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Be Cheap. Live Well.

Updated on April 29, 2009

It seems that everyone wants cheap. Cheap is good. Cheaper is better. Cheapest, the best. In some instances. You want cheap electricity. Probably not going to happen. Instead, try turning out the lights to lower your utility bill. I'm all for frugal living, and cutting back on spending, but not at the expense of my family's mental health.

Some go to extraordinary, even bordering on bizarre, lengths to spend less. My mother saved margarine tubs. Great idea for storing leftovers, and certainly not abnormal or strange behavior. But, did we really need 500 of them?

I've read about people separating two ply toilet paper. What a way to drive your family crazy! There have got to be better ways of using less, like, hmmm...using less. Or, gee, here's a thought. Buy single ply toilet paper if you really think you need to cut back on your bathroom expenses. Then again, there is the that pesky quality issue. In the end, and pardon the pun, perhaps we should leave the toilet paper in tact. Clean and dry is better than the alternative.

There are some that will cut paper towels and napkins in half. Others reuse dryer sheets to dust furniture and clean wood floors. One of personal pet peeves, washing and drying that cheap plastic silverware after a picnic or potluck. I know, a lot of people do it. It makes more sense, if you're going to wash and dry it anyway, to just use the good stuff, and not buy the plastic. Duh!

If you're one of those that reuse sandwich or vacuum bags, or number the toilet paper sheets, I have to ask, are you really saving that much money? Or, are you spending too much time pinching pennies, when you could actually be doing something more productive? Perhaps taking the time to cook homemade meals, plant a vegetable garden, or even getting some type of paid work would probably result in more financial gain.

There are sensible, healthy ways to eliminate excessive spending without driving your family insane. Coupons. Buy staples in bulk. Cut back to one pay movie channel instead of forty. Give up that gym membership. (Be honest, do you really use it anyway?) Put your credit card away. Live on cash. Go on a diet. Walk to the store. Do your errands all in one day and cut back on driving. You know the list. Do what you can to spend less and save more money.

Just leave the toilet paper alone!


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