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BIR Form 1905: RDO Update

Updated on June 9, 2015


That's the best word to describe how it is to go to a government office to have legalities processed.

The simple task of changing your Registered District Office (RDO) Code entails the same weight as any other request.

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What's this RDO change request?

The RDO change request is done when your current RDO is not the same as your employers. This could also happen when you change employers (if they have different RDOs).

Employers prefer that you have the same RDO as theirs for ease of filing your tax returns (Form 2316).

How to fill out the form

The form is very straightforward.

You simply have to fill out fields: 1, 2, 3, 4E and sign field 5.

1 - Tax identification number or simply TIN

2 - Current RDO code

3 - Name in format: Last, First, Middle

4E - OLD RDO to NEW RDO and New Registered address

**Note: If the form came from your employer, the new RDO and new registered address are usually filled out for you

5 - Individual's signature

~ Please see the link below to download the form and keep it for your reference

Where to file the request

Now that we know how we can use and fill out this form, it's time to file it to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Make sure this is taken to the RDO where the individual's TIN is currently registered (old RDO). This branch of the Bureau is responsible for processing the request.

For steps on where to go when in the RDO, please seek the assistance of the security guard, the reception desk or help desk (if any).

Alternatively (juicy information), you may call up the Bureau to check for other ways to have your RDO updated.

BIR trunkline 981 8888

From personal experience, I was able to do this via fax.

I asked for the fax number from their trunkline and faxed my request.

It is good to note that there will be no proof given or call back done by the agency.

To verify if it was received, you may call the RDO office (ask for the number where this may be done - from trunkline call).

Another note, receipt of request does not equate to update. Please allow 7 working days for the update to take effect. Then, you may follow up using their trunkline.

Final note, it is advised to take down the date, time, fax number, and name of the person who received your request. This is to have a person to look for in case it does not get updated on time.

I hope this hub helped in one way or another.

Questions, additions, and objections are very much welcome!

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