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Bad Timing for my Retirement

Updated on December 1, 2012

"Poor Timing for Retirement"

In 2006 I had an accident that forced me to retire. I was 62 years old at the time and really not thinking about retirement. I always enjoyed my work and customers. I was the owner of a small business and I had downsized things so that I could take it a little easier. Suddenly I was faced with running a business with no help and had lost the physical ability to preform the labor needed to do the job. I finally sold the business and got on with the business of adapting to retirement.. Poor timing is an understatement in regard to the timing of my forced retirement. I absolutely could not have picked a more disastrous time to leave my business and enjoy the good life.

As the Obama Administration came into the White House the economy was crashing all around us. Our government soon began bailing out banks and institutions too big to fail. All of a sudden the economic picture was bleak and for the first time in my life I was in a position of being on the outside looking in. This just couldn't be happening I thought every morning as I watched the DOW plunging and knowing that the housing market wasn't coming back anytime soon. Now I live with a guarded sense of hope that we can get past this time of self destruction and shake it off. Unfortunately my wife is loosing heart. I do know this country can't and won't make it through another four years of no leadership.

We live in perilous times, times when our elected officials are making careers out of four and six year terms in office. These servants of the people soon forget why they were elected. Soon our politicians are integrated into a broken system that is proving out to be the problem of government not the solution to America's continued success in a dangerous world. These same politicians have turned against their very constituents. Congress has turned like a mad dog on the Tea Party. They have gone out of their way to demonize this mainstream group of Americans, many of which elected them.

If the politicians were not enough of a disappointment one has to ask about the politicians closest Ally, the Media. The journalistic society is so one sided and bias they couldn't report a story that had two sides to it without a liberal left slant. There is no, who, what, where and when you decide from the reported facts reporting left in the News anywhere today. Most News papers and Media outlets are unbalanced with an overabundance of liberal and liberal progressive writers on staff. There are very few uncontrolled conservative writers on staff. I'm afraid these Media outlets have marginalized themselves in the process.

The News Media protects their political agenda and flat out stops any conservative message they deem dangerous to the progressive cause. In affect they can and do silence the average mainstream American view. The Media is doing everything they can to influence and control their interest, and promote the far left view at the expense of freedom of the press.

President Obama and the Obama Administration is doing everything they can to fundamentally change our Republic into a European styled Socialistic Country. They have used tactics that are Chicago gangster like with no holds barred. I truly don't think that this country will take another four years of this re'gime. Obama seems unwilling to look back into history to see what works for the American economy, and try it even though it could if tried win him the next four years of the Presidency. The action, or the inaction of the President leaves me with one possibility; assuming that he is an intelligent man, that leaves us with one possibility, and that is that he is right where he wants to be. His plan is on track to push capitalism over the edge and move into his new model for America, a socialistic country fashioned after European countries like France, and Germany. In the beginning it was a proven fact that Mr. Obama was and is a Radical, his actions until and including the events right up until now show that he is pushing even now his agenda. It would be a shame to see this grand experiment called America come to an end.

The Greatest Experiment ever, America:

The time is right though, people are ignorant and being lead by the pied piper and affirmed by the left Liberal Media. The far left agenda is alive and well in academia and has been taught by college professors for years now and those students of the far left are the teachers now. Time is right to test their theories now; after all, all that is at stake is the most successful country that ever existed.

If you think sending your children to college is a safe idea you may be wrong unless you are a liberal progressive. Unless your children are grounded in conservative thinking they are vulnerable to these professors teaching theory instead of proven ideas. Today's college campus is a haven for the far left bias thinking professor.

The Liberal Left is well established and strategically organized to fight their fight, but it's not an honest fight. They can't pull it off without deception and outright lying. that's why the liberal Media slants the story or just ignores it. The left can't be honest about their intentions as most right thinking people would be repulsed by their beliefs, not to mention their out and out deception.

Is it time for the next revolution in America? Will it be a revolution done with the deception of the Left or with the ideals of the Right, or somewhere down the middle? One thing is for sure each generation needs to be educated by the people proceeding themselves if we are to maintain our civilization and society.

I hope this country can survive the ideology war that we're going through right now and still recover from our present economic problems. There are a lot of people suffering because of the lack of or just plain wrong leadership in this country today.

Will my retired years be filled with poverty, or,,,, what?

Retirement is something I really never looked foreword to. As I said I was happy in my business life. My customers were a regular part of my life, and I enjoyed them. If my health holds up and I can find a business to work in that my body will be able to labor at, I may try that world again.

If not I'm just as happy pursuing my writing and other culture. I certainly would like the housing market to come back along with the rest of the economy. Its hard enough being on a fixed income in times like these, but just the fact that there doesn't seem to be any positive news each morning as we watch the economic indicators plunge each day. This country needs to get back to being a positive force in the world , and I'm afraid that's' not going to happen until we get our leadership back on track. Seniors are a large contingent in this country and should not be discounted. We need to come together and use our voting block to bring on the real change needed to make this country great again. Not just for us, but for all.


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    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago


      Thank for your prayers and encouragement. God is in my life and he is always right on time. sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I've been busy with family things.

    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 5 years ago


      Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I also pray that you continue to write as you have the gift of encoragement.

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 5 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      I pray that God will manifest Himself in your life, I pray that you will have favor in everything you do, I pray and encourage you to keep on writing. I voted-up on this Hub and interesting! God Bless You, always!!!