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Tips to Fix Bad or Good Credit Report & Score

Updated on July 6, 2013

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In approximately 5 years I was able to jump my credit score over 100 points. I began at a score of 546. I had very bad credit and at that time no creditor wanted to help me out. After applying for a personal loan I found out about my horrible score of 546. Of course I got denied. I didn't think I would ever be able to conquer my bad credit. This system might not be 100% for you, but it sure helped me out.

First off, I got my free credit report from an actual free agency (one of the annual credit report companies will work). I saw so much wrong with my credit report that I didn't agree.  I had medical bills that should have been paid through my auto insurance and some late credit card payments that I did eventually pay off. I took these pieces of my credit report and challenged each one. Finding out in about a month, most of them came off my credit report. I also had other negative remarks coming off my credit report within that year that I didn't bother challenging right away.  After some of the additional negative reporting dropped off I applied to a couple credit card companies with annual fees. I did get approved for those, but with low credit limits.

I paid off each card each month and usually only used it for gas and small purchases. Within a couple years after more negative remarks dropped off and I paid on my two credit cards, my credit score jumped tremendously. Through the years I checked my credit reports through all three agencies and challenged anything that I felt was not right. After about 3 years of actually doing good, I applied for a better credit card and received a larger credit limit and also my other credit cards raised my credit limits.

Finally after the fourth year passed I applied for a personal loan and actually received one. I paid off all balances to my credit cards with a debt consolidation personal loan. At that point in my life I was amazed at how, after a few years, my credit was back on track. On the fifth year my wife and I purchased a home loan with my credit score over 700.

In conclusion, a couple simple steps to stay on top of your credit score; check your credit reports annually, challenge any issues you feel is not right, pay your credit cards on time, and keep your balances low.  With a low credit score now, you may be able to change your score in a manner of 5 years.

I hope this helps some of you to stay positive.  I didn't think it was going to happen either, but it did and I am grateful for it.  Just be patient, because anything worth having is worth waiting on.


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