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Barnes & Noble: The Modern Library

Updated on April 20, 2014


As a writer, I also love to read. I have some books at home, and I have a tablet from which to download ebooks, but I prefer the feel of a real book. Where do I go to do most of my reading? Barnes and Noble.

Although it is a retail store, it provides the best relaxing and comfortable setting for reading with some added perks. Read on to learn more about these added perks.

Learn for Free!

Regardless of your interest, Barnes and Noble has something for you. They provide books and magazines for various topics--e.g. cooking, sports, medicine, and so on.

And guess what? You don't have to pay for them. If you have the time to peruse their selections and read, you can learn almost anything for free. The only downside is you can't put notes on the book pages, nor can you take it with you. But that is a small inconvenience price considering the massive selection available there.

Library with New Books!

I don't go to the library anymore. As a matter of fact, I haven't gone to one in over a decade, maybe even 2 decades.

Between the Internet and B&N, who needs a library. Local government could probably save a few bucks in their budget if they closed or simply downsized their libraries.

Anyway, Barnes and Noble is like a library. You just can't borrow books and return them later; but, if you have a lot of free time, and you can beat someone to one of the nice comfortable chairs they have there, you've got it made. And maybe if you're a fast reader, you can complete a book in a couple of visits.

Unlike a typical library, all the books at B&N are new! And the carry the latest releases.

What more can you ask?

Magazine Subscriptions Galore!

I love that you can peruse the latest selections of high tech magazines. They have the biggest selection of technical magazines; it is geek heaven.

Note that they have more than technology magazines. I would say they have the biggest selection of magazines compared to any I've seen at grocery stores or even other retail stores for that matter.

Do you like photography? How about running? Cooking anyone? Barnes and Noble has them all.

Why subscribe when you can check all these out at Barnes and Noble.

Free Internet

At B&N you can take advantage of the free wireless hot spot (WiFi) service to access the Internet. I occasionally visit B&N to use this service during my lunch hour. It is great! And if you combine that with a nice cool blend of Frappuccino from the local Starbucks, you'll feel like you're on vacation.

Final Notes

I'm not selling or touting Barnes and Noble. I don't even have any soft of financial interest with them (i.e. stocks/shares). I'm just stating my own experience and observations.

Without a doubt, there is no place like it where you can:

  • Learn for free
  • Have access to a library with new books
  • Enjoy a large selection of magazines
  • And get free Internet access

I have to admit, that even with all these free perks, I end up buying books anyway. How funny and ironic is that?

Below is tour of a new Barnes and Noble as shown by radio station B101.5.


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