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Backpacker Holiday Insurance – Things To Consider When Looking For Cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance

Updated on July 3, 2009

Have Backpack - Will Travel

Cheap backpacker holiday insurance can be found online if you are willing to do a little research. If you are travelling around the world you want to make sure that you and your belongings are properly insured for whatever might occur.

No one likes to dwell on the reason why it is a good idea to have travel insurance but in order to have peace of mind, get it figured out well in advance then you can enjoy your globe trotting adventure safely and securely.

Once you have decided the route that your travels will take you on you should gather together relevant information about each country that you intend to visit. You will need to know if you have to get medical shots to visit certain areas and to check that you will be covered by your insurance policy while you are there.

Take photocopies of all your important documents with you
Take photocopies of all your important documents with you

Make Copies Of Important Travel Documents

It is good practice to make photocopies of all your important papers. This should include a copy of your passport, your airplane ticket, especially if it is a roundtrip ticket, and your insurance policy.

Keep a copy safely tucked away in one of the pockets of your travel luggage and a copy with you in your daily backpack. If you happen to be separated from your luggage for any reason then you will be safe in the knowledge that you have the details of your policy at hand.

Ensure your backpacker holiday insurance policy covers you for every country you visit
Ensure your backpacker holiday insurance policy covers you for every country you visit

Check Your Policy Is Fully Comprehensive

Some policies need to be looked at in detail to make sure that everything that you will be doing on your gap year travel will be covered. Some activities such as extreme sports may carry a premium so you want to ensure you are paying the correct amount for the right sort of coverage.

If you check out enough online insurance companies, you should find that your policy should not cost you too much money. Compare and contrast different quotes from companies specialising in backpacker holiday insurance and you should be able to find something that will suit your requirements as well as being good to your pocket.

Travelling abroad can be a fantastic experience. As long as you take all the necessary precautions, you will have a great adventure. Keep all your contact details of where you are going and your emergency numbers in an easy place to find. If you are unfortunate and end up having an accident, you want to make sure that your family can be contacted as soon as possible. Cheap backpacker travel insurance may cost less than a normal policy but you should find that you get the exact same cover except at a more affordable price. Happy travels.


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  • Tiptopcat profile image

    Victoria Virgo 8 years ago from London, UK

    @rb11 - everything is specialised.  If there is a market, there will be a product created to suit that market. Ta for stopping by.

  • rb11 profile image

    rb11 8 years ago from Las Vegas

    When you thought you heard it all, I never heard of backpackers insurance before. I know there is travelers insurance and the kind you buy at the airport for plane flights. Well, live and learn.