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Barter Bistro - Worm Wrangling in the Future - Day Three

Updated on September 23, 2010

Henry from Mutts and Meows

OOOOh Henry with Mutts & Meows
OOOOh Henry with Mutts & Meows
Squeak with Mutts & Meows
Squeak with Mutts & Meows

Possibilities are coming to the Top!

Day Three - Quest for Worms

In response to my request on an email post to barter a 4 ft by 4 ft composter with an aerator tower in the middle, it looks like Composter Poster wants to meet Saturday at 9:00 sharp for just a few minutes to trade for jewelry and the one sewn/one unsewn tan moccasin kit.

One day under my belt, and I already have progress. I hope he doesn’t want all of the jewelry, as he said he would take $30 if he wanted cash. I told him I still needed to get worms and asked if he ever had any. He said, “Yes. They were creepy”.

Thrilled, but now wary too, I still want to press forward. A small fall garden will be my Plan “B” if my “worm ranch” idea doesn’t work out.

A search under “farm and garden” discovered a post for 100 worms for $5.00. I sent an email to see if I could grow interest in a barter.

I fired off that I was an “excellent cook a small event planner and had a few women’s jewelry items and two new Astros hats”.   I was not specific that the barter would have been a 9x13 pan of my famous Spaghetti Pizza Casserole with Mandarin Orange and Carmelized Almond Salad. (The "excellent cook" was stretching it, but I do make the Pizza Casserole really well.  I added that the essence of the trade would need to be bartering vs. paying the $5.00.  I would have driven the 30 minutes and a half a tank of gas to get there.

The Post replied that they were almost out of worms anyway, but that if I were a gardener that would be different.. They wanted the $5 bucks. OK. Not every day will be a success. I’ll see what I can do tonight with searching for other worm companies in town and write an introductory email. I am wondering if I can mail order any worm--their worms were probably little anyway.

Note to self: I need to make up a alternative email as I read on a Hub last evening that spammers are so rampant that an alternative email is the way to go.

Searched new barter posts, free stuff, and “wanted” postings. I will put a “wanted” post up as soon as my new email gets in place.

Discoveries with potential: A worm home that originally cost $150 and the guy/gal wants $60.00 cash. Plan to submit an email with photos of planter that has a sewing machine base. I’ll get fall plants to make it look snazzy. I have seen these worm towers in pictures. You don’t have to touch the worms much. I like it. I like it, and can’t wait to get some more gardener-styled stuff in my barter inventory. The worm woman was correct. I have to find a more broad range of stuff.

An accidental find.  A puppy (photo attached). I told hubby when he got home that this puppy was named Henry and was at Mutts and Meows Rescue. Mutts and Meows needed pet donation stuff. He asked more questions about the dog in the next minute than in the past three days about worms and the Barter Bistro Project. We are dog lovers and our wonderful dog, Buck, was a rescue animal.

“Where is he?” What kind of dog is he” “What is his name?” "Why I think we could have an extra dog!” Uh oh. Mutts and Meows were interested in donations and maybe we could sell some stuff to the folks interested in stuff under the “wanted" listings. I think it would be neat to have a dog named Henry. Adding the word Oh! or Ohhhhh! before his name is cute, and his name would sound like the candy bar.

A post from a woman wanting old sewing notions, buttons, fabric, ties, old garmets to restyle for her girls since she could not find work and daycare was too expensive for two daughters. I happen to have few things, and will schedule to take them to her at a McDonalds. She is located within 10 minutes of the house.

Wanted items: Legos (I can ask my son). Wooden toys (some in the attic) and Star Wars Legos (I’ll ask my son).

Under “Free Stuff” A gentleman was giving away 50 lb bags of rabbit poo. I actually need rabbit poo for the worms and potentially my Plan "B" garden. It doesn’t seem like very far away, but on this one, I may get more than I bargained for. Finding the rabbit poo may be more of a Lucy Ricardo story. The bag will probably break or something like that. Gee, I hope not. Will investigate this “opportunity.

A sleek camera with video capability is on the barter site again. I had seen this one a few times before. It is close by the house, but have mercy, who knows what they want for it. I am a camera goofball and don’t know the in’s and out’s of our current camera. I will investigate.

My husband is now looking on Craigslist at lunch as he has become interested in what is out there! In addition to me wanting worms, we discussed what we would like. A log splitter, the El Camino painted, wood, camera and then there is the.....oh, yeah, didn’t we just start with looking for worms?? :O)

There was a job posting for "Traveling Circus Caterer". Hmm, I Am a Small event planner.....Gee that post sounds so funny, I couldn't even make it up myself!

Time spent: One hour - 45 Minutes searching, reading and writing

Money: $3.41 for a Sam’s Wholesale Club Preen Weed Preventer. They just reduced it from $25.98 when I was passing by the aisle. Maybe this is just the gardening item to add to my other stuff to coax the Worm Tower item into my hot little hands.



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