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Auto - Car Insurance Tips

Updated on September 23, 2016

Auto - Car Insurance Tips

Auto insurance provides cover to the insured against loss or damage for cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorized or mobile homes, boats, snowmobiles and even All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Such loss may arise from road accidents, accidental auto fires, and theft of automobiles, physical injury or death from road accidents, automobile loss or even damage. Insurance of motor vehicles tends to be compulsory in most countries, which makes it an offense to cruise in your motor vehicle on a public road without insurance cover.

The purchase of auto insurance involves contributing a fixed amount of money referred to as a “premium” on a monthly basis. Accumulated premiums from clients adequately finance the losses or misfortunes suffered by the insured when calamity strikes. The period of insurance cover is usually one year.

Your eligibility to take such cover depends on its availability in the state in which you are a domicile. Companies also offer discounts based on specified conditions without compromising on the value of one’s insurance cover.

An insurance cover becomes invalid once the automobile is sold to another person who is not involved in the contract. Each new owner must acquire their insurance cover for the vehicle. Insurance companies are usually willing to refund a portion of the unused insurance to the client in the event of selling insured vehicles to new owners.

Insurance coverage


What to do when your automobile is involved in an accident

Record the names and addresses of drivers and passengers involved in the accident, registration numbers and make and model of each vehicle involved in the accident, driver’s license, and type of insurance policy. Remember to also take the names and addresses of witnesses who witnessed the accident. Also call the police to safeguard law and order while ensuring traffic rules were adhered to by both parties. You should also notify your insurance company immediately to avoid taking unnecessary liabilities. Work towards closure of the incident as soon as possible.

Auto Risks not covered by some insurance companies

A client should ensure care when committing themselves to auto insurance covers because many companies may not cover all risks, some of which include the following;

- When the insured person dies

- Tires ruined prior to the accident

- Losses incurred by the client

- Wear and tear, rust, electronic breakdowns, corrosion, mechanical breakdown

- Depreciation equipment or computer malfunction

- Auto damages outside geographical areas of the insured

- Damages caused by deception

- Damages caused while the vehicle is being driven by an unauthorized driver

- Drunk driving

- Damages caused when an automobile is being used for an unlawful purpose

Cars and trucks

Insurance cover for cars and trucks depends on the year the car was manufactured, physical condition, the car’s make and value, history of the car, age, mental and general health of the driver. Older cars and trucks are regarded to be riskier and hence draw higher premiums due to their exceptionally high failure rates or tendencies to be involved in mishaps.

On standby, there will be a local insurance agent 24/7, who will be willing to respond to your questions depending on your needs, which are pegged to the cover you took as a customer with the company. Unlike in the past where one had to visit company offices, the client can visit the company’s website online for faster transactions and claim handling. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you have. Most auto insurance companies have varied auto insurance covers for cars and trucks.

Boat Insurance coverage

To most of us, the idea of owning a boat is quite luxurious. Rarely do we think about unexpected mishaps that could occur when sailing in the open sea. Insurance coverage for boats compensates for boat thefts, accidents, unexpected damage to the boat and other personalized issues that are unique to the insured. Boat Insurance Coverage may also cover one’s use of the following watercraft and equipment;

- Boats

- Kayak

- Sailboat

- Boat Property Protection

- Personal effects

- Protection from bodily injury liability

- Protection from property damage liability

- Clothing

- Fishing equipment

- Protection while in water

- Protection on transit

- Protection in storage

- Protection for installed equipment

- Protection outboard motor

- Protection for sailboats

- Protection for sails

- Protection for spars

- Protection for rigging

- Emergency Services

- Protective Repairs

- Recovery

A number of insurance companies offer insurance discounts to boat owners. Ensure to ask for discounts in each cover.

Insurance Coverage


Motorcycles Insurance cover

Motorcycle insurance coverage comes in various forms, some of which may qualify for money-saving discounts. They include the ones listed below:

- Cover for the motorcycle alone

- Cover for motorbike accessories

- Cover for accidents i.e. collisions

- Comprehensive cover for theft

- Cover for accidental fires

- Cover for weather-based losses

- Cover for motorcycle combined with your home

- Cover for multiple cycles etc.

Motorized or mobile homes

A motorized home provides the comfort of being at home away from home while in the comfort of the automobile. It enables the owner to carry their bedroom, kitchen and sitting room while on the move. It is not true to allude that all drivers on our roads are sober and focused. The frequency of road accidents testifies to this fact.

Highway traffic offers a wide variety of intrusions into such comfort considering the fact that your fellow road users hail from far and wide, not to mention how they manage their driving experiences, orientation, and geographical bearings while on the road. It is prudent to be prepared for any eventuality.

Many insurance companies offer motor home coverage and insurance quotes may be accessed via authorized company insurance agents depending on whatever a client needs. Such insurance provides comfort, relaxation and an opportunity to enjoy a drive in your motorized home.

Quads or All-Terrain Vehicles

Many people enjoy riding four wheelers, Quads or All-Terrain Vehicles in rough terrain on uncharted trails which offer fun, excitement and unimagined levels of joy. Before you embark on your next adventure, ensure to visit your local insurance agents and find out how much cover you are entitled to for your four-wheeler or quad.

Insurance quote and discounts are available for Quads or All-Terrain Vehicles under the following options:

- Property Coverage

- Damage Coverage

- Comprehensive coverage

- Collision coverage

- Liability Coverage

- Coverage for add-ons

- Coverage for accessories

- Coverage for customization

- Exceptional Claims Experiences

How to get cheap auto insurance


Snow rides can be joyful outdoor winter experience for you and your family. Such occasions come with the onset of wintery conditions. Anything can happen outdoors considering the slippery nature of snow on the solid ground, sloppy hillsides and the danger of projecting objects or obstacles that are totally covered in fluffy snow. Damage, injury or accidents are often unavoidable during such occasions, making insurance coverage mandatory for one’s protection.

It is advisable to go for a cover that best suits your personal needs. However, insurance cover exists under the following options:

- Bodily Injury cover

- Property Damage Liability

- Comprehensive cover

- Collision cover

- Trailer cover

- Medical coverage

- Uninsured cover

- Underinsured coverage

Bundled Insurance Packages / Bundled Insurance Coverage

An insured person can save a lot of money on a policy if they consider joining group cover or taking Bundled Insurance Packages that combine home and auto, home and motorcycle, home and life insurance, or a combination of any two, three or for cover packages. Savings on insurance premiums ranging from 5% to 25% can be recouped by choosing bundled insurance coverage. Advice on the best-bundled insurance discount may be provided by the insurer on request. Discounts are available in the following packages:

- Home and Auto Coverage

- Home Premium Advantage and Auto Coverage

- Life and Auto Coverage

- Home Discount and Motorcycle Coverage

- Auto Discount and Home Coverage

- Umbrella Discount and Home Coverage

Insurance coverage


Auto Insurance Discounts

Insurance companies offer money-saving discounts on airbags, defensive driving depending on availability of certain covers, one's eligibility for the insurance cover, policy conditions and the legal requirements of the state in which you live.

Auto Insurance quotes

In most insurance companies, free auto insurance quotes can be accessed by visiting company websites. Clients are well advised to compare quotes offered by various companies with regard to total value and premiums before committing themselves to contracts. A list of all insurance companies can be found below depending on the client’s state.

Canceling your insurance cover

In order to cancel one’s insurance cover, make sure written notice is first forwarded to your insurer. You will be eligible for a refund of your premium. But such cancellation draws a penalty from the insurance company due to early cancellation. In most circumstances, the insurer suffers the loss of a large portion of premiums remitted to the insurance company. The insurer expects you to return the insurance policy to the company.

- Life Needs Calculator – Estimate the right life coverage based on your needs

Making a successful auto insurance claim

A client can make a successful claim if care was exercised during the application of a claim to disclose facts about risks to be covered if they answered all questions fully, accurately completed and signed the form and also established the market value of the insured vehicle after evaluation by a Motor Assessor.

Claims involving theft of automobiles should be reported to the police immediately within 24 hours of the theft if an insurance company is to take liability, failure of which a cover is rendered void.

Clients are advised never to take or admit to any form of liability until a local insurance claims specialist arrives to sort out things.

An unsuccessful auto insurance claim

If a client leaves unanswered questions in the claim form, if they withhold, misrepresent facts or underinsure their property, their claim will be rendered void and a penalty imposed on them.

List of Insurance companies in the USA

For a list of insurance companies in the USA, check the article “Insurance Coverage Tips”


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