Medicaid, the private insurance companies are being dwarfed, and eventually the government assistance will be more prevalent.

What is bad about Obama care?

Well initially, it doesn't seem bad. It's all good, it's helpful right? But the fact, according to 90.9 FM news today, is that some of the less attractive parts of Obama care will be overlooked.

It appears in the pie chart above, that most government spending is going to health care.

This subject matter of personal finance (in this case, lack of money) and health care are definitely becoming linked!

What is next?

All I can tell you, from the latest news and events, is the country is slowly changing for the worst. And of course this is not news. Most of us who keep up with current events already know that.


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    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 4 years ago


      Thank you so much, I need to make this a bit longer!

    • misslong123 profile image

      Michele Kelsey 4 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

      I must say there is a lot here that I had not considered. I did participate in obama care, but so far it has had more drawbacks than I thought. Thanks for the information! :)

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 4 years ago

      Why thank you teaches :)

      Good to see you. Glad you got something out of my article :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I do believe our health care needs a new structure but Obamacare does not quite answer the need. Interesting post and you have given readers lots to ponder.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 4 years ago

      There is so much "tweaking" to do that it's only "political" to stay opinionated in any fashion.

      Fact is - we and everybody need full medical and full dental and full mental.

      There are many ways to pay and subsidize the "care".

      First off - the "health insurance people" produce no product. There is no need for health insurance at all. Insurance companies only produce insurance agents who turn to golf to determine any value for themselves.

      If this were indeed a Christian nation there would not be Christians ever visiting Reno or Las Vegas, etc.

      And again - God's greatest law is to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves.

      Instead of spending crazy money for outlandish gifts for people not needing them - that money could be better spent on healthcare. But Americans toss money away at so much.

      Meanwhile we have "turkey shoots at church.

      There is money tossed away all day and every day.

      I could go on but speaking the truth but it will only cause people to think less and react adversely. The country is run by figures and figures are manipulated just as people are.

      To trust either of these political parties is, again, folly.

      Lawyers feel more indebted and allied to other lawyers than to people - American or otherwise.

      We have our directions from the benevolent God. How we get there is up to these liars from the nether-world? Good luck everybody!

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 4 years ago

      Victoria Lynn,

      I don't think it's being paranoid about the government, this information was given on a news radio show, not some weird cult radio show. The article is laden with facts, where do you get paranoia out of it? Most people I know are aware that our present government has many flaws. I think it's wise to keep up on things!

      :) Thanks

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Interesting thoughts. I'm not one to be paranoid about the government, as I think sometimes they need to step in. Such is the case with health care, as the system in the U.S. is not working well. Perhaps ObamaCare, which most assuredly needs tweaking, is a step in the right direction. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will most likely be signing up soon if it's cheaper for me.

      I agree with tillsontitan about the RFID chips. I hadn't heard about those, but that could be scary.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 4 years ago

      Thank you tillsontitan for reading and commenting. Much appreciated!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York

      While I may not agree with everything you've said I certainly agree RFID chips are not the answer to anything. They're great for tracking dogs but it is scary to use them to track people, especially when its the government doing the tracking.

      I think the change from $27,000 to $25,000 isn't going to make that much of an impact. With the outrageous, rising cost of healthcare we may all find ourselves needing help to pay for premiums and deductibles.

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.