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5 Best Sources of Income for You-Tubers and Social Media Influencers

Updated on February 3, 2020
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Best Sources Of Income For YouTubers And Social Media Influencers who are looking to make money online during their spare time.

Advent Of Digital Age And Social Media

The age of the internet has captured the imaginations of many people out there. In a manner of speaking, we can say that it has changed the world for good. The digital age has brought forth some interesting new professions into the fray, and these are YouTubers and Social Media Influencers. As the years' progress, their numbers are increasing substantially and they are making a serious amount of money in it. But the question arises, how do they do it? How can you have a source of income by being a YouTuber or a Social Media Influencer? What should be understood is that they use social media as their platform to showcase their skills, and that is how they get paid for it.

Credible Income Sources

Some of the sources of income for these people, as to how do they do it, are described below,

1. Digital Products

Perhaps the most popular and enticing way to being a great influencer or a YouTuber is to promote digital products. The important reason for this is that they are relatively easy to produce, plus it has a streamlined distribution network. There are so many digital products that can be experimented on, be it smartphones, laptops, smartwatches and so on. A great media influencer would be able to create something that palpably real. You can have a connection with your viewers which will accordingly set you up for the further course of action. YouTubers can promote them via their channels, which in some cases would also be funded by the host companies.

2. Podcasts

Another alternative for YouTubers and influencers to post their content and connect with a wider range of audience on a timely basis. Podcasts add a personal touch and it enables them to speak with their fans and viewers on a personal note and receive their valuable comments and feedback. It also enables the fans to view your profile and get to know you better. Podcasts are relatively inexpensive to make if you have the right set of tools and equipment. Eventually, you would start receiving the required revenues that you desire. You can start learning to make a quick podcast online, and it has catapulted many of the influencers into greater heights.

3. Webinars

These forms of YouTubers and influencers focus on providing information to the many masses that are on the internet. Webinars are very similar to podcasting since this requires preparations from the one who would be giving them. Your viewers would depend based upon the quality of learning and based on your ability to solve their many queries through your channel. There would be two main types of webinars, one would be that you can give a live webinar or you can have it recorded which can be accessed later. As a YouTuber, you can make these webinars since the content you create for the viewers is for generating some earnings.

4. Brand Ambassadors

A great way to be the face of a popular social media channel would be to become a successful brand ambassador. Becoming one does require a whole lot of skills and efforts, and you as an individual should be willing to do the same. For an influencer or a YouTuber, having a brand ambassador-based profile is a plus point. Reasons being that, you are the face of the brand which is why the viewers would recognize your channel as well. This could culminate in being a good income source through social media. Brand Ambassadors can also be micro-influencers, and at times they can even be famous faces to boost their value.

5. Sponsored Blog Posts

Blogging is a great platform to touch base with your viewers and fans on a personal level than professional. Since blogs are created keeping in mind the experiences and other human traits and they are more detailed than some random social media posts. An influencer would, therefore, sponsor the blog content on his / her pages which accordingly helps both parties immaculately. Plus, the sponsored blog post should be in line with the influencer since it is the first thing that viewers notice.


Digital Age has definitely created a slew of opportunities and these new professionals have created a flurry in the market. The techniques mentioned here are followed by many of the names that are famous in the social media circle immensely. So, get going and start your own brilliant idea for your channel.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Madhu R Padalaa


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    • digitalinfopreneur profile imageAUTHOR

      Madhu R Padalaa 

      14 months ago from Kancheepuram, India

      Yes, Prantika Ji, in this new are of digital marketing, social media comes as a boost to your marketing skills, The more you become skilled, the easier it becomes to get traffic to your offers, products or services thus converting into sales. Youtube, blogging, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook media are best-proven platforms to promote your products to make sales and make money working from the comfort of your home.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. :)

    • Meena Goyal profile image

      Meena Goyal 

      14 months ago from Jhajjar, Haryana

      I was acquinted with only the upper layer of the online world but heartly thanks to Madhu sir for such premium knowledge .

      Although , Online world is handy for the purpose of fun and amusement but many creative peeps hone their skills in this virtual world by generating cash flow increment .

      As you have imparted such treasury knowledge by your article I can experiance a fervour inside me.My acquintence about online world was confined. Thanks for this enourmous heap of information .

    • digitalinfopreneur profile imageAUTHOR

      Madhu R Padalaa 

      14 months ago from Kancheepuram, India

      Yes, I agree with you Halemane Muralikrishna Sir. Social media marketing is growing fast without leaps and bounds. The new generation enthusiasts are choosing digital marketing as their career. After getting good exposure on digital marketing, they are becoming influencers on Instagram and Youtube, thus making them help the struggling marketers to promote their products or services and earning money more than 10 times than they get in 9-5 jobs.

    • digitalinfopreneur profile imageAUTHOR

      Madhu R Padalaa 

      14 months ago from Kancheepuram, India

      Thank you, Rohan, for your kind words. It encourages me to write more articles of such type of valuable information.

    • Prantika Samanta profile image

      Prantika Samanta 

      14 months ago from Kolkata, India

      This is a timely and insightful article which will be of great help for all those who are looking for earning using social media as a platform. YouTube and other elements that you have discussed here are very powerful as they can reach out to millions of people around the globe. As a result, businesses are affected and transforming. In this digital era, we should all explore social media and figure out the benefits of it and focus on those areas.

    • hmkrishna profile image

      Halemane Muralikrishna 

      14 months ago from South India

      It is aptly said that the Internet is going to function as a virtual pool of activities. I have been telling on every occasion that the digital platforms are changing the lifestyles and the way business is progressing. Therefore, it is a very good and timely article to sensitize users on these aspects. Thank you Mr Madhu Padala.

    • profile image

      Rohan Kalonia 

      14 months ago

      What a great article you wrote! Honestly speaking, I love reading your article as they provide a good and useful content for the people who are about to enter in the digital era or struggling.


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