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Ballad of the Midnight Blogger

Updated on November 4, 2009
glendoncaba profile image

Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

I was passing a window down the street one night

Was none of my business but sitting by the light

Was a fellow at a laptop just typing along

And I listened keenly for he was singing this song:

No I’m not a computer addict

Just working for the AdSense income, income

No I’m not sleepless in Seattle

Just working for the AdSense income, income

Not keeping malice with my bedroom

I’m just typing for the AdSense income, income

Not afraid of the yard broom

Just writing for the AdSense income, income

Where is the online fortune?

Where does the rainbow end?

Where is the promised traffic?

From gurus with the trend

Keywords traffic and page views, page views

Long tailed birds and words and news

Search volume cost per thousand, thousand

Tell Google that is full time I get some, get some

More of that AdSense income, income

Domain hosting and linking, linking

Niche and words researching, searching

All this sleeplessness to get some

More of the AdSense income, income

The fellow kept on singing but I don’t know

How crazy people full up the world so

Heard they dragged him to the nuthouse today

Screaming   "Tell them at Google I want my pay”.


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    • glendoncaba profile image

      glendoncaba 8 years ago from Somewhere in the hubverse

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Hypno, I will.

      Jeffrey, yea, but true.

      Shalini, little of both. LOL.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      Shades of so many of us here? :D

      Now whether it's Adsense income or addiction that is the question!

    • Jeffrey Neal profile image

      Jeffrey Neal 8 years ago from Tennessee


    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 8 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      Hmm, sounds mighty familiar. Let us know whwn you have cracked it!