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Are You A Bargain Hunter ?- Top 10 Bargain Ideas + Free Products !

Updated on November 7, 2011

Bargain Hunting

Are you on the look out for bargains such as cheap stylish clothes,discount book stores , best cruise deals or a cheap flight finder, how about honeymoon deals at resorts ?

There are many ways of saving money and finding bargains so let me help you here with ideas for all of the above both online and offline as it always feels good to save money and grab a bargain !

Shop at Thrift Shops

Are you on the look out for great clothing bargains for you or your family ?

Have you looked at your local thrift shop or goodwill shop nearby ?

This is often a great place to buy clothing ,books, kitchenware and more .

Do you spend time searching through racks of clothing to get a great outfit at a bargain price ?

It is very satisfying spending time at an op shop or fleamarket and coming home with near new clothes at a fraction of the cost of one new item of clothing .

We used to go along to op shops in Christchurch New Zealand for our clothes in the 1970's for clothing when we needed new items.

Years later Mum & Dad owned a shop in Nelson New Zealand called Rethreads - a 2nd hand clothes shop I worked in which I loved as it kept me supplied with Jeans and everything else I needed from age 15-18 !

In Forster NSW they used to have bag sale days where for $5 you could fill a bag of clothes ( they provided the bag ) & we used to get some lovely clothes in good condition, often looked new.

Here in Kununurra is a thrift shop where everything is 50 cents each !

Free Stuff !

Free product samples.  - Free promotional items  - Free trials for services.  - Free service offers.  - And more...
Free product samples. - Free promotional items - Free trials for services. - Free service offers. - And more...


Love to get books at Bargain prices
Love to get books at Bargain prices

Visit Garage Sales

Another place to search for bargains is at garage sales in your area when people really need to have a big clean out .

Get the newspaper early and check out all the garage sales and catorgarise them by the times they start + items for sale that you require and work them in order.

Often the later you go the cheaper the item -- If it hasn't sold already .

Make sure you have plenty of change as this makes it easier for you to make an offer on something .

Also have a bag for smaller items you buy like books or ornaments etc.

I used to go to a lot of garage sales as well as have them myself .I bought my last bike at a garage sale for $20 !

Support local Markets

You often can buy fruit and vegies cheaper at a local market and a lot fresher as well.

Sometimes the later on in the morning you go the lower the price .

In Perth at one market we were buying fruit & vegies so cheap we could hardly carry it back to the car.

Market at Tuncurry NSW

Cheap Flight Finder

There are a lot of sites offering cheap flights etc.

I won't reccommend Best Flights as when I went in for an interview I was told I could adjust flight prices to increase my commission so if you were desperate to book I could add on hundreds of dollars! had the lowest price so far for what I am looking for and I have been happy with them in the past.

Cheap Flights

Recycling to save money

Have you tried recycling to save money or even make money ? My husband used bits n pieces he found to make this stand to use on the open fire and many others are clever at recycling goods.

Anything you have in your house can be recycled or passed on to your thrift shop, sold on ebay or in a garage sale/ passed on to someone who needs it.

Often in a newspaper or online there are " Items For FREE " Ads with a large variety of goods on offer as long as you can pick them up .


save money by recycling
save money by recycling

Use Public Transport

In many cities, you can buy day or multi-day passes which can save you a lot of money rather than paying petrol , parking fees and so on so make sure you check your local bus or train for discounts .

Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

Often Seniors are offered Senior discounts at Shows, Zoo's businesses,Insurance , caravan parks,restaurants and even get free coffee at some places so always ask if there is a senior discount on offer and take advantage of it.


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