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Auto Insurance for Women – Maximize Your Savings!

Updated on May 5, 2011

Auto Insurance for Women – Maximize Your Savings!

Recently, car insurance providers have given female drivers the kudos for winning the statistical race of the genders as to who are better drivers. So far, the numbers state that female drivers get in fewer accidents and tend to be safer and more responsible behind the wheel.

Cheap auto insurance for women may just be your reward for driving safely and responsibly. According to statistics, men are accountable for 92% of driving offenses and 98% of dangerous driving convictions. And aside from safety issues, women tend to drive shorter distances and at lower speeds.

In the past, car insurance providers did not deem this as enough reason to offer any special discounts. Recently, however, insurers have started providing cheaper auto insurance for women. The rate of accidents female drivers get into is also significantly lower.

So generally, female drivers can get lower auto insurance rates. But this does not mean being a woman is all the preparation you need when shopping for auto insurance. It is still a good idea to comparison shop to find the best deal.

When shopping for auto insurance for women, you can further bring down your insurance rates with the help of these tips.

#1 Choose your car carefully

Women tend to be less scrupulous when it comes to their choice of cars. Female drivers are known to make more practical choices of vehicles. As a female driver, you can get even cheaper auto insurance for women if you choose the right car. Go for a car with a smaller engine and steer away from modifications that male car owners usually go crazy for. These include alloy wheels and racing exhausts, most of which can actually bring up the cost of your car insurance.

#2 Install safety features in your vehicle

What you should be installing in your vehicle instead of modifications are safety features as well as anti-theft devices. Special locks and immobilizes can significantly make you a more secure and a more responsible car owner, and will then entitle you to better and more affordable auto insurance for women.

#3 Determine your needs

Several car owners sometimes focus on other tips to bring down their car insurance rates that they forget to check whether they can bring down their rates simply based on their needs. So if you need cheap auto insurance for women, consider your needs. Check how much coverage you really need. This will help keep you from paying more than you really need to. Aside from that, you will be able to gauge how much your monthly premiums will be.

#4 Keep your policy protected

Auto cheap insurance for women is generally less expensive, but statistics say that the safety rates of female drivers level off with that of men in the cases involving female drivers older than 45 years. So if you are an older driver, you may lose some of your discounts. But to keep your rates low, keep your policy protected. Do not let your teenage kids put their cars into your policy. By doing so, you can keep your own auto insurance rates at a minimum.

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