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The Baby Boomer Financial Crisis: A Generation X Perspective

Updated on February 4, 2015

As I follow the plight of baby boomers in the news, I must admit to feeling smug. As a Generation X-er who grew up without the financial advantages many baby boomers enjoyed in their younger years, I can't help but snort every time I hear of a baby boomer losing his or her financial cushion just as retirement approaches.

Not because I don't have sympathy for them. Au contraire, I have a deep empathy for baby boomers who've lost their nest eggs despite having every reason to think they were safe and secure. Nobody knows better than a card-carrying member of Generation X--except I guess a similarly accredited representative of Generation Y--what it feels like to be plunged into an economic crisis that's utterly beyond one's control.

After all, haven't we of Gen X been dealing with an economic downturn in the job market that's been going on since the late '80's, when baby boomers basically had all the jobs we wanted, causing us to drift back home to live and earn the unwanted attributes lazy, unmotivated, loser, failure, leech...?

Generation X knows intimately what it's like to start out our careers without a penny of seed bang our heads against the wall in a job market that requires experience as soon as we enter apply for jobs for which there are hundreds of better-qualified have fancy degrees tacked onto our names yet still end up working the cash register.

We know we have a work ethic; it was the rest of the world that didn't know it, probably because we're this small a part of the population.

The smugness comes, once again, not because I don't care or don't like baby boomers (would you believe me if I said that some of my best friends are boomers?) I'm feeling smug because I'm reading that some members of the Baby Boomer Generation are feeling thunderstruck by the "new" crisis. They're suddenly and acutely feeling the financial pinch, and they're looking around wondering what to do now. These are the people who were advising their children how to succeed and unsympathetic when they failed. Now, at last, we're in the position to advise them on financial survival with the weight of all our experience of swimming against the tides of economic opportunity.

Although to be honest, I don't feel it will help. After all, we Gen Xers got plenty of advice from our parents and teachers, and it didn't do much for our financial ranking. Advice on how to achieve financial security in a sinking economy (and it's been sinking far longer than most realize) is good for a cup of cappuccino at the gas station, but not much else.

Uh Oh, Toto, We're Not in a Boom Time Anymore

The economic reality of Generation X and the time of the baby boomers is simply different. It's a different world. In the world of the baby boomer, women could choose whether or not they wanted to work; in the world of Generation X, women didn't have a choice. They worked, in an economy as entrapping in its own way as were the old mores about female roles.

The Difference Between the Baby Boomer Generation and the X Generation

A goodly cohort of baby boomers grew up floating on the financial cushion of Depression-era parents who'd made enough money for comfort and thriftily kept healthy sums in the bank. These people's children grew up in an economic boom time, when, even if their parents threw them out cooly into the job market, and admittedly some did, the jobs were there for the taking and their pure masses floated the economy.

The baby boomers enjoyed the luxury of choosing a self-actualizing career and in fact they made it de rigueur. As parents and as teachers, they taught us, Generation X, that we, too, could choose any career we fact, we could even have kids when we wanted, there's no hurry...but most of all, we could succeed if we only tried, as they did. We could have it all.

What they didn't tell us was that yes, we could have it soon as they were done with it.

Now the baby boomers are ready to exit the job market, they're finding, to their chagrin, that they can't afford it. Many boomers are having to delay retirement and remain in, or re-enter, the workplace, often several pay levels below their former exit. And that wasn't their plan. That this has happened doesn't make me happy, but it doesn't surprise me, either. Welcome to our world.

Not all baby boomers are suffering, by any means. Many thrive--just as you can find a goodly number of Generation X'ers and Generation Y'zers (pun intended) sailing into the failing economy with heedless smiles. In any group, there are individual exceptions to the rule. And sometimes the ones who are suffering now are the ones who have suffered their whole lives - my parents were an example.  But as a group, the baby boomer's ethos of work-well-consume-well is failing to carry them into retirement.

Not because they didn't work hard enough. Not because they didn't have the proper work ethic. Not because of anything they did. (Well, OK, they did show a certain degree of naivete in failing to leave us, their successors, with any notable wealth with which to prop them up in their old age. But I'm over it). This is a massive and inevitable economic downturn.

It wasn't their fault. They're saying it and I'm saying it, too.

But when I hear accounts of the "tragic" situation of the hard-hit baby boomers, I hear the undercurrent of the very same "feeling of entitlement" of which the baby boomers have accused members of Gen X and Gen Y.

I really hope that this means that the baby boomers will now take another look at the generations that followed them and that hindsight will bring wisdom.  The world is changing, and we're all of us - all generations - being swept up in the tide.

Baby Boomers Ruined America--Not!

Disclaimer: For the record, I'm not saying baby boomers ruined the country or were responsible for everything wrong in the world. And no sweeping statement about ANY group of people says anything about any one individual member of that group. I know plenty of baby boomers who were not, themselves, smug about their own success, and many members of Generation X who were. In the glorious tradition of statistical analyses, yet using none of those pesky hard numbers, only my own anecdotal experiences, I'm discussing my impression of trends I see, not individuals.

Whether you're a baby boomer or member of one of the younger generations...please say your piece in the Comments section. Just try to keep it decent and play nice. This is a volatile subject, you see. Recently, I saw this book on Amazon called Why Baby Boomers Suck: No Offense Mom and I've been blown away by how angry people are really feeling about this subject. (Disclaimer Within Disclaimer - that is an affiliate link, meaning if you go to Amazon through the link, I might get commissions on stuff you buy - oh, boy!)

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Other Interesting Reading

Hey, check out this fascinating op-ed piece from June 22, 2012 in the New York Times about the current generation gap. Some interesting facts and opinions here...

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I am a boomer, born in '46. I am still working...and will be until I turn 70 later this year. I am appalled at the anger an bitterness some of you have expressed. Many of the parents of the boomer generation, mine included, didn't have much money and many of us grew up on a shoestring. We were expected to LEARN something, and EARN something. And many, but not all, did. Fewer of us went to college than succeeding generations. Especially women, who were expected to be wives and mothers, not career persons. For those women who did get some higher education, many returned to school after a hiatus, and entered the labor market late. I did that. It always amazes me how many women my age lack much education, and are in low wage jobs. Today, young women take for granted that they can be accountants, lawyers, doctors or engineers. My father thought that only teaching and nursing were suitable jobs for women...and then only until the kids came.. This was a pretty common attitude for those times. None of the experiences with difficulty getting jobs are new...they existed when I was a kid too. Not enough experience, no experience, not enough education, too much education, underqualified, overqualified. None of it is new. Listen to the counselors that tell you to volunteer some time at something...or work for a while - if you can manage it-- with no pay other than a good recommendation. It really does work. I did some of this to get back into the job market. It's just as tough returning to work when you've been a mom and housewife, as it is when you are just starting out! So, quit yer bitchin' and get out there and do what you can!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Leave the boomers be. They did what they did. The GYs are calling us to a brave new world that they have no choice but to build from the ruins. We could not - and let's be honest, many of us did not want to - stop what the worldview of the boomers put in motion. Let's now grow up, be the elders the boomers never became, and tell the GYs and the future GZ the cautionary tales we saw at close range as the latchkey kids of a career-focused, 'me' generation. Because the connected, empathetic, sharing, generous world the GYs are trying to bring to birth is our only hope for a future to spring from the ashes of the materialistic, hedonistic, fearful, individualist world we were raised in.

      Born on the GX-GY cusp.

    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      5 years ago

      Hey, everyone. Your author here. I'd like to put this link in the article, but editing hubs these days tends to get them deindexed with search engines due to new HubPages policy. (HubPages is the company that hosts these pages).

      So...have any of you seen this very interesting report? I saw it linked to off of reddit.

      It's rather fascinating. It suggests that though Gen X appears to have more income than their parents, in reality there's an underlying deficit of wealth. Going to college, it seems, and getting in debt at the start of one's career right in the middle of a Boomer-saturated market did NOT pay off for my generation. Or am I reading this wrong? Any opinions?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm Generation Y (almost 30 now) and I see a lot of the problems and discrimination that people here complain about. I didn't go to a traditional college after graduating high school, but instead went to a technical school to get a degree and certificates in the IT field and I remember the recruiter sitting there telling me that I would enter the workforce with a job making $80,000 a year and this and that.

      No, I entered a workforce of baby boomers who looked me straight in the eye and said "sorry you have no experience" ... well, great would have been nice to know after I took out loans for $10,000 and spent $100s of dollars on certifications. My 1st job was working at a call center and by the time I was "experienced enough" for a new job which is just a slow uphill climb to get towards that 'goal'.

      I work at a small business doing all their IT stuff and everyday I see the excessive greed that goes on. You have the parents in the late 70s who instead of retiring and sipping martinis in the Bahamas with their 10 million dollar in gold assets that come into work everyday so they can pay themselves each $30/hour to watch TV all day like they're at home.

      Then you have the 52 year old son who managed to talk them into paying him 40/hour despite the fact that he sold his house for $250,000 and moved into the building where he lives for FREE in the office area. He openly flaunts that he has over 2 million in the bank and is looking to retire by the time he hits 59 so he can go down in Vegas and gamble until he dies.

      So when I walk up to them and ask for a measly $1 hour raise they sit there and look me in the eye and tell me they don't have the money to do it and that back in their day having a job was a luxury and I should be glad I work there. Yeah, I'm sorry that you can't afford to pay me an extra $8 an hour when you make more in interest a year in your million dollar IRA's than I put into my bank account after all my expenses.

      I grew up in the 90s with parents whom had to work their asses off to meet ends meet. We lived in a small house, parents taught me to basically never ask for help and set some good standards in me, but then my dad got a 6 digit job in early 00s and we moved to a bigger house. Now I see a complete reverse in their lifestyle.

      They go on cruises every year, have a timeshare in Florida, have a house in New Hampshire, have a house in Massachusetts, have a trailer in Massachusetts, and buy all kinds of new things like new cabinets, new vehicles, new pool, etc. and sit there and complain about how they're not going to have enough money to retire. Sheesh I wonder why.

      Also, don't get me started when they tell me that college use to be $500 a semester in the 70s.

      Right now I'm saving every penny I can get and if I ever find myself in a management position in my 50s I will be alot more openminded.

    • profile image

      boomers suck 

      6 years ago

      Boomers ruined this country. Boomers had it all handed to them, and to this day most of them think they worked hard to accomplish what they did. If you are a boomer, and you are not a millionaire, then you are ether mentally challenged, or plain lazy. Not only did boomers mess everything up, but they also can't keep the different generations after them straight.

      One of them was talking about Gen X being able to text 100 wpm. Idiot that is Gen Y that has mad texting skills. Gen X didn't have affordable cell phones until they were adults. Gen Y had cell phones when they were preteens. Gen X grew up with almost no computer technology, until High school. Gen X adapted well, but they still had to go to the library to write a book report. Gen Y is the generation that had home PC's as children.

      Boomers are irresponsible, stupid, worthless, waste of skin, lazy, entitled, annoying, and worst of all they won't get out of the way and let the next generation have just a little bit of wealth. Retire already you worthless, selfish, piece of craps.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love my work, always have. It would be nice to get paid for it. The best-compensated job I ever had taught me Never to try That again!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Boomers state to not blame themselves when they hold their own monopoly over politics and businesses.I am stuck 10's of thousands of dollars of debt through student loans (that I cannot get rid of any other way than paying off). I cannot get a job without experience, I cannot get experience without a job. The worst situation I put myself in was obtaining higher education (at my own expense). Most jobs in my field have a minimum age, a minimum number of credits (which I do meet), and/or a minimum amount of experience (timeframe ie. years). Growing up I was told go to college and you can do whatever you want. I went to college, and I can barely afford a place with my fiance, how we will pay for our wedding is still up for debate, and realistically affording children is a no go plain and simple. I have a job I hate, but it isn't as bad as it could be. I am so beyond sick of hearing "at least it's a job" that I almost hit the last person that said that to me. No, I went to college to succeed in life (at your advise). Now that I can't and am in immense debt, you try to tell me to be thankful for the pile of shit economy that you left me as a gift? Are you fucking kidding me? I go to college because you say to, so I don't have to "flip burgers" for a living. I get out of college and can't find a job. You tell me to get any job I can even if it is flipping burgers because any job is better than no job. Guess what, your ass backwards political, economical, and governmental prowess has made that statement incorrect. I could literally do better jobless with federal aid. Regardless, the audacity to tell me to take any job I can is a mindfuck. You dare to call me lazy or entitled because I listened to you and it didn't work? I'm screwed because of your generations ineptitude in general and I'm supposed to just... work it out? Guess what, I started my "life" that you all so hurried me(us) into on the path that you all laid out, and I started at a deficit. Great job, you shoved me out the door with a bill. I can't place blame on myself, I can visually see, without excuse, a shrinking job field, with higher and higher requirements, that I constantly find myself competing with boomers and other "experienced" individuals for. I wish I could say "I fucked up" because then at least it would be self defeat. At least with self defeat, it would be causal of my actions, I could blame myself, I could reflect on how I did wrong, and I could contemplate ways of fixing my mistakes. Sadly, no, I can't. I am not somebody, anybody, that has the kind of pull to fix these mistakes. Unfortunately, for a while longer, the resolution to these mistakes must be made by the boomers in control... oh well, someday. Damned if you do, damned if you don't right? Yes, this was just a rant. I don't care that you specifically as a boomer had it hard. Your generation did not, and you will be defined by your generation. If you are not a prominent voice defining your generation, then you are passively accepting the general values of your generation.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The poison, known as Baby boomers, are responsible for the plights of todays youth. They deny us jobs and opportunities and then have the nerve to call us lazy, stupid, etc.

      Guess who isnt going to be paying your pension when you retire :) Certainly not me. Same with millions of other youth. We probably wont have jobs to pay for it in the first place. I have no consideration, respect, or any positive feeling towards baby boomers or older.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What I have to say is simple. Indeed the economic world is changing with everyone getting swept up in it. Boomers I'm sure felt genuine that the generation underneath them would have the same possibilities, with no concious thought about hoarding everything. ("when were done with it")

      But of course when an economical downturn happens, the ones already set in, well..'are set in!' and the next upcoming generation is the one finding itself now more fenced out, within that standstill'situation an economic downturn will brings about. But I do agree, when such change starts bringing about coarse judgemental comments like a generation feels that they are entitled..that, that is going too far, and is the commentary of the shortsighted. Its putting a negative spin on something that they themselves felt were true, within an economy where the thought held more viability. Now it must seem to Generation X as though the baby boomers are saying "be aware of your economic surroundings and understand things are not going to come as easy to you as they once did"..while you are saying, we are Generation the generation who are well aware of this..who grew up with it...Okay?

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      Babysitting age 11

      Cashiering at school age 13

      Store clerk age 16

      McDonalds employee age 18

      Waitress age 18

      Maid age 19

      Telephone operator age 21

      Mother age 23

      Telephone operator age 25

      Single parent/seamstress/student age 28

      Single parent/medical student and resident age 30-38

      Paying 9% interest on student loans and high tax rates to support massive government, sunny Florida retirements for older generation and subsidize college educations of younger generations.

      Single parent/ medical doctor putting own kids through college age 38 through 60+

      Paid off own student loans age 50.

      Retirement? Not gonna happen unfortunately.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My parents never even suggested that we should go to college. I wasn't a straight A student, but pretty close. During the years I was in the public school system we watched as school funding dropped dramatically. I did receive a few scholarships offers, but my parents were not willing to help pay extra costs to make that happen for me. It seems they assumed I could get married and my husband would work and that would be enough. I did not agrue with them on this subject. I was embarrassed and made to feel like this was just how it is suppose to be. That working at Burger King was perfect for me. My parents sold the home I grew up in around the time I graduated from high school, and bought a very nice house, that lacked a bedroom for me. So I had no choice but to move out. I felt my only option at that point was to combine efforts with a guy from high school coming from a very similiar situation and we move in together to cheap apartment. I'm not sure we would have ended up together if it wasn't for our situation, but we make it work. For us it is all about our kids. It has taken us 15 years to get associates degrees from community colleges and we still don't own a home, we rent and probably always will. Everything for us is about our kids. I tell them they must go to college and they can live with us as long as they need to, but I am also careful to each them responsibility hard work ethic. It's funny that boomers were so worried that we would be spoiled. The generation x'ers I know are extremely independant, responsible, hardworking, and big hearted givers that would just do anything for you and they understand that people have too much pride to ask when they need help. They just show up anyways with a shovel or whatever else is needed. It's not about the big house, the fancy car, or the vacations. It's about being a family and being together and there for eachother. It's about talking and listening too. When I was a kid there was that saying "Children should be seen but not heard." Well in my house children will be seen and heard!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Here's a look from my childhood born into generation x. My parents were both born into huge families. My father with 6 siblings and my mother with 8. My mother's parents were college educated and both worked and loved their careers, while my father's father who also loved his career had climbed the ladder from the ground up at Fords. He had a very nice benefits package. My dad's mother was a stay at home mom. Both families lived very comfortably. There didn't appear any difference financially between the parents who went to college and both worked, and the parents who did not go to college and only one worked. Both families lived in very nice houses with large well groomed lawns, drove new cars, and spent summers driving cross the country with their children in RV's. My parents married young just out of high school. Their parents provided the downpayment and as co-signers for the loan, they had a mortgage for a small but decent home their first year as husband and wife. My father got a job at Fords with the help of his father, while my mother stayed home when my sister and I were young. There were financially difficult periods for my parents in the early 80's and we could not afford vacations across the country. But my parents held onto their house, my mother with the help of her parents went back to school, and my parents put all their extra savings into fixing up the house. By the time my sister and I graduated from high school my parents turned around and sold the house they had paid 40,000 for in the late seventies, for 170,000. This money they used to purchase a much nicer home. But when it came to us their children, they refused to help us with college tuition, with our first loan, or anything else because like others have mentioned here they honestly believed if we worked hard enough we would be fine. They completely disregarded the help they had along the way from their parents. Now my parents are trying to retire, their house is paid off, but they don't have savings, or so they say. They spend too much money on material possessions and it's hard to believe they have no money because they continue to make huge unnecessary purchases. They also recieved money from their parents estates, while us their children were only given things of no value. Actually we were asked to come to estate sales and pay for those things that were left. They along with their brothers and sisters have said things as much to us as that we need to learn that nothing in life comes for free, yet they took anything they wanted from their parent's houses for free, along with a check. I am so frustrated and hurt by the elders in my family that I did nothing but respect growing up. But now I see them as greedy and selfish with only cruel and false things to say about my generation.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      We are all collateral damage of a broken system. This blog/hub is a reflection of that. People are merely expressing there REAL views and not covering up their feeling for once with all that PR crap that is a big part of this countries destruction from within. Keeping quiet and ignoring the problem does not make it go away, People are angry at the lie of the American Dream, that all their hard work means nothing & also finding out the beginnings of this country were far from noble. Having been invisible and disposable my whole life, I find comfort here in knowing I am not alone. The future will be like nothing we have seen. People are trying to get a grip on this new reality, It's tough.

      Predatory capitalism, has torn America and the World apart.

      Since I am not able to get my own hubs to publish on this site, I leave you all with this, If you would like a different and realistic take on the American Collapse, search out;

      "Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine,"

      on YouTube published by ClassWarFilms.


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Who do you care about? Anyone? Does anybody deserve your compassion? Are you really so naive to think that your perception about who is to blame for the troubles WE ALL face is accurate? You can spend your time playing the blame game, or you can set an example and do better than your parents did. That has been the mission since time began. If you think that you have all the answers, by all means - have at it. Let's see how you do. I certainly don't want any of you taking care of me in my old age. You will simply kill me or worse. You need baby boomers. You will miss us when we are gone. Now let the boomer bashing continue. Be sure to read what you write. It really reveals more about you than about us. I took care of my mother in her declining years, will you?

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      That is what hurts me the most about this nation as a whole, families are SO hard on each other, and they don't realize how much they really need each other. As you know that cruelty is quite standard, but families NEED to be there for one another!!

      How to open their eyes?!!!! I have no idea.

      P.S. I don't normally talk this much online, in fact I never have!

      I guess it really struck a nerve with me, I'm living the Dream, I mean nightmare. Just had to get it out of my system! Thanks for letting me, GREAT ARTICLE!

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      Thank you so much, I really needed to hear that.

      I was so frustrated yesterday after trying to talk to her, I just started madly typing into the search engine, "I hate my Baby Boomer Parents!" And this came up, and there are so many articulate stories and arguments here, especially yours that I felt o.k. in sharing my story too.

      I'm just really glad to know that you are keeping your family together and intact as much as possible as well as many other folks here on this post. That you actually understand what is going on out there & what is happening, is HUGE! So many parents have their heads up their asses, a big part of the family destruction. I'm glad your Dad is coming around at least, all I have is my Mom's guilt, and she has a short attention span, but she is all I have for now. I can tell my mother till I'm blue in the face why a minimum wage job doesn't work, My whole life is an example! At least if I work for myself, I won't be fired or lay myself off! But she has that cognitive dissonance thing going and she lives in her money bubble and watches American Idol religiously!

      I think a big problem with the Boomer generation is that they are not able to see the world from someone else's perspective, to understand how things don't always work out and that time, history & things change, and not always for the better.

      Oh! And that the family needs to stick together for Godssake!

      George Carlin once talked about "American Bullshitisms," or the "American Okeedooke..." "The cops are on your side, Business is honest, The good guys win, Your standard of living will NEVER decline! & Everything is going to be just fine!"

      American bullshit, observed by George C.

      The number one thing kids wanted for Christmas last year was a "Dad," which is so SAD, and that speaks volumes too. I've been wanting parents and some kind of family my whole life! And I have to let that idea go and make the people around me family, and that takes a lot of time and even then, one has to be sooooo careful nowadays as everyone is so cutthroat! I found that out again after my last 3 year relationship that

      nearly sucked the life out of me! GOSH! Yet another reason to have a close knit family that can share connections and tell you who to stay away from & to look out for each other! Oh wait! No one is allowed to tell anyone what to do or even consider alternatives because that would be interfering with a persons right to do whatever they want, whenever they want!! ARGH! That PC crap again!

      I hate starting over again with less than nothing, but I'm alive! I feel there is some reason for it, I really thought I was going to die the summer of 2011. I have a lot to contribute if I can get the basics covered, but of course like many of us that is a big IF, and a big part of why we are here at this message board, asking, "How could our parents be so reckless!" You are worried about what the Boomers are still going to take and I'm still reeling from what has been done already!

      I saw a black humor political cartoon that illustrated the Boomers retiring and it showed an airplane hitting a bird, and the pilots were like "No big deal," but they failed to see the thick black cloud of birds (representing the Boomers retiring) getting ready to take out the whole plane. Your fears are just, I think they will finish us off if they can. They got the last of the good food so are likely to live longer! They are strong and want to live a long time with their "All mine!" Constitution!

      My mom was the opposite of yours in that she always told me how awful it was being a parent and that if I ever wanted to have kids, I should think about it for another year and then reconsider! I was so malnourished as a teen I didn't start a monthly cycle till I was 17, and the awesome medical system had to get me on birth control right away to keep that cycle going! I had thought about having kids briefly, but by that time no men around me seemed like they would be close to a good Dad, and I certainly didn't want to get pregnant to try and keep a straying man from leaving me! And then it just became obvious that I was going to be a very poor person and couldn't afford one.

      It is a privilege not a right.

      It was actually suggested to me that I have kids so I could get on welfare!!!

      Surprise! Suggested by a Boomer who was himself milking the system for all it is worth! Oh! What a wonderful life I could show that poor child! HOW SELFISH! I can't, I won't, and I'm not going to try and trick nature into it, I'm still paying for my Mom's fertility drug handy work.

      I've just decided to talk to my Mother like I would a Lawyer, because that it the only way she thinks. I'll say as little as possible, because it can all be used against me, & no emotion talk, she gets envious easily too, so I can't tell her much GOOD news either,

      IT SUCKS! She has her power over me and she likes it that way. I will be trying my hardest to get out from under her. This house was a (feels a bit guilty/)/HATE deal for Mom. You should have seem the "Manufactured," houses she was willing to consider, all with wobbly floors! You can't repair those homes at all. At least this is a real house, but it has never been taken care of since it was created in 1953! It had major plumbing problems too. Everything has to be fixed if you can imagine. It was that or homelessness and I can take the challenge. All the while she eats out 2 out of 3 meals a day and lives in a Millions dollar house! Although it still looks like crap! It takes all day to clean one bathroom, Who needs that?!

      She will never understand physical labor and that everything takes longer and costs more! I have to work on my anxiety over her impatience and realize, she will never be happy and I am working as hard as I can and I know what I am doing! I have been house camping for over a year here, it is not a normal working house yet. Again I'm trying to fix a broken house while I am still broken, so I guess the house and I are going to have to HEAL together! The most awful tasks are about done, but it is going to take another year with the landscaping.

      The rest of my family won't talk to me because when everyone told me "NO," I couldn't live with them and laughed in my face, I told them they could all "F*ck off and die!" As they were giving me a death sentence with their actions. I saw a counselor once a week for 4 years during college, to try & get over my depression of my go nowhere romantic relationships as well as trying to figure out how to get along with my family. My counselor felt my family was a waste of my time, that I had tried everything I could with them, in vain. And of course having a dysfunctional family is going to affect my romantic relationships. She was a compassionate Boomer, an exception to the rule. Therefore, after 4 years of college and counseling the only thing I had left was to put the ball back in their court once and for all and you know what happened. Apparently if I want to talk to them I have to apologize to them! Ha ha! NO Thanks. Life has been softer without their constant insults! After all the abuse, neglect and being the butt of everyone's jokes, the first time I really have the guts to defend myself, they are like, "That's IT!" They just used it as an excuse to NOT know me anymore as they had been itching for a reason to kick me out of their lives for decades. It was also typical the minute I accomplished something big, none of them were around. My counselor said they have a vested interest in my demise, so the better I do, the worse it makes them look, What a setup!!!

      However, they are screwing their lives up amazingly & unexpectedly so I can't help but take some comfort in that. But then I just feel sad about it again, because we could be helping each other instead of hurting each other. I was always a great babysitter, kids love me!!! But NO, my family is all about money and if you don't have much you are no one to them.

      That is what hurts me the most about this nation as a whole, families are SO hard on each other, and they don't realize how much they really need e

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      Don't give up. Do what you have to do to get out from under your family. Pretend to go along and use them to get free. Once you are free, write them off. I guarantee that when you are free from them, you will succeed. A bad mother can effect you without you knowing it. She has a hidden remote with your name on it (so to speak).

      Who ever started this politically correct thing can kiss my ***! And now these hippies are in power...ruining our country. But that is off topic.

      I am very scared of the burden that will be created for our generation by the baby boomers. It might sound cruel, but hurry up and die enters my mind.

      As far as my personal boomer bummers (parents), my dad at least is trying to be a better person and helps me. For the act of ruining the majority of my life, my mother is fired. She can be cared for by her favorite sister. They deserve each other!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Continued...As sad as it is, the more we can talk about it, the more maybe we can change things? Because I sure haven't been allowed to talk about any of it to anyone! That is another part of the problem, Political Correctness! Don't rock the boat, just ignore it & it will all go away! UGH! It is all so frustrating I feel I could burst.

      Anyway this was a cathartic post for me. Thanks again.


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Oh Boy did I need this article today! Thank you so much.

      @Gwinegar, Amen.

      My story mirrors yours in many ways. I was the oldest girl and I was expected to babysit, clean up after my two brothers as well as the house as my parents divorced and my Mom pursued a law career. My grandparents picked up the ball for my Mother and completely self serving Father.

      I remember my Grandmother crying to my Grandfather about how the boys never helped do anything. My brothers were just as spoiled as my parents were and I was deemed the blacksheep, the scapegoat, I could do nothing right, even though I picked up after all of them. My mother would abandon us on a whim for her alcoholic boyfriends and our house was an abandoned disaster brewing. My father spent the college money he had saved for us on prostitutes so…So much for caring about our future. He is a born again Christian now and has been on prozac for over 2 decades! He told me I may just have to learn my lessons in life by being homeless! He lives on all government benefits and disability, he ate his way into diabetes and has no thoughts for anyone but himself, he also shops constantly and has a 1000+ DVD collection among all the other decorative crap, but enough about him, my Mom is a busy shopper too.

      I ended up with the party crowd as that was what my Mom was doing. The good guys wanted to get married and have kids which I couldn't do, and still to this day can't, but I couldn't afford it anyway. The Cosby's, The Keaton's, were my family also, but there was another show about single mothers making it without men, at least the mother's were present in that show. My parents hated me and I was a hot potato to them, being tossed back and forth every 6 months. I dropped out of college and managed my first apartment at 23 years old, making $6.50 an hour, no benefits.

      My Grandfather passed away before everything went to hell with my family, but it would have broken his heart to see. My Grandmother was the only person who kept me going, and she would always say she could never understand my Mother/her Daughter. My Grandmother still had morals and religion and yes she survived the Great Depression and it scarred her for life! My mother could not wait for her Mother to die to recover that huge inheritance, to keep all for herself. It was a sick happiness she had when my grandmother died, and I had no idea how bad things were going to get for me because of it.

      I was so alone and so vulnerable to anyone who actually noticed me. I had major abdominal surgery at 2 years old due to side effects from my mother's fertility pills, (she tried so hard to have me, and I have no idea why!) Oh! Well she wanted a boy and or boy twins, but instead she got a girl, and slightly deformed, she despised that! She of course didn't care how it has affected me my whole life, but anyway. Things have never gone they way they were supposed to with me and she has always hated me for that. She spoiled my brothers rotten, but now it is blowing up in her face as they are not acting the way she needs them to, they are out of control monsters!!! And their bubble wrapped spoiled kids they don't want to raise are even worse!!!

      I'm glad I was at least instilled with manners, compassion, a good work ethic, also some religion from my Grandmother. I will die probably of starvation and or medical problems but I refuse to get on foodstamps as I think it is a trap. I do go to a food bank sometimes, at least there are no strings there. I tried and tried to make it on my own, and the ends just kept getting further apart! I could pay rent but that was it, and the jobs that made more money, required a Bachelor's Degree, which I didn't have. Finally my go nowhere career ended and so I went back to college thinking I could at least get $30,000 grand a year after that but then the bottom fell out in 2008 when I graduated. I begged my family to take me in, especially since I had finally accomplished the goal they never thought I could. Silence from all of them! Out of four family households I was not welcome to stay in even one! I sold what I could, lost the rest and ended up living in a garage with a boyfriend who never left home. It was a disaster as I was used to being independent and his Baby Boomer mother hated us and used any extra money she had to take vacations and gamble it away up on the hill every chance she got. The house was a hoarding dilapidated nightmare, so I painted, tilled, weeded, cleaned etc., everyday to earn my keep as I received no response on any jobs I applied for. But I did too much, I was too good at this household and I was punished severely for helping. Disgusting. Finally this fat pig of a woman said she was going to kick us out. I was in bad physical shape after working my way through college and of course still needing loans. I then broke my back for 3 years to save face with these selfish people just to live in a cement garage! So, at that point I was then ready to die on the streets. I called my Mother as a last resort after 3 years, she never even bothered to look for me!!! She was mad at me and told me to get a job! Ha! Ha! Ha!

      I finally had it out with her, and asked why if one of my brothers received an Ivy League education and the other inherited a $300,000 house, yet doesn't make enough money to make the mortgage payments (he never left home either!) why do I get nothing?!!

      She lives with her boyfriend who has inherited over 7 figures!! But he won't marry her because he is so damn cheap!!! Oh and he can't stand her kids, we are all damaged goods.

      She decided to buy me an old broken down foreclosed home that I could fix up to earn my keep, NO WAY could I ever live with her, she is way above me you see.

      My worthless ex-boyfriend stayed with his mother so it is all up to me now. It is hard work and I have back problems, but I keep trying, although it is never enough for my Boomer Mother. She is paying the utilities until I get my life back, (what a joke!) I would love to have a life!!!! Had my family taken me in when I needed them the most, I would not have lost everything I ever worked for, my credit would not have been destroyed as it is now, my health would not have deteriorated to this low of level after years of no nutrients. One a day, dollar double cheese burgers, was the best food deal going for the lack of money I always had! I miss my energy more than anyone! The medical industry, hell all industries are now Only for Profit. I am actually terrified to see a Dr.! No thanks! I'll stick with ibuprofen, resting when I need to and the heating pad.

      My Mother is getting all irritated again as I am not getting it together fast enough and I need a job! Ha ha! Really! I sure know that, but there is no such thing as gainful employment anymore,

      Those jobs were shipped over seas for more profit!!! I sacrificed every shred of youth, vitality and drove my car into the ground for a bunch of Baby Boomer employers who could't give a shit about me, all in vain! Life will be an uphill struggle at best, until I die. As far as I'm concerned I'm pretty much Baby Boomer roadkill, not even good enough to eat!

      I will never be able to reason with her either, any conversation is pointless.

      I do excellent work, but every employer's major complaint about me (including my Mom's) is that I am too slow, yet I am always expected to do the jobs of at least two people! I'm not wonder woman no matter how hard I've tried!

      My Mother expects to be paid considerable wages, but growing food, tilling, sewing, cooking, plumbing, painting, etc. she expects all that to be free or almost free to her! Why is my hard labor or anyone else's for that matter, less important than hers?! It is Pure, unadulterated Greed, and it has destroyed the family unit and this country.

      And since she always has to have control I see homelessness again in my future, but I'm putting it off as long as I can.

      God Bless all of you, Thanks for listening if you did. I'm so glad I am not the only one to feel this way. As sad as it is, the more we can talk about it, the more maybe we ca

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm *so* sick of being lumped in with "Boomers" despite the fact, by birth year, I technically fall into the category. I went into the job market in 1980 -- it sucked. Ronald Reagan and his thieving cohorts (Ollie North anyone?) starred in a movie America of their own creation. By no means do I think Xers are slackers, they are victims of the 1% as many of us are, they just recognize it more easily.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I would not be smug or bitter about my current economic situation if it was not for the fact that I saw my parents squander enough money on themselves to not only put me thru college, but to have paid for a damn home!!

      They squandered enough cash on quaaludes to buy a small yacht!

      And even today, they sit in Indian casinos smoking Pall malls and popping xanax pissing away any money that might be left over for their grandchildren..

      And if I hear one more thing mindlessly blamed on video games im gonna pull my hair out.. :-/

      Hurry up and die already!!! we have families of our own to raise, your mobility chair is blocking our path?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      As a Gen-X, I have long felt that my parent's generation dropped the ball. It's a familiar story, my parent's job being done by my grandparents. They had to step in as my parents weren's doing their job. A baby boomers idea of a babysitter or childcare was a tv. I still feel safer with it on in the background. The Cosby's, Keaten's and Seaver's were the families I felt a part of. Escaping the reality of being a latch-key kid was a means of survival. If not for my grandparents generation, I would not have had access to my basic needs. I thank them for my survival. My parents were concerned with selfish pursuits. As soon as they had a dime it was squandered. College money for their kids was a joke.

      Baby Boomers also destroyed the American family. Now it is rare that you see a family unit. It is more like a spiderweb.

      It is sad that my generation has little of a family pattern to pass on to our kids. I have given up on trying to get my self ish parents to pull it together. I am playing it forward with my kids and future grandchildren. My adult children live with me as they have come of age in a world of no opportunity. They can barely afford the high cost of maintaining a car to go to work let alone rent.

      I support keeping my Unit intact at all costs. I foster in them the ideals that my parents lacked:Don't buy it if you cant afford it, Don't have children as teens or out of wedlock, wait to get married or start a family, don't have children you can't feed, get an education before you start a family, stay married if you have kids. Having children should be a privilege not a right. And it is a job that is lifelong not an 18 year contract. I will never stop teaching and protecting my children and their future will be better than my life has been.

      My hippie parent's had 4 other children (by other individual parents). Out of the five of us, all five were teenaged parents. I blame their lack of parenting. I greatly disrespect my mother and she earned it. She thought it was wonderful to have her 16 year-old daughter pregnant and then the next daughter at 15. Hell, she let my sisters's 22 year old bf live with her. no worries. it will work out. That whole hippie generations ways of not thinking of the consequence infuriates me and now we have to live the backlash. My kids are entering a sad adulthood.

      I am terrified at what the Baby boomers are going to do to our resources. My retirement plan is death. I will likely have to work until it kills me. I am not saving for or planning this fantasy of retirement. I will probaby die from stress and a lack of proper medical care first anyway.

    • profile image

      dillusional and lunatic 

      8 years ago

      you people who hate baby boomers disrespect your own parents by doing so.also,you seem to speak of baby boomers as though they're not individuals,as though they're ALL to blame. i guarantee you,that you'd never have the gall to speak to a baby boomer face to face spewing out that nonsense.people like you are little hitlers.hating an entire age group ,stripping any individuality away,just like hitler did regarding a certain race.only with you it's an age's like my son says,baby boomer haters are just that least mel gibson's rants were caused by alcohol..charlie sheen's because of boomer haters have one thing in common ..hitler. they're lunatics!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Unless I win the lottery or invent White Out again, I see myself literally dropping dead at an old age while at work. Or, in a shithole, in pain and surrounded by others my age and younger, especially younger, in the same boat. I will go out on a limb here and say, with confidence, that the Boomers, single-handedly, ruined this country. I include the hippies and the people who puked at the smell of the hippies. They are all to blame. The different between them is that the hippies actively sought the destruction and dismantling of the country and the non-hippies were too busy building their lives to see the danger they posed. Now, many of those hippies are in various elected offices across the country, as well as our institutions, and they have been dismantling the country, bit by bit, under the guise of it being legal. I'm 34. It's up to people my age and younger to demand OUR futures back. The Boomers are waking up to what many of their elders warned them about when they were younger. They trusted someone else with their money too much and now they are left with nothing. They've squandered any success their parents gained for the country and left the rest of us with a steaming pile of shit. And my parents are the non-hippie Boomers. They hate my blaming them too, but I call it like I see it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I like working. Things are actually looking up. I think I'll be able to retire when I want to, just fine. (Oh, yeah. And I work for myself.) I agreed with more than one choice there. Would work if I could find a job. Driving the boomers around as they age looks promising...

    • profile image

      Maou Tsaou 

      8 years ago

      The perfidious baby boomers are exactly the people they warned us about with the "trust nobody over 30" spiel and their record as a group without question makes them the enemies of the rest of us.

      As a group these people aren't simply cheating us abstractly they are objectively causing needless deaths through the policies they have consistently supported since they took "the watch" over this country.

      Torres-Gil's agenda for electoral control over the next two decades (Huffington Post) may sound innocent, even altruistic from the perspective of a boomer but my generation wasn't given the luxury of judging ourselves by our intentions and quit frankly, as much as I am pained to state the fact, it is stupid in every sense of the word to submit to authority that allows preventable death as policy for profit or, more basely, control purposes and Torres-Gil gives a basic summation of how he intends to prod the donkey along his chosen path.

      Here's the stick;

      "If the looming shortfall in entitlement programs is not addressed, boomers will confront challenges that rival those faced by their parents and grandparents in the Great Depression and World War II"

      Here's the carrot;

      "Torres-Gil expects to see a new generation of gray activists. "I'm hopeful we might see a renewed sense of … advocacy and demands for change," he said. "The boomers may well be the 100-ton electoral force in the next 20 years. The question is, 'Will we use it for our own selfish needs to raise taxes on young people?' I remain hopeful we will use our numbers to make change for the betterment of all generations." "

      The last question he asks is rhetorically affirmative judging by the record of generation “me” and the dirty hippies "hopeful" conclusion is beyond condescending considering his claim to the next two decades of electoral control.

      That's simply not tenable form my generations standpoint, not from THAT group and their record as stewards of "the watch".

      If this were simply about economics and how the boomers are the generation that dropped the ball, and wrecked the whole "America" thing for the rest of us, who are maintaining a claim to 20ish more years of dictating policy I'd scream about it but I'd not be declaring my parents generation my enemies, as in threat to my existence as a subjective conscious enemies, but these worthless hippies are neglecting the social contract as to profit from the lack to the point that submitting my freewill to the state may soon provide no return on my investment at all.

      I note a quote from last week from the closing of an opinion piece in Forbes;

      "While we appreciate that Ms. Warren might allow us to keep some of what we produce, we should remind her that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there any mention of a “social contract.” We have never needed a government or any other waster of capital to tell us how to provide for the next generation. It’s in our blood."

      Why he chose to open the piece with a reference to blood as well makes his intent in writing the thing of interest as it appears to be a call to arms for boomers against any government intervention in how they choose to "provide for the next generation" even if they choose not to provide the social safety net services anymore.

      But this ignores reports that estimate up to a third of u.s. deaths annually can be tied to inequities in our systems (study '09 British Medical Journal) which were instituted as boomers came into electoral influence and political power (Washington Consensus).

      Gutting the safety net makes this drastically worse... a backed into a corner kind of worse where any action is better than none.

      Simply can not allow 20+ more years of being provided for like that.

    • profile image

      WOW WEE 

      8 years ago

      For Mr. reality's comment "How dare you introduce actual facts on this blog"

    • profile image

      Mr Reality 

      8 years ago

      I just had the best dinner conversation on saturday with my parents and grandparents. Just chattin about me being back in college part time, still working and raising my 2 amazing children. Wife works full time with a great career but we paid a decent bill for 4 years of university.

      Always grew up with the " hard times " my parents had doing the same thing in the early 70's.

      Always heard the same stories about " worked 3 full time jobs, had classes 8 hours a day, walked 30 miles to work and class up hill both ways in 10 feet of snow, blah, blah, blah "

      The grand dad stepped in with ACTUAL FACTS.

      Hey baby boomers, remember those???

      My mother worked 1 day every week and the drug store down the street for a total of 16 hours a month.

      My father worked at CP rail 10 hours a week for, are you ready for this.......$27 an hour....thats right $27 dollars an hour....

      My father denied that but remembered that grandpa kept his old pay stubs as a reminder of his baby boys first job. At 20 YEARS OLD.

      My parents bought there first house in 1974 for $13, 900.

      mortgage payment.......$67 a car payment....$13.70 a and utility bills.....$76 a month......and the cost to FILL the tank....$1.65....OH MY GOD, " how did you survive???? "

      My home tv/internet package costs more total per month. I only make $24 an hour hour!

      My grandmother laughed at my parents " generation " because just getting out of bed meant buying a new boat for the cabin that was built for them for $3, 200 in 1977.

      And my grandparents paid for that as well as the 2500 down payment for the house.

      Which was tax deductible up to $2000. And my parents education expenses. Mom went to U of Calgary for a whopping $915 a year, 3 years total $2900 including books, How much did she claim at the end of the year, every year....$968, every year.

      dad went to technical college for 4 years...his college bill....0....not one penny.

      the province even paid for his books AND they received a $45 a month fuel

      Ya tough times for those folks in the 60's, 70's and, early 80's. lol

      And someone posted about claiming credit card payments...

      My mother remembered that as

      My wife worked for Stats Canada for 3 years in the federal finance and education initiative dept.

      The shit i will post later will make the average person of later generations laugh till they puke.

      So just remember that "working hard " for the generation born in the late forties to early sixties literally meant " HARDLY WORKING "

      But I am only talking about 87% of them, according to federal statistics.

      well, off to work now. I am working a double so I can go out and buy my new yacht. Oh did i say yacht, i meant save up to buy a new drive shaft for my

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The Great American Dream? What's that?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      wow, so happy I don't live in the USA, Consumer Country Extraordinaire... notice that this dialogue (above) is entirely amero-centered... perhaps you can learn something from other countries that are not so tied up in pursuing the Great American Dream? We're all going down, Baby... so deal with it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Generation Y, 31 yrs old, its called overpopulation people it will ALWAYS GET WORSE!

      So yes boomers consider yourself lucky and stop please stop turning farm land into real estate, you use to be able to buy land and get your money back!

      Stay in the city please we dont want you back on the farm. Oh and yes its very rare to find someone my age who doesn't have divorced parents. Most of the men from that generation don't know how to be fathers and are very selfish. WTF? boomers so opposite of your parents. I guess thats how it goes, good thing WE aren't like y'all.

      To me you guys have some sort of king or queen fetish...very greedy.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I don't really get where the idea comes from that baby boomers were born with some silver spoon in their mouth.

      I remember the 70s when most of them entered the workforce as really lousy economically. That's why Jimmy Carter has such a bad rep. Inflation, horrible interest rates, wage price controls. I worked in restaurants and scrapped along for a long time to get my career going. Older boomer males were drafted to Vietnam; it was the last generation sent to fight without volunteering. If you grew up sharing everything with multiple sibs (the definition of a baby boomer) then how spoiled could you be? I shared clothes, bedroom, and even the same bath with my sister as a child. There's this myth of the mom being home but home or not, they sent you out to play and figure out your own life. You were not lavished with attention.You were not taken out to eat. People talk about how great the country was in the sixties before the boomers messed it up. Really? How many opportunities did you have as a woman or minority? And even the white males had to worry about the draft. Baby boomers suffered through the same recessions as X-ers, many lost their jobs, I know it happened more than once at my house. If you're lucky enough to live a long time you will likely live through a bunch of downturns.

      In my 20s I kept hearing the same kind of stuff, how my generation was going to be stuck paying off the debt accumulated by Reagan. How the older people now called the greatest generation had ruined the country. They sent the boys to die, and they crashed the economy in the 70s and ran up debt in the 80s. Guess what, we did pay the debt off. Has anyone considered that it's all the taxes and FICA paid by this massive boomer generation that has kept this entitlement economy going this far? Has anyone considered that the people in their 30s and 40s today have some ownership for what happened to the economy in the last four years?

      We all get dealt a hand. You weren't dealt Vietnam, World War II, the Civil War to fight. You've got to ride out some hard times. You've got to pay off some debt. Look in the mirror and not at where you can pass blame.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Just some comments from a middle class worker bee:

      Must have been nice to be a "wife" in the 70's, 80's... To have to decide if you "want to work or just stay home." Now my mom, who hasn't worked in 35 yrs (unless you count redecorating your house every year) is whining about how hard it is taking care of her mother and how expensive food has become.

      No sympathy from me. I've been working since I was in high school, and worked to put myself through school. Luckily my grandmother (who lived through the depression) had a tremendous impact on my life. (She also was a worker BTW.) All the Boomer generation cares about is themselves and their precious retirement. They feel the world owes them, that they should continue to live gloriously after retirement.

      Our generation will never be able to retire. I live simply, don't care about keeping up with the Joneses, wear clothes off Ebay, have a garden and make $300k/yr. Also, no kids. But I will never be able to retire. NO. Why?

      I have many close friends who are boomers. What are they doing? Simultaneously whining about the economy and buying new Suburbans on credit.

      So instead of working to secure my own future in old age I will undoubtedly blow it all on carrying them through their retirement. My father retired last month. What does my mother currently want: to replace her countertops with granite.

      The boomers are waking up and realizing they need more money to support the disco lifestyle they became accustomed to, but they can no longer work. And who will they look to for support? Gen X?

      Well, too bad most of Gen X is on welfare, can't find jobs, are trying to put their own kids through school... Can't get blood from a turnip. And those of us who do have some money? Well, we won't for long.

    • profile image

      reality check 3 

      9 years ago

      A BRILLIANT READ! THANK YOU.YOU'VE ANSWERED ALLLLLLLLL OF MY QUESTIONS. I REALLY STARTED TO BELIEVE I WAS JUST CURSED , UNTIL I STARTED TO OPEN UP TO FRIENDS - after getting over my embarrassment... Really, this was one of the best articles (blog) and truly a well written piece of TRUTH! I am ( as I now know my titled category) a Generation X boomer (so to speak). I have friends and close family members who can't understand or believe ( as I have worked myself from the bottom to the top - PROUDLY , so I feel I have earned a spot at the big table- in every job that I have had) , and how I am not thriving as I was in my 20's ( now! because I've paved the way for myself- I must have done something wrong, they say); and as well, still haven't gotten married and had children, yet! a gay (no offense to those that are)male friend, from high school has told me more than once - That I was a CATCH. Thanks my friend.. i love him for saying it. (I just mention that ) because my Gay friend made me realize , he's complaining about my status. That open my eyes to , HEY, HE'S RIGHT! WHAT HAPPENED THERE? I started to notice and look at others and google people who come from the time frames you speak of...Well, we all know , no Man with an ounce of since will marry a woman if he doesn't have the very thing SOCIETY AND HIS NATURAL GROUNDS ( male hood) of how to be a man (which his PARENTS AND THE SOCIAL WORLD) ingrained in his male brain path; Be able to care for your own.

      women have been having a hard time trying to meet the mark ( of time - our told number of age(s) to have things in it's path as it was for our parents and the women before us. I realize now , it doesn't matter how talented or educated or how well equipped I may be for any job I apply for, it may not help but hurt me more, because with that type of well groomed experience ,you , as that experienced person are truly in your mind "Entitled" to have the "I'M PREPARED FOR LIFE "ego. Which, is in the wrong time and place. Men don't want to marry you to let you down , so they date ( for long periods of time ) or marry someone lesser than they were told to engage with. She takes the pressure off because she is easy to manage... we tried make a better set up for our own lives, so we watched people suffer in the yester years ,and so we set up preparation to keep it from happening to us. However,we watched our parents do so much with very little , as we see it as winging it, and after watching and learning from that , which we were able to come to a conclusion and understanding - with the preparation of COLLEGE AND PROPER PLANNING ,our time will come , and even in a higher standing if prepared right, and will come the perks !but , no , with greed from the government and ego many flaring it all crashed and left us with nothing but and odd existence and no where to turn for guidance, because ...... "I PLANNED, THIS ISN'T SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN." no , one figured another back up plan. Because we had a plan!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      oh stop hating the boomers. its not their fault. they were literally raised to believe that everything in life was infinite. After all most of them didn't need to plan ahead for a rainy day and almost all have always had the "paid to sleep" mentality in their blood. Why work hard when the government will do it for you, Go back to bed, it only noon.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I love the fact that 'Generation Y' has the most votes, is that good or bad?

      Does it mean we're on the internet way too much for b.s. reasons (not saying this 'hub' is bs, but people get on and usually find things accidently, like I did, and just read it cause they don't know what else to do with their time.)

      Or is it good that my generation is exploring what is handed

      down to us?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Baby boomers ruined this once great country in ways too numerous to mention. 6 trillion dollars over 50 years in welfare programs aimed at blacks instead of letting them work it out themselves. And now that we are broke they want to turn Communist so the government will take care of them. Beyond pathetic.

    • profile image

      9 years ago

      We are Generation X. I am disappointed in the Baby Boomers. They soaked up all the resources the Greatest Generation built. They spent America's wealth on themselves. They waged the Drug War on us. They used "tough love" and "zero tolerance" on us. And now Baby Boomers think they are entitled to money they already spent.

      Baby Boomers: You spent your entitlement money. Now you have nothing to support you in your old age. We expect you to stand on your own as you told us to do. Welcome to "tough love".

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am 50. I guess this is suppose to be the tail-end of the BB. My retirement is just around the corner; however, I am unsure what "retirement" means to me. I haven't defined it as of yet.

      I think the eco decline is like a puzzle and there are many pieces to it. However, I do disagree to some extent with your posting. I think a group of people are definitely to blame for our situation. And the group may not belong to one generation...of sorts. People who had decision-making powers and were greedy were and are part of this "Perfect Storm' economic situation. Those in power were part of the "Silent Generation" and "BB".

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I can't say that Bush, Obama, and the Baby Boomers have ruined everything for the younger generations of America.

      Its what the gov did for us americans during the first great depression and after ww2.

      The government didn't see this problem until the early '80s but did nothing about it. Before the stock market crashed in 2008 President Bush said that this economic downturn was caused by years of work and I agree with him. Not to mention ppl drawing Social Security before the age of 65. The main street shops only wanting to hire ppl with experience when how do u get experience when they don't hire you. An on and on and on. I want to keep this article short. G2G.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      @ Dan Parker, I read your comment and laughed. Yeah it is actually the work of omg baby boomers that shipped our auto manufacturing jobs to Mexico not Gen Xers. Get your facts straight before blaming someone else.

      Yeah congrats again baby boomers. They have voted us into the war on terror, the housing market crash, the current financial crisis we're facing, shipping out many of our jobs to Mexico and the Pacific region, selling us to China who can essentially takeover this country with the amount of debt we owe them, etc.

      @ Jim, as for the baby boomer who claims that they voted away the mandatory drafting: yeah not everyone is necessarily "forced" to be drafted but young men between the ages of 18-25 today still have to register with Selective Services. Is being drafted as likely today as it was before? No. But guess what? It may come back thanks to... oh that's right, the baby boomers.I do have to agree with you that the US did not "win the war" but rather the Allies did (The SU did not like Hitler and eventually joined the Allies).

      And guess what? The most selfish parents I have come across are... what a shocker, mostly baby boomers.

      For example, my boyfriend's parents insisted on taking luxurious vacations, buying themselves a motorcycle, a snowmobile, a beautiful larger home, all before they had a kid. Oh no, now they must go to a smaller house, give him a room that is barely big enough to fit a twin size bed, a desk, and a dresser, and 95% of his clothes are second hand from people on his mother's mail route. His mother is retiring just this year and guess what his parents are going to do? They will be traveling across the country, to Europe, taking these wonderful vacations for months on end (yes they can afford this surprisingly) yet they can't even think to buy him something other than a couple electronic toys he'll use may be twice and some cash. Their idea of family time is watching TV or a movie, only for his baby to talk the entire time to everyone's annoyance. Otherwise, all they do is team up against him and criticize every little thing he does that deviates from their ideal vision of how children should be.

      I'm not saying ALL baby boomers are as obnoxious, selfish, greedy, etc. as described above but my point is that in my personal experience along with what history and facts show us, the baby boomers take a big part in "the fall of Rome" state of mind America is in right now.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Today Ginrich called “Generation Screwed” a generation of “coddled” easy-street kids. (Gingrich: No Role Model for Students?) Gingrich, tisk, tisk, tisk. First of all, a MARRIED man who was coddled by his parents through his entire education has no right to label the next generation as "coddled." Second, as one of the Boomers that fairly created the well-deserved title of "Worst Generation" for his era, there is irony in the fact that the "Greatest Generation" chipped in to ensure an affordable tuition for their children - free in CA – which you then had your parents pay for in the 60-70s. Since then, the Boomers’ self-indulged, creating the first credit society in U.S. history and rocketing the national debt to the location of your planned moon colony (1970: 370 Billion, Today: 15.3 Trillion). On top of this, the Boomers have decided that they will not pitch in to settle their bill, let alone the fact that responsibility to support the many Boomer-expanded institutions in the first place.

      Because of your generation’s self-indulgence, it is becoming increasingly impossible for a student to self-finance an education the U.S. no matter what class he or she is from. You and other worthless Boomer politicians decided to take the system of government guaranteed loans created for the poor and turn it into a vehicle that would allow the Boomers to avoid paying taxes in favor of saddling today’s students with your bill. Your Boomer group wanted to make sure that there was no way out for today’s students, so the debt is now non-dischargeable (it would be irresponsible for student’s to avoid paying their bill, right Boomers?)

      For example, the Boomers who run the academic institutions have exploded the price of education so that they can keep their bloated paychecks, keep their buddies around in the hundreds of public universities created to give themselves careers, and make up for the Boomer societies' unwillingness to fund this self-expanded institution. There is no incentive for the Boomers who overwhelmingly run the financial sector to reject lending for these tuition hikes because government backed means win-win. (If the student pays w/ interest, super win! If not, the taxpayer will pay it, win again!).

      If it wasn't clear that mortgaging their childrens’ future became the Boomers' avenue to avoid paying their bill, it became clear when the Boomers in Congress created Direct Loans - which has almost completely replaced private loans with government so that government can collect all the interest, and decided to erase Subsidized Loans as a way to pay down the debt through more student interest rather than taxing the Boomers at all for their bill in the recent budget showdown. Both of these events have been explicitly touted by our current Boomer politicians as a way to clean up the Boomers’ mess.

      So the result? Here at Penn Law, for example, the Ponzi scheme goes like this: First year, we are not allowed to work - for good reason. My scholarship cuts the $50.7K tuition down to $20K. This scholarship is supported by the kid paying $50.7. Living expenses are estimated at $20K on top of this, low when considering that books, supplies, and family, will mean that the school actually lends more for this. Working an increasingly rare summer associate position will allow me to substantially reduce my prospective debt of $160k now and in the future, but the kid who will be looking at $210k came into the school as a comparatively poor academic and will likely graduate with no career prospects (none of these debts are adjusted for interest, mind you).

      To compare this to what the $2.3K tuition $1.8k living expenses the Boomers’ paid at the school in 1970, the enormous tax that the Boomers are now passing on to their children through education becomes clear. While law school is the biggest example of how education has been reinvented as an enormous tax, this is the standard situation at all levels of education today. Somehow, I was able to avoid all but $13K debt (wife + me combined – all subsidized, a luxury in hindsight) as an undergrad who worked through school to support himself, got scholarships (the wife too), participated in many community and student organizations, and began a family. Yet still, I avoided the worst of the tuition hikes that have seen the Boomer enforced student tax triple over the past decade while “union and administrative pay [at these schools] has also skyrocketed.” (CA, Political News).

      The Boomers have ensured that their kids start adulthood not at the status quo, not at zero, but at a monumental negative at a time when most students will fail to gain the employment needed to erase this negative. So when Gingrich who represents a Boomer who controlled the levers that created this mess says that this generation is “coddled,” it is ironic to say the least. The Boomers, who were coddled by their parents’ societal contributions and are now coddled by their children who are paying the bill for them, are doing more than calling the kettle black. They are self-projecting in the extremist way possible. The Boomers, I’m sure, will continue to find new ways to pass accountability for their excess onto their children. The Boomers’ only hope is that the house of cards they created will not fall down before they can make a quick exit into oblivion.

      If justice exists, they will be reincarnated as Chinese workers in one of their self-created free-trade-zone factories. An Apple Computer factory would serve these Boomers well, allowing them to learn the lesson that their parents tried to teach them by avoiding foreign products – thus keeping Sear’s products from all reading “made in Japan” at the time. Ironically, if their children can still afford Ipods, Boomers will be working on the opposite end of this system they created to provide their kids with the only good thing they every created: great advances in technology.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Extremely well written, enjoyed this immensely. :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Why don't you tattoo infested pierced scumbags stop complaining about my generation. You should thank us for ending the draft so you worthless bums didn't have to die needlessly. You fools don't have a clue what type of shit world The Great Ass Generation left us. So you think baby boomers had a free ride and that we were selfish and that we ruined a wonderful world that was handed to us. Lets see how wonderful this world sounds. Your headed toward your eighteenth birthday and getting ready to be drafted to fight in a civil war half way around the world that has nothing to do with American freedom and a lot more to do with supporting the military industrial complex. Over 58000 young men came back in body bags because of an unjust war to reinstall colonialism to people who had freed themselves from French rule back in the fifties. You people in the tattoo generation don’t have a clue how it feels to know that your going to be ripped from your home and sent to your death trying to enslave a people who fought for their own freedom. I think you spent way too much time listening to your grandparents and reading silly feel good books about world war two and the great depression. Some people in your generation believe militarism is what makes us free, on the contrary it’s militarism that enslaves people. If there were no draft in Germany then there would not be any army for Hitler’s war. As Einstein said, “instead of allowing the German nation the right of conscription it should be taken away from all other nations”. So where does freedom come from? Civil disobedience. Yes those very hippies that got their heads busted by authorities, the same ones that were cursed and spit upon by the war mongering greedy industrialists who made a fortune in Vietnam are the people who freed you and your generation from the draft. But you ingrates want to turn the clock back and remove the freedoms you now enjoy. Freedoms you take for granted.

      You have been told that we received this great inheritance from the previous generation and you believe we squandered it on ourselves. Now lets talk about this inheritance. In the 1960’s the larger cities in this country didn’t look like they do today, my hometown of Scranton Pa was a slimy dirty miserable mess. There were huge mountains of burning culm surrounding the city that were on fire for over twenty years. On a damp day the smell of rotten eggs from the culm bank fires permeated the air. The rivers flowing through the city were so badly polluted from sewage and industrial waste that you could smell the stench from them blocks away. There were mine cave-ins underneath the buildings and houses in the city. It wasn’t uncommon to see buildings standing one day and destroyed the next. On the very outskirts of the town were the strip mine pits. Huge deep holes in the ground left over from the coal mining days partially filled with junk cars that were riddled with bullet holes from target shooters. Back in the sixties we had open city garbage dumps that were rat infested. I actually considered myself lucky because some of the larger cities in Ohio were so bad that the rivers flowing through them caught fire from the pollution. This environmental mess, racial discrimination, the draft and the cold war were our inheritance from earlier generations. Because of the huge baby boomer protests of the mid to late sixties about the environment the government enacted clean air and water acts that freed up federal money for the cleanup of pollution in the cities and many baby boomers worked on the crews that cleaned it up. So today much of what I described above is gone and cities are much cleaner today than they once were. As for the many books written about the generation that came before us, the real story was quite different. It has been said they won WW 2, ended the great depression and put a man on the moon. Actually it was the Soviet Union who won WW2 in Europe and the atomic scientists won WW2 against Japan. The people who put us on the moon were the captured German rocket scientists and the great depression ended as a result of the country switching over to a wartime economy. Eight out of every ten Germans soldiers killed in WW2 were killed by the Soviets. Tom Brokaw’s Great Ass Generation wasn’t really all that great. They were great at one thing, taking the lion share of the SS money they got form the sweat of 76 million baby boomers who carried them into retirement. Unlike you I don’t blame them for all the woes we inherited, it was a collective failure of all the generations who came before for not having enough foresight to see the results of some of the decisions they made. And I would never place my generation, or any other generation, on a golden pedestal, only people of limited intelligence would do that. So you want an apology from my generation. You should thank the small percentage of liberal minded people from my generation who went out and protested so that many in your generation were not drafted to fight and die for the greedy corporate scumbags who put so many of my friends in the ground. So I guess it’s time to past on the torch, here take it and don’t burn yourself.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Having failed to find a job the way my boomer parents did (namely by walking into whatever they fancied), I am now on my terminal taught degree (MSc), with what, if history is anything to go by, are false dreams of securing some form of employment doing something relevant in the world. No jobs without exerience, no experience without a job- the boomers running the companies want something impossible, seemingly blind to the fact that the economy they have been playing poker with for the last 30 years is caving in around our ears. Thatcher wrecked British industry, and now they've made a f*cking movie about her, starring that insufferable icon of the kind of ignorant indifference and self-absorption that typifies them as a generation, Meryl Streep. Meanwhile they destroy entire nations with their wars on whatever-they-feel-like-labelling-as-bad-this-week (many of the things which defined them in fact- drugs, politial protest..), and expect us to pick up the bill. They spent their parents' money, and they spent ours befoe we even had a chance to earn it- so if you won't say it, I will. The boomers have ruined the world. To make matters worse, generation Z are a bunch of narcissistic, vacuous, spoilt little tools, more concerned with updating their facebook pages and getting the latest iphone that with anything that has lasting value- so we, generations X and Y, are in fact doubly f*cked, as we are now in competition with these idiots- like attracts like, so guess who gets hired? Self involved, useless articles who talk the talk but couldn't walk if they wanted to, and who can code but are scare to get their hands dirty, as opposed to we who could trudge a mile in anyone's shoes, if only given the chance. It's enough to make you hope the whole thing does collapse, and soon- if only to give us a chance to build a fair and decent world, picking up where our grandparents left off- debt free, exploring space, making peace, calling a spade a spade and bullshit when we see it, and tearing down the MICs and corrupt casino banking systems which have been allowed to run riot since the WWII generation retired. F*ck the boomers and their nest eggs, they can fend for themselves for a change.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "The depression generation had a non stop boom from 1946 to 1974. NO RECESSIONS." To the person who said this above, this is compete nonsense. They were also on a gold standard. There was no Fannie and Freddie. Glass-Steagall was still around. The list goes on and on how bad that generation had it, and how good you had it. There was a recession in '48, '53, '57, '60, '69, and '73. And they were worse than any recession you had to deal with in the '80s or '90s.

      You Boomers have benefited from government funded.... well everything. And you got in on it first, thus, got the most value for the programs. Now the programs are a burden on society, yet my generation has been the one's footing the bill.

      So again, to the person above, even though you like to behave as though the post-WWII era was easy sailing, it wasn't. They actually worked, and they didn't need to write laws that stuck their children with loads of debt to do it either.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      There are some wonderful babyboomers and I am glad that the hippie movement happened. There are also a lot of boomers with a huge sense of entitlement and who have no sense of financial reality. ... It is truly sad when I live on my own and balace my checkbook better than the women and men 20-30 years older than me. Grow Up Guys!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm X. My favorite is when boomers tell me to save for a rainy day. We were born into a rainy day! When exactly should I have been saving? When I made $15/hr. and my student loan payments kicked in to the tune of $1054/month?! Oh, and thanks for the advise to buy a home at the height of the market and jumbo mortgage craze. And thanks for congratulating me that I didn't need you to co-sign for me to get the loan. And you capped the student loan interest deduction at $2500! Are you kidding me?! I pay about $13,000 in student loan interest every year! And let's not forget that you all could discharge your student loans in bankruptcy. Not only can't we do that, but we can't even continue to pay our student loans in a ch. 13 plan, which means the interest accrues and capitalizes, often leaving us worse off financially after a bankruptcy. Boomers, at least you had a way out if things got bad. X/Y literally can't afford bankruptcy. Just leave us alone, and for heavens sake quit trying to give us advice!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I personally like the Boomer generation. I like their accomplishments, the contributions they have made over the years, & their creative vision in pop cutlure. I agree Generation X & Y does have it more difficult financially than the baby boomers did but you can't blame it all on them. I understand the anger you X'rs feel for getting a crappy deal. I am an Xer myself. We still need to look at the positve assests in each of the generations, use these ideas. When we learn from each other then we can make America great!

    • profile image

      Thomas Kimbrell 

      9 years ago

      I am of the baby boom generation. I take offense I am being blamed for everything wrong in America. I had worked at low paying jobs all my life for what I have and now I had been unemployed for over a year and starting to wonder if I am every going to work again. By the way, I worked my way when I was getting my worthless college degree.

    • profile image

      bourne 77 

      9 years ago

      I can agree with sam adams that $81,000 for tuition in 1981 is a croc of shit. However paying 4U does have a point about paying for his own kids for a good education, something my generation, born in 59 NEVER had to deal with.

      I dropped out of high school in grade eleven to help my mother out ( father passed away) and worked for 3 years to pay bills and feed my two younger sisters. I did not mind because I knew that my college was free and without minimal qualifications. I ended up receiving a diploma and red seal for class 5 mechanical in 1983 and never looked back. I still had to work nights at a local garage to help with bills and a pregnant girl friend , thank god that i didn't have to pay for school or would have starved to death. i am a business owner now and am doing great but have a hefty bill to help pay with my son in his 5th year as a neurologist. He finally moved out on his own and bought a used car, He's 27 and works his ass off every night and studies more than any other M.D grad from my generation would even dream of doing.

      The moral, a certain number of our generation literally had to work to survive but today's youth have to work 3x harder to receive a 3rd of the things we took for granted in our teens and 20's.

      AND my Father paid his house in full in less than 4 years and my mother has never worked a day in her life (except to raise us brats, lol) because she didn't have too. Try doing that today. Next to impossible...

    • profile image

      sam adams 

      9 years ago

      As far as FREE tuition's go, not all schools were free in the 80's. "81,000 in 1981" is a little far fetched and very easy to disprove but I as well graduated from USF in '85 with my masters in business and communications and paid some out of pocket. Sure, Colleges were fully paid ( that is a fact) up to 1986 but not ALL Universities were.

      The problem is is that I am a baby boomer as well but also a realist. My son has a college diploma from an accredited trade school and that did cost more in 2007 than 8 years of University for me did in the 70's-80's.

      I will say he does have it a little harder than I did but some of us boomers still had to work very hard to succeed in life. Good luck to all you young ones out there, things will probably be getting worse.....

      Partially thanks to us...

    • profile image

      paying 4u 

      9 years ago

      Ward and June Cleaver were not boomers. They would have been either Greatest Generation, or Silent Generation. So would the writers of "Leave It To Beaver", and other tripe that we were forced to watch as kids.

      So, kids, I paid for my college and professional education, to the tune of $81,000.00 in 1981. I have paid for two of my kids college educations, and I am now on the hook for two more in process. Where on Earth did "hemicoup" get that little factoid that all colleges were free before 1981? What a load of crap! Private schools were costly, even then, and we came out of them with heavy debt. 81 grand in 1981 would be like 300 grand in today's dollars. You kids are full of crap when you talk like this. You have no facts, just your half-assed opinions.

    • profile image

      Generation X 

      9 years ago

      I was raised by a greatest generation grandmother, and a Silent Generation Father. I have an inheritance from their hard work and honor their memory: a paid for house and government bonds and annuities. Without them I would be a financial loser. I learned to save for a rainy day from them. My mother is a baby boomer and has nothing to show for it but a lifetime of borrowing and spending. There are clear generational differences. I believe that the legacy of the boomer generation will be a bill. A boomer is a consumer not a saver.

    • profile image

      Lee Harvey O 

      9 years ago

      hemicoup hit it right on the head. My father paid nothing for his college degree in business and my mother had 95% of her university paid by the state of Illinois.

      I am still paying my college tuition and i graduated 4 years ago. funny thing is , my dad made better money than me in 1989 than i did in 2004, literally.

      Just my 2 cents, thanx

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      It still cracks me up to hear boomer say "they worked hard and paid for college or university" All U.S colleges were 100% free to ALL U.S citizens up to 1981 FACT. Both my parents, 3 of 4 grandparents , 4 Uncles and, 1 aunt graduated from selected colleges and paid NOTHING and all but 1 had very reasonable living allowances PAID BY FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS .My father always told me how tough things would be in the 21st century and how LUCKY EVERYBODY was to have an education thrown at them in the 60's and 70's.

      FACT- My Mothers older sister was asked by a college recruiter going DOOR TO DOOR to sign up and they did most of the foot work and took care of ALL of the FINANCE requirements for her..

      sorry Boomers, writing lame excuses and lies for your CHOSEN laziness does not make them facts.

      Find out for yourselves, oh im sorry that would take EFFORT, another term 85% of all boomers wouldn't quite understand>>>

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      It was so nice to see in print that I am not alone or insane. I have been saying all this stuff for years and wondering if I was the only one who had a hard time translating gen-X woes to my self-centered wealthy retired dad who claimed disability AFTER he retired, got caught, had to pay it back and then refused to help me file for my husband who had gotten to where he could barely walk from manual labor even with his college degree and is now DEAD because WE WERE BROKE! I still get that look like I'm just sorry and lazy and It just feeds the hate and resentment. Now HE can barely walk and has literally burried $100 bills in the back yard rather than helping me out and he genuinely wonders WHY I won't help him out? MMmmmm Seriuosly, would you drive an hour to go wipe his ass as the final insult to have been the one he shit on? Maybe Buddha or Jesus but I'm only human.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      To claim the baby boomers are not at fault is disingenuous at best, and down right dishonest at worst.

      It was the baby boomers (and their parents) who continuously elected in officials who did not serve our national interests. It was the baby boomers who turned neglect and irresponsibility into social norms.

      My grandfather worked a blue collar job for 25-26 years retired at age 65 with his house, 1 car, and 2 motorcycles completely paid off. Then again my grandfather didn't buy a new car every five years, he didn't need the latest biggest TV or gadget that was on the market. His life was not based on consuming therefore he had something left when he died not only for his wife but also for his children. The house I was raised in was owned by my great grandparents, and was sold to my parents at 50% below market value. By the time my parents had divorced and lost the house they had refi'd to the point that they owed more than 500% on what they originally paid for the home.

      As pointed out above, those same people who only succeeded because they stood on the shoulders of giants then turned around and kicked their kids onto the streets at "legal age" to continue to live beyond their means. And now that their lifetime of consumerism has left them spent and broke they have the audacity to ask those same children they neglected to help them out. Like above my broke mother has been trying to get me to buy a home or get a bigger apartment for us to share. I laugh in her face every time she suggests it and look forward to the day I find cat-food in her refrigerator (my mother owns no cats). Meanwhile my father who insisted I "pull myself up by my bootstraps" is living in his deceased fathers home (siblings won't sell home for profit cause he has no where to go) rent free whilst making payments on a 2009 80k corvette.

      Me generation is an understatement, more like spoiled rotted self centered myopic generation. Granted they had some help from their parents generation, but sorry the bulk of the blame lies with the boomers. My grandmother who is 80 years old realizes this and is disgusted with her two children, which is why they have both been left out of her will and everything is to go to the grandchildren.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I agree with this article and with the assessment of those who have pointed out that the Boomers are, in fact, the greediest generation. They are living up to their 'Generation Me" nickname, even to the end. My parents are a perfect example. They did not help me with college or graduate school; told me my whole life I would be "on my own" and getting suitcases for my 18th birthday. They spent the money on gadgets, nice cars and campers for themselves. And they managed to covet substantial monetary gifts from ancestors on both sides of the families, which they saved for themselves. As it turns out, it is not nearly enough, for their care and their eventual health problems. Now that they have physical and mental health problems, guess what? They have decided to ruin my attempt to support my family by crying to me and guilt-tripping me in to decreasing my hours at my job -- not a good thing to do in this economy -- to help them, after they told me to go out and get a job and never ask them for anything again! And even now, the one parent who is still at home keeps buying crap for himself out of the money he can, and of course, thanks to the Medicare and Medicaid set-up, all the money they spend on their healthcare will eat up anything that's left of the grandparents' estates they enjoyed. They could care less that they are leaving my child not only out of any security for the future, but they are directly harming her by insisting that I reduce my work hours and the time I spend caring for her to do their menial chores that they should pay someone else to do. It's just all about them, all the damn time. Oh yeah, and they have always been too busy to take time away from their tv programs and shopping to help with childcare -- even though they took advantage of my grandmother, having her regular, everyday childcare for free so they could live a better life, which trust me, didn't translate to better stuff for us. They supposedly hated freeloaders but gladly accepted government hand-outs whenever they could. This generation is literally killing its own kids with the weight of its greed.

    • profile image

      9 years ago

      M says that they fought to end the Vietnam War. Yeah, it took you guys a decade to do that. I'm sure the Vietcong had nothing to do with the withdrawal. Civil rights? Your parents fought for those. You guys through X and Y eyes will always be those Hippies/yuppies who F' America. How's your Boomer president doing so far in creating jobs?

    • profile image

      9 years ago

      Dave Parker. Atleast GenX didn't call soldiers "baby killers" or help spread AIDS. Were not as loud and obnoxious either.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I'm a Gen-Xer. I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, and I have also worked very hard. I have 2 degrees from top schools. Yet, I have received little rewards for my hard work, and have received tremendous penalties for my mistakes. OTOH, the Boomers had it in reverse.

      For those Boomers who say, "Hey, I paid my way through school." Well, how much did school cost back in the 60's and 70's? Is it just a coincidence that governments are cutting education at all levels to continue paying for social programs aimed at older Americans? If you suggest that such programs should be means-tested, meaning that aid should only go to those people who actually need help, you will be ignored.

      You guys got your degrees when they still had value. Now, it is not uncommon to find people with Masters working at jobs that 20 years ago would not require any advanced degree. And it is not just liberal arts majors. I know a young woman with a Master's in Chemistry who is working 2 part-time jobs (community college and test-prep). Corporations demand more education, but offer starting salaries for people with just a bachelor's.

      Also - globalization. You did not have to compete against several hundred million increasingly well-educated Chinese and Indians. As for working with your hands, Boomers preferred to hire illegals to do the jobs their neighbors used to do. It was cheaper, and if they acted up, you could just get rid of them.

      Boomers excelled in jobs that leave no legacy - expensive law firms that eat up resources, advertising, marketing. You let the space shuttle program die on your watch. Rather than pay people enough so they could start a life and family of their own, you instead gave them the option to just borrow the money. Having a child actually puts a family in debt the moment it is born. In no other developed country can someone go bankrupt just by being sick.

      Why? Because you wanted your's. Any attempt at the common good was deemed "socialism" "social re-engineeering:, "class warfare". Germany and Japan re-built themselves after WWII, and even though their own economies have problems and issues, there is still a sense of unity that is lacking now in America. Germany has the most expensive labor in the world, and yet it is still the #2 exporting country in the world after China, a nation of 1 billion. Because they make excellent goods, and people will pay for quality. Boomers believe Wall Street chicanery was the best bet, and look where that got us.

      Never has a generation taken so much, and given so little.

    • william.fischer29 profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this hub.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I was born in '75, small town Wisconsin. Since then, each year I've witnessed the utter destruction of my world a little more. The boomers thrived in an illusory world of lies and deceit and there was no way for the youth to find any truths or think for themselves. Gen X had only 5% hand in the mortgage meltdown. That right there tells you a lot about that gen.--something for nothing. Gen X was a very exploited generation, and continues to be. Judges sending kids away for doing nothing? Evil. Gen Y has the internet and a myriad of resources that informs them empowers them intellectually. Gen X couldn't exploit them if they wanted to. Now that the latest generations are at more even keels with these tiny little intangibles, we will hopefully realize that each person needs to be responsible.... Now.... not forty years later. It won't be easy considering the PC droolers, mysandry, federal debt, and the like which the boomers whole-heartedly and quite obviously supported. What upsets me to no end is that they continue to want to stick their big fat rear ends into MY WORLD until their last breaths. Nature made the boomers irrelevant years ago, yet they seem to think they are still a big part of the natural order of things. Please.....please please do not vote, boomers--your time is up. Your rockstars like Bundy and Dahmer, Madoff and the like will be your legacy, well, besides marketing useless products that never worked out of the box. JUST......GO......AWAY. The world will finally thank you.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      They own most of the wealth and politacl power! That's a pretty good summation!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great article! I must say that, as a Gen X'er, I am profoundly disappointed in the way the Boomer generation conducts themselves. Most of the people I know in the Boomer generation lack sincerity, empathy, and compassion for the plight of others, choosing instead to hoard whatever they can from whomever they can. It's as if they were not taught how to share in kindergarten.

      As a Gen X'er who was recently laid off from a firm deeply entrenched in "good ol' boy" Boomer-level politics, I must say that the I witnessed on more than one occasion how Boomers railroaded others in an attempt to secure their own corner of a crumbling empire. The only way to secure assets was to pillage them from others in seriously devious ways (assets being time, money, dignity (I'm the boss of you!), talent, and on and on). Boomers are shameless! Everything boils down to dollars and cents and the Gen X demand for work-life balance was initially stunning to the Boomers (as in considered selfish and lazy), until Boomers realized they could have it if they made Gen X'ers do all the work while they golfed. 

      It has been my experience that Boomers are a generation of spin doctors. Diversity initiatives and the like are for-the-record excuses designed to mask their guilt for not really caring about anything. They invent the diversity initiative and the watchdog organization to give them awards for their diversity initiatives. Not impressed. Is it any wonder that Boomers are the generation who created larger than life law firms that produce lawyers who defend corporations as if they are human beings and crush human beings as if they are merely enemies that stand in the way of their acquisition of one almighty dollar? Those same law firm lawyers draft incomprehensible contracts that do nothing but confuse the masses in such a way that they unknowingly fork over their hard earned money as victims of a big "gotcha" scheme. Nope, not a coincidence at all. Boomers are also the generation holding on to ridiculous notions of political parties. Gen X'ers were taught, while watching latch-key kid after school specials, that cliques were bad so forgive us for ignoring the whole jackass/pachyderm hysteria. We prefer to be Independent above all.

      Not surprisingly, I do love Gen Y'ers. I don't think I have met a more caring, ethically ambitious group in my life. My experience with them indicates that, like Gen X'ers, they want to succeed, but not at someone else's expense. Definitely an admirable trait.

    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      10 years ago

      There's an article in the January 27, 2011 New York Times about young Japanese workers (Generation X and younger) and their sense of lack of opportunity.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      "and for Generations X and Y to feel some solidarity." - Sherri L. Souzen

      We feel it,we know it,and taken as whole both GX&GY love each other. And that folks is something the Boomers,the Silents,the G.I.'s and even before never had,and for those still living,never will!

      GX(I am one),I implore you,leave the Boomers be.

      We know the score,and so do they!

      Our reward,is not this nearly dead,used up carcass that has become America.

      Our reward,is knowing that younger generations are looking up to us,not the Boomers,to be their mentors and mature elders.

      GX,we must not fail them!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I'm angry.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Good article, but DO BLAME THE BOOMERS, forgive, BUT DO BLAME THE BOOMERS.....selfish, naïve, selfish.....the Y generation characterized as slackers??? Jeez folks, I have been a bottom of the barrel scum bag Nixon Nazis war criminal, emotionally disturbed victim for forty years...forgive them, but DO BLAME THE BOOMERS..they changed the world alright....they destroyed the great middle class along with corporate america (now turned international). And believe me, as a group the BOOMERS do not care about you or anyone other than themselves. never have and never will....

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      To M

      I must say as a gen x that what you have written is a bunch of BS. For one we really aren't that smug we are very hard working people who I hate to say it bluntly but we saw this coming and some of our parents warned us it was coming. I grew up in an economic boom town (Las Vegas boomed for 90 years) but as soon as the big bus guys (mostly of boomer age) decided it would be a wonderful idea to build high rise condos as far as the eye could see I new what was on the horizon. Mass economic Destruction!

      Let's not forget that Medicare and social security were just fine how they were until low and behold it needed to be "made better" also we didn't have the rather huge burden of overloaded social programs such as welfare for anyone who can have a kid with no job. Let's also not put aside the lack of education growth since the 50's which has not exactly put my kids future in a great place.

      I'm sorry your pissed that people of your age bracket are hurting but guess what you get to hand the reigns to us and leave this huge mess right square on the shoulders

      Of those who you feel are so smug. We don't get social security cause that's all used up.... Yet I have still spent 20 years paying in to a program that will only help your group. All the while getting accused of being socialist and un-American.

      What makes me most angry about this is how clueless you boomers appear to be of your blame in all of this. I am financially responsible pay my taxes and obey the laws but I can admit that I may not always spend my money wisely and I can also admit when I might have an idea that didn't work out so well. All my generation asks or even expects is that your generation do the same..... But thats just us being smug I guess.

      Oh I also forgot to mention that my generation and the one after us give more time to charity then any since the greatest generation so get over hating on the technology we use cause while your winning about us were out truly trying to change the world for the better not just patting ourselves on the back for talking to the neighbor about how much everything sucks.

    • profile image

      10 years ago

      I am a baby boomer - and to the GENERATION X who is smug I say this, AT LEAST you were young enough to continue to have a future and get through those times. You think its cool that the baby boomers are suffering. Buddy I hate to tell you but things are not going to change much in the near future for you either. When you get to our age group ( and it will come on you in a flash) it won't be pretty for you either. In fact if something doesn't change soon it will be worse then having to live with Mom and Dad - (you poor thing)be thankful YOU had a place to go.

      Now lets fast forward to you being 59 or 60 and how about loosing your retirement monies, oh and then you will lose YOUR job (because you are too expensive) AND you won't be able to afford healthcare so if you get sick - well you, like us, will just be a statistic. If there is Social Security you will need to be - lets see 70 - 75. Oh and the younger generation has this gripe against you and won't hire you because - lets see you are too old AT 59! You will think, like we did, that I am saving all this money, I will be rich, I will retire....get a grip on reality.

      The REAL ISSUE is that its time for ALL GENERATIONS to BAND together and look at the futures FOR ALL OF US and for the little one's behind us. Its time to speak up about what is going on and what is not only going to happen to the baby boomers but what it will be like for both X and Y and whoever isn't going to get any better until everyone gets up off their back ends and start putting pressure on our politicians to do the right thing for all of us, and until "big" business starts letting some of the "billions" of dollars in profits and bonuses filter down. At one time business did take care of its workers.

      The one thing our generation did well was to fight for what was right. More then I see X or Y doing. We fought for civil rights, for the war to end in Vietnam. For equal pay. It didn't come without a price, but what it did do was give YOU Generation X opportunities you never would have had without us fighting for it, demanding it, demanding accountablity. Just once, I would like to see your generation and Y get off your mobile communication devices long enough to really TALK to someone and really put your neck on the line, put your values, if you have any, first. Look at your community, your neighbor and do something to make a difference.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Boomers were born after the end of WWII in August 1945. Troop ships were months coming home. So Boomers were born 1946, not 1940.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Most of America's problems started with the depression generation, not the baby boomers. Contrary to what Gen X thinks the Boomers did not have the economic good times that their parents did. The depression generation had a non stop boom from 1946 to 1974. NO RECESSIONS. The boomers however had one recession after the next: 75, 80, 90, 2000, and 2007-present. They were unable to save as a result of constant economic turmoil...which they didn't create. The Depression Generation saddled their kids with debts from WWII, the Korean War, The Vietnam War and the Gulf War. The depression generation created the energy crisis by constructing an oil based economy that Dwight Eisenhaer knew American didn't have the resources to supply. The DG did not allow boomers to rise politically or to management positions in corporate America. The DG wrote themselves massive government benefits, raided corporate treasuries and bankrupted the country before any of the boomers retired. In addition they bleed many companies dry by faiiing to invest in new technology, yielding markets to foreign competitors and shipping jobs overseas. Our politicians have traded US Economic Might for Military Bases for the past 50 yrs. The boomers opposed this. Now we have nothing. Why are the boomers made the scape goat for situations they didn't create? The GOP was favored by the Depression Generation which saddled the USA with 40 years of bad leadership. The GOP stole the tax base and gave it to the upper classes. Most of increase in National Debt was not due to the war on poverty it was due to Monetarist Economics and the flawed Presidency of Reagan/Bush. If I were a Gen X kid I would put blame where blame belongs: on The Depression Generation and the Silents.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      "PhDs were flipping burgers, we had to stay in school that long, at our own expense"

      I'm sorry but that is bunk, and someone from the Baby Boomer generation complaining about being overeducated for the work they did to people from the younger generations is preaching to the choir just a bit don't you think? You also make mention of that useless war your parents're right people 30 and younger have no notion of what that could be like...oh and lets also not forget that a good number of the degrees you "had" to have were only gotten as a means to avoid that aforementioned war in the first place. Though I also suppose I'm a bit confused why a woman would have felt worried about being killed in Vietnam in the first place, but then I am the "uneducated" youth.... I don't know where you get your 40 days versus 240 day figure either, but regardless you are also ignoring the fact that those in WWII didn't serve their time and get out, they were "in 'till the end" that said I don't discount the lesser benefits. Your generation was also the "first generation" that was educated en masse and to argue that you had to pay for it "on your own" doesn't mean that younger people didn't have to as well. I had to pay for it on my own, for my second degree I'm still having to pay on it and believe you me I would much rather be paying for school based on the ratio my parents had, hell for that matter I'd rather have paid on the ratio my sister had.

      In 1990 roughly 90% of funding was provided via state/federal means to the State University where I'm from, 10 years later when I began that was damn near reversed you can blame it on the so called "greatest generation" if you want and certainly they share some of the blame but to hold your own generation blameless is wrong.

      My father is 67 and my mother is 58, between their two jobs (driving a truck and working part time at a gas station) they paid their way through school and still had enough money to get two new cars and be into a home by the time my older sister came along. I'm not saying that the "baby boomers" on the whole had it easy but frankly listening to one tell me all about just how "hard" they have it today compared to me (I'm 28) it is the most frustrating thing in the world.

      I'm sorry to make it sound personal but frankly your post and the fellow's posts before you are the typical self serving claptrap I get tired of hearing. "We had it harder.." I don't care who had it harder, frankly I have a hard time believing that anyone does, no what I do care about however is this sentiment amongst many of the "boomer" generation that having to "work" to take advantage of the opportunities present for your generation is the same thing as my generation's lack of opportunities. If you can honestly look at someone born to the "Gen X/Y" era and tell them that they have the same opportunities for the future with a straight face I congratulate you and to forestall argument (not that I imagine I'll check back but nevertheless) don't even pretend that every opportunity available to baby boomers was built, siezed, created by their own can do spirit or anything of the sort because it just isn't true.

      ps: I would like to know when I as a GX/GY aged person will be promoted to the point wherein I can hire me some Mexicans to do "my" manual labor considering that odds are my boss is a retired baby boomer working on his second career for fun or one that hasn't retired yet in the first place. Oh and you're right, my father used his slide rule to do calculations in college that I was expected to do on my calculator in my connected world when I was in high school, seriously that kind of arrogance is what drives people up the wall. You don't like people bashing the baby boomers (justifiably so in most cases) but don't seem to extend the "lesser" which of course means younger generations the same courtesy.

    • profile image

      Laura Destin 

      10 years ago

      Funny thing,, being brought up by a baby boomer,, I was told and taught to pick a career and stick with it.. My dad had a job for 35 years before he got laid off. And oops! guess what he wasn't at retirement age. He collected unemployment for a year and went to work for for another 6 years before he retired. Lucky for him he didn't have to change careers. Now, I'm a woman, raised my kids by myself worked for the same company for 13 years, got laid off and collecting unemployment. (luckily got on the extention) Have all many degrees and certifications and I can't seem to get a job!,, I worked for a company that had no benefits, medical or retirement with all my degrees didn't know how to obtain my own retirement benefits and didn't have the extra money to put away for retirement. Needed to support the family. And your right, many times I tried to get a county or state job. A baby boomer who took early retirement got the job. (Retired Military they get extra points).. Who made this rule up.. hmmm... A baby boomer possibly?

    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      10 years ago


      Thanks for your comment. I hear what you're saying and I understand. I do wish you'd kept out the personal comments directed at me. I'm leaving the comment in for now, but I'm having doubts about the wisdom of that. I'm a person, you know? I don't know about others, but I'm not talking about any one member of the baby boom generation. Not you. Not an old teacher, boss, or someone who "done me wrong." In my mind, no one person IS their generation. It's trends I'm talking about. I know there are boomers who had it hard; I'm related to some and am pretty sure I acknowledged that all boomers didn't have it easy. I agree that nobody has it easy. Life is not easy. All we can do is see when somebody has something we don't - then we sit up and take notice, and try to figure out why, and how that might be related to the complexity and unpredictability of life. If that is whining, then so be it; sometimes it takes a lot of "whiners" to for a person to break free of silent influence.

      I'm sorry this has become a slinging match of "I had it harder" - "No, I had it harder!" I frankly wanted this to be a place for baby boomers to see a new perspective than one they perhaps saw before, and for Generations X and Y to feel some solidarity.

      My piece is not journalism; it's op-ed, and I welcome disagreement. Well, okay, I'd far rather have agreement, but it's only fair to let people disagree. Please, though, use statements of opinion or debate specific facts, but stay away from personal insults.

      I'd like to address the difference between opinion and fact. Dates assigned to a historical generation are assigned by acknowledged experts (historians) or government authorities (in this case, I think it's the US Census Bureau); even about well-documented historical events, there can be disagreement about dates; when used to define a generation, they are not facts, but heuristics for the purpose of analysis.

      I believe I am within my rights to define the generation according to dates as I will; in fact, that's the kind of thing that makes good history - changing paradigms and thinking about history in a new way. I'm not a historian, but I do find it useful to talk about different cultures according to subjective ideas, not just so-called hard facts. (Yes, in my humor about the subject, there's actually an ideology there. If you don't agree, please feel free to say so.)

      However, it's important to do the service to my readers of telling them when I'm flouting convention, so that's what I did when a commenter prodded me on it.

      I'm happy to have you or anyone challenge my facts or state opinions - for instance, to tell me you don't agree with my dates but believe the dates in history books are instead more useful. But I always get nervous when people state that opinions are facts.

      This is a time of deep tension. It's a recession (or a depression) and we're all feeling victimized. I sometimes wish Internet discussions could take place in real rooms, with real people seeing the faces of the others they're addressing. I think we'd be a lot more human to each other.

      In any case, let's keep it civil. No more personal insults. If there's stuff I need to learn, or I'm misunderstanding, tell me. I'll listen, and I think others will, if it's said respectfully.

    • profile image

      Laura H. McBride 

      10 years ago

      It's too bad another comment mentioned you used facts. I'd like to see a few, but you didn't use any.

      For example, where did you get the laughable idea that boomers began life with everything? Excuse me: Boomers were tripled in classrooms, were the first generation saddled with paying for their own educations, and had no more luck getting into the workforce than you claim you've had. Among us PhDs were flipping burgers; we had to stay in school that long, at our own expense, because it was either that or get shot up in a useless war our parents--the WWII generation--manufactured to get rid of some of us.

      Moreover, the generation did not begin in 1940. It began in 1946, when the GIs came home and sprinkled their seed liberally about, without thought one as to what having so many kids would mean to those kids and to the world at large. Then they came up with Vietnam, as noted. They gave boomers perhaps one-third as much in GI benefits as their own parents had given them, despite the fact that WWII soldiers were in battle 40 days a year, while Vietnam vets saw action a minimum of 240 days a year.

      Among your more egregious errors and those of your readers who have commented is this: Tea Partiers are not boomers. They claim it, but most were born before 1946 and are already retired. They don't want to own their own perfidy, so they maliciously try to pass themselves off as boomers. Or else, they just wish they were boomers. Sorry, but they are Silent Generation folks who, as far as I'm concerned, should have stayed silent.

      You give credence to the boomer belief that you are uneducated, but mainly by your own inability to study history. By your own admission, you disregarded the true dates of the boomer generation, but ascribed attributes to us anyway that don't belong there. I hope to god you are not a journalist and that no one has ever hired you to write non-fiction. Your non-fiction is the most imaginative piece of work I've read in a long, long time.

      And then there's your fan Frank who says Boomers turned down school bonds. Wrong, Frank. It was the Greatest Generation, already heading off to Florida so they wouldn't have to help take care of the grandchildren, and who didn't feel they had to help the boomers with their kids, financially or otherwise, as the parents of that so-called Greatest had helped them. They way you and a number of readers play fast and loose with exactitude because it suits you bespeaks either laziness or something worse, dishonesty. Malicious dishonesty.

      And, of course, there is among the responses to this story the unconscionable smattering of wishes for boomers to die.

      On that note, which to me says it all about Gen X....

      Enough already. Next time you write a diatribe to excuse whatever is going on in your life, try getting the facts somewhere close to right. Cite a few studies; even cite a bona fide journalist's work. Until then, all you are doing is inciting lazy Gen X, Y, Jones, etc. members to riot, bashing boomers (and in this case, not even having a decent notion of what the baby boom is) and showing your ignorance to the rest.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      INNOVATIVE THINKING:Something that us baby boomers, for the most part, have failed at.

      'Why should the last years of our lives be any less the joyous then the early years?'''

      Missing the Mark: Post World War II America

      After World War II the United States of America was afforded the opportunity to become perhaps the most prosperous, egalitarian and enduring civilizations of all time. This crucial juncture in American history sorely missed it marked and instead of laying the foundations for a great society and lasting empire; it ultimately laid down the corrupted and greatly flawed cornerstone that can no longer support the weight of its multiple indiscretions and may very well signal its fall as emulated leader on the world’s stage.

      Although the factors are numerous that are now leading to our decline, I hold that many can be grouped and traced by to just a few roots of origin, all of which could have been either eliminated or greatly reduced if acted upon during that crucial period after World War II.

      Why the period preceding World War II? After the disruption in Industry, Commerce, and Society generated by WWII this country was afforded a Tabla Rasa (Clean Slate) as it were. America had been, for the most part, a unifying force and had not only defeated a dark and cancerous forces; the combined efforts of all American Citzens had saved the world from domination.

      In order for this combined effort to be effective, gender roles had to be broken down, racial roles had to be broken down and even class structure had to be incorporated into the mix. No, I will not re-write history here. There was still segregation even in the military services as well as pay disparity between races and gender yet: with the victory came the overwhelming if understated reality that boundaries were largely illusion and counterproductive. Rather than seize on this opportunity to create a new society, America

      went full steam in the opposite direction to enforce and cement the illusions of difference and that of privileged.

      Root 1. The root of inequity

      Race, Privilege and Identity

      The American landscape was ripe for change and opportunity after WW II. Many of the returning troops secured VA Housing Loans and were encourage building as well as settling in the new green and spacious suburbs. However for the returning Black Soldiers, who were thought to still be the backbone of urban industry, their appointed destiny was the substandard, concrete bunkers known as the Projects. These areas were either still located in the inner city or on its boundary to maintain close proximity to the labor camps in which they were to serve.

      Also rather than strike down segregation laws at a time when America was more embracing of it’s darker brothers, The Federal and Municipal authorities stood idly by while the old deep instilled racism and prejudices were once again allowed to bubble and rise to the surface and spoil the whole brew. It would take another twenty years, encompassing social movements and tremendous bloodshed and dishevel before the issue would be addressed.

      Many of those white returning soldiers also took advantage of the GI education benefits and returned to comfortable colleges to pursue their goals and dreams whereas substantial numbers did not and thus competed with the Black labor force for the semi skilled and skilled labor market. Not being able to fill the projects with a substantial black work force the projects now became the haven of the unemployed and underemployed and thus the first significant welfare dependent generation is created.

      All issues from social unrest, crime and drugs to urban decay can be predicated on aforementioned root of inequity.

      Root 2. The root of Postponement

      Plastic, Pollution and Plausible Progress

      We now face the beast of Environment Decay as if it is some new catastrophe dropped on the doorsteps of the 21st century by some unknown mischief maker. The roots of the Environmentalist Movement as a relevant and political active force can be traced back to the 1950’s. Whereas the Environmentalist sentiment and forewarnings can be traced back even further, into the early decades of the 20th century. Yet every subsequent generation hemmed and hawed and debated. They set up committee and impotent regulating bodies. They stifled innovation and relied upon the same old technologies and resources even in the face of mounting evidence that such risks far outweighed the temporal benefits.

      The recklessly abundant use of non bio-degradable products, primarily Plastic

      set the stage for ever expanding landfills and ocean garbage patches. And since innovation had been stifled the academic communities did not produce sufficient numbers of engineers to deal with the problems. Instead troves of cookie cutter, non-impact professions and studies reigned supreme on college campuses.

      Our factories and manufacturing was in full production in the years preceding WWII . There was a renaissance of consumerism and a wealth of new and improved products to choose from. As Industry burned the midnight oil to keep up with the pace supplying products for this new insatiable market, greed blinded them to the environmental impact that was being levied against the planet. Forrest and natural habitats were decimated with no regards to future generations. I can go on and on but, we know the story as we have always known it. Yet we still fail to appropriately act.

      Root 3. The Root of Neglect


      America focus was almost entirely on its cities and suburbs post WWII. We paid attention to the bread belt and ranch lands by allowing corporate giants to dominate the land and the trade. We allowed the poor rural areas to remain as such.

      Much props to the Highway commission but also in their bid (in collusion with other business interests) to increase auto sales not only neglected rail traffic they actually dismantled it in many parts of the country. The rail service was the artery of the country as the highway system was the vein. Now subsist primarily on the clogged veins of auto and truck traffic.

      The education system was an institution set up to educate as well as miss-educate

      or at least miss-direct large numbers of arms and legs into the factories and labor camps of the early industrial revolution. Once an appropriate amount of relevant and functional

      skills were offered to the masses the education was then radically switched to abstract learning. It was my no coincidence that this switch to abstract subjects and learning occurred around the same time that a youth could apply for a work permit. This system

      may have served the robber barons of the early industrial revolution well by manning their factories with competent and teachable labor force but as we approached the dawning of the Space Age the system had long outlived its usefulness but due to neglect left on life support.

      Root 4. The Root of Greed

      Although it would not rear its ugly head as the beast that it is until the 1980’s the seeds of Corporate greed were sown during the period preceding WWII. Had proper regulatory gardening taken place at that time the strangulation hold of the weeds of greed upon the Corporate landscape of today’s America would have never arose.


      How to Save Our Health care System

      By Phillip Ghee

      Dear Healthcare provider, Organization and Concerned Citizen, included in this package is information critical to your quality of life as an individual and to the survival of American health organizations and perhaps that of the Nation.

      After reviewing this document, you should imagine what numbers would fill in the blanks relating to cost incurred by your organization, institution or health insurance plan. Then once again, review the innovations I am proposing. We need to mount a campaign to promote new modes of thought in this nation. Armed with the new facts and figures that you have deduced, I wo

    • profile image

      Dan Parker 

      10 years ago

      Simply said

      When baby boom exit so does middle class family, and blue collar workers.

      GX hire Mexicans to do their manual labor.

    • profile image

      Dan Parker 

      10 years ago

      I read your article and laughed. The GX folks have added no value name one thing that the GX has done?

      DOT COM bomb get rich quick kids 25 fresh out of school selling the false value of for $10B? Learning to text type 100 words per minute on your cell phone. You are the most connected generation in history of modern times and the only value you have learned to expand it for is for face book and my space sharing experiences.

      You should cry and you should belly ache about the unfair world that you have in front of you because many of you have yet to learn to use your mind to come up with a math calculation in your head. To write a term sheet with pen and paper.

      You have the world of opportunity in front of you yet since you have lived on an artificial machine creating your idea instead of you creating your ideas

    • profile image

      Boomer Dave 

      10 years ago

      There is little I can add to the excellent comments of Sherri, Frank and Paul. This is America's "Fall of Rome", just as it was England's before us. It can be accelerated or slowed, but we are past the point of no return. Baby Boomers such as myself inherited the strongest country in the world's history when it was at its zenith. We are at least 80 percent (if not entirely) responsible for its gradual and ongoing ruin. The Greatest Generation (WWII) was indeed great. Greater still were the Founding Fathers. In each case, what set these generations apart were a willingness to risk much (and in some cases all); to do things which were not popular and/or easy; and, to work to achieve something for the greater good. In general, Baby Boomers are bankrupt on all three counts.

    • profile image

      Paul Thiel 

      10 years ago

      The Greatest Generation had its own flaws (racism is the most often cited one). The Boomer generation, however, took all the values of the previous generation and threw it on the bonfire.

      Values such as thrift, hard work, sacrifice, and raw determination were replaced with political correctness, self esteem, and "diversity"

      Is it any wonder we have arrived at this state?

      I am 37 and am fortunate my parents taught me the values of a bygone era. I've been working since I was 13 years old. I expect nothing to be given to me, and make no such demands.

      When I graduated from college (working throughout), I got my first job working at Payless Shoes. Not exactly glamorous, but it paid the bills. I kept living on Raman Noodles even though I could afford better. I didn't take expensive vacations, and kept saving.

      In time, I met a wonderful woman and we got married. Here again, I was fortunate in finding someone with a similar outlook on life and similar values.

      We spend the next few years paying off credit cards, cars, student loans, etc...the usual stuff. When we bought a house, we took all the money we had been paying toward other bills and rolled it into the house. That was in 1998.

      Last year, we paid off our house. After a decade of living below our means, we went on 6 vacations. Now we're back at it, ensuring our children will be able to pursue their dreams.

      We have had our share of good luck along the way, but fortune favors the prepared. It took us 15 years of sacrifice, but it was worth it. Even in this current economy, we are doing just fine.

      To the Boomers, I offer some advice: Get your act together. Your kids will not endure 70% taxes so you can continue to deny reality. Your time in the working world is growing short. Your choice at this point is a retirement of eating hot dogs or cat food.

      To the younger generations: Collectively, we need to reacquire the values of our grandparents and great grandparents. Read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin for an idea of what I'm talking about here.

    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      10 years ago


      I'm speechless. You said it all, using those things I can never get a grip on - hard facts. And you said it most devastatingly here:

      "They were born on third, thought they hit a triple and if you asked them, would tell you that they only got on base to begin with because they had been hit with a pitch."

      My husband recently pointed out another whammy to me - that Generation X was so strained for resources that many of us had to wait much longer to have kids than previous generations. Which leaves a lot of baby boomers with singleton grandkids.

      I caught a quick glimpse of this week's (July 19th 2010) Time Magazine cover. The headline was "The Only Child Myth" - apparently only children are back in fashion. But as hubby said to me, the "only child" of today is a new animal: the kid of a Gen Xer who, as part of the chain reaction spawned by muted opportunity, couldn't manage to afford a spouse or a kid till later in life.

      We're no longer in a time period when it's easy to get rich with talent. Robert Heinlein bought a car on his short story earnings. Not today, he couldn't.

      And hard work? The reality is that today, hard work assures little except more hard work. That might be a better indicator of an economic depression than anything else.

      It's not their world anymore. The terms have changed. It's hard to get boomers to see it, though. Because they did have it hard, actually (though I feel compelled to add "in their fashion") and they've got a lot at stake.

    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      10 years ago


      "Too much house" - nicely put. Though I know plenty of exceptions (I was only half joking that some of my best friends are boomers) I have seen the "too much house" principle taken to extremes.

      The parents might love their kids, but they apparently love their entertainment room to the exclusion of helping their offspring in times of need, defending their decision as part of an effort to "increase the moral fiber" of their supposedly-no-work-ethic kids.

      I think there was a time that I actually bought that one. Sadly, I think some boomer parents still buy into this ethos towards their kids and grandkids.

      But I'm hoping it's sinking into their brains now that a crashing economy is everybody's problem, and has been for a while.

    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      10 years ago


      Don't be shy - how do you really feel? ;)

    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      10 years ago


      Yes, in the poll I fear I used the dates 1940 to 1960 in flagrant disregard for the widely used 1946 to 1964 timespan - I should have stuck to the gospel, I suppose, but I tend to pay not enough attention to dates, and more to ideas. There's some controversy over the actual range of years that makes someone a baby boomer, and it differs from country to country. There's enough variation that I developed my own private definition. I think of them as the children of Depression era parents. So whenever they were born, if their parents lived through the Great Depression, they're culturally baby boomers in my mind. I've found it useful to think of it that way, but others may not.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      You are far too generous to our immediately senior age cohort (making no apologies to Baby Boomers for calling you out as seniors – over 7,000 of you become Older Americans Act eligible every day). They are everything BrianH reports them to be and worse. They were born on third, thought they hit a triple and if you asked them, would tell you that they only got on base to begin with because they had been hit with a pitch. They are absolutely – perhaps exclusively – responsible for decline of America.

      Let’s start by debunking what they consider to be their most significant accomplishments…

      Civil Rights? Wrong. MLK was born in 1929 – he was Silent Generation). Sexual Revolution? Wrong. Hugh Hefner, born in 1926 (Silent Generation). Feminism? Wrong. Betty Friedan (1921, WWII Generation), Gloria Steinem (1934, Silent Generation). Rock n Roll? Wrong. Elvis Presley (1935, Silent Generation), Alan Freed (1921, WWII Generation) John Lennon (1940, Silent Generation). Environmental Movement? Wrong! Six of the first seven EPA heads were Silent Generation. Drug culture? Wrong! Dr. Timmothy Leary (1920, WWII Generation). Born without a healthy sense of skepticism, Baby Boomers parlayed their collective teen angst into social movements behind someone else’s ideas. Baby Boomers are sheep. They are easily persuaded by the flavor of the week philosophy of any particular age. Don’t believe me?!? How many GenX’ers do you see among the Tea Party crackpots who are out there trying to “take our country back”?!? There is one notable exception… Disco is 100% a Baby Boomer creation. Congratulations guys… I have to give you that one.

      Now let’s move on to their real legacy…

      The Mickey Mouse generation was freely given everything they would later deny GenX. The Great Generation that won WWII was the most civic in our lifecycle. They built institutions, industries, invested in education and PAID THEIR TAXES. The Boomers grew up on Leave it to Beaver. What did Ward Cleaver do for a living? Nobody knows, nobody cares, it was all about the generation born between 1946 and 1964. What we do know about Ward and June is that they took care of their business. When they told their kids, “You’re the most important thing in the world to me” they didn’t mean, after my car, my job, the new man in my life, my shoes and my country club membership.

      So where exactly was June Cleaver when the latchkey kid was walking home from preschool and learning to cook by looking at the pictures on the back of a box of brownies (you guys remember the line drawing of two eggs and a measure cup half full of milk?!?)? No, by the time we were kids the innocence of youth had been replaced by the worldly before her time images of Brooke Shields. Truth be known, we were the unintended consequences of the failure of Roe v. Wade and the pill. You had Father Knows Best, we had Rosemary’s Baby. Your grandkids would have Home Alone, we had Damien Omen. You had Frankie and Annette, we had Kramer vs. Kramer.

      Growing up after the Baby Boomers is like hanging out at Disneyland after every ride has been trashed and turned into a corporately named attraction. Make love not war, who really knows what that means? You know what they say… Never trust anyone over 60.

      You called us slackers and the author is right, but incomplete on why that happened. When you came of age you immediately began prioritizing paying off your student loans and conspicuous consumption over the public good. You voted down one school bond after another. Public education coped by killing things for us that you took for granted. Auto Shop and Home Economics were early casualties. Let me ask you this Mr. and Mrs. Baby Boomer… Would your father have paid someone to change his oil? He probably wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to do it. You are the most prolific practitioners of the no fault divorce. Your happiness was more important than sticking around for your kids – hell, most of you couldn’t even be bothered to pay child support. You “men” weren’t around to teach your sons (or daughters for that matter) how to change oil. You killed the opportunity for them to learn it in school. The quick lube shops that are now more numerous than Starbucks outlets are your legacy.

      You were the recipients of the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth in our nation’s history. The WWII Generation gave you more cash on their passing than all other 9 generations back to the Revolutionary War combined. If you’ve squandered what you didn’t invest in your kids, wasted what you’ve spent a life time of easy career paths working for AND torn through the resources of the thrifty generation that begat you, you don’t deserve to retire.

      And by the way… I’ve spent the last couple of years buying every paper and hard income producing asset that you’ve been selling at a discount. I am 40 this year and could EASILY retire if I wanted to. I could live on dividends, royalties and rents I collect monthly. However, I enjoy my job as a social service provider. I’m the guy who is finding the money and creating the programs that are keeping you from foreclosure. Ironic isn’t it. I am a success in spite of you, I’m buying what's left of your nest egg in order to create a world where my daughter may never have to work unless she chooses to, and I get paid to do meaningful socially conscious work that you would love if you could get it and it's bailing you out of the bad decisions you’ve spent a life time making.

      I’m not as charitable as the author. MLK said that the arc of the universe is a long one but it tends to bend toward justice. I agree. The economic downturn is serving you a nice heaping helping of what you have coming to you. Vindicated, perhaps. Smug, not so much.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      ". . . they did show a certain degree of naivete in failing to leave us, their successors, with any notable wealth with which to prop them up in their old age."

      Best line in the whole piece. Parents spent college tuition on toys and too much house. Now the kids have student loans with no job and no ability to help their parents in retirement.

      The Boomer legacy is debt, over-consumption, selfishness (and no great public works).

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Baby boomers are the most self-centered egotistical malignant narcissists I've ever encountered.

      Baby boomers make the worst leaders; they only care about themsleves, etc., etc.

      The economy will only get better when the Baby boomers leave planet earth - or become part of planet earth, so to speak.

      Baby boomers = greedy, greedy, greedy, greedy parasites.

    • profile image


      11 years ago


      HA! They wish!!!

      The United States Census Bureau considers a baby boomer to be someone born during the demographic birth boom between 1946 and 1964. Landon Jones, who coined the term "baby boomer" in his book (Great Expectations: America and the Baby Boom Generation), defined the span of the baby-boom generation as extending from 1946 to 1964, when annual births declined below 4,000,000. They have since returned to higher levels in the "echo boom."

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      You have to understand that a career is a manufactured product for you to earn money. Get over the fact that it will somehow make you a whole being..... it won't...

      it's just a job... do it well... then go home. It's not your soul, besides if you made it your soul you can expect somone to sell you down river, like what has happened to millions of people already.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      this is so interesting to read.. and it is very well written!

      and while reading this it has also given me something to ponder on.


    • profile image

      11 years ago


    • Sherri L Souzen profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherri L Souzen 

      11 years ago

      Maggs224 and annielaurie, thanks so much!

    • maggs224 profile image


      11 years ago from Sunny Spain

      Even as a baby boomer I enjoyed this hub immensely it has given me an insight into another generation’s point of view and a fresh perspective on my own.

    • annie laurie profile image

      annie laurie 

      11 years ago from England

      A well written and interesting hub, you write well and I enjoyed reading this it has given me something to ponder on


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