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Belize Retirement with QRP: Everything You Need to Know

Updated on November 20, 2014

Qualified Retired Person's Programme FAQ

What is QRP?

QRP (Qualified Retired Person’s Programme) is a retirement program developed by the Government of Belize to assist retirees that wish to live out their retirement in Belize.

What are the benefits of QRP?

As an approved member of the QRP, you will be exempt from all duties and receipts, any import duties on personal effects upon first importation into Belize, and from all import duties and taxes every five years on a personal vehicle. Your spouse and any children under the age of eighteen are also included in the program once you qualify. With QRP status you have permission to conduct business from within Belize if the activities are done outside of the country and not with Belizeans.


Who qualifies for QRP?

Any retired person over 45 years of age who is a citizen or permanent resident of the USA, UK, Canada or Belize may apply for the Qualified Retired Person Status.

What are the QRP application requirements?

Firstly, applicants would need to obtain an application form from the Belize Tourism Board. The completed application form along with the following supporting documents is required at the time of submission:

  • Birth Certificate of the applicant and all the dependents;
  • Marriage Certificate if applicant’s spouse is a dependent;
  • Authentic police report from the last place of residence within one month prior to the application submission;
  • Clear copies of the entire passport of the applicant plus all dependents. The passport copies must include copies of all blank pages as well and be certified by a Notary Public. The passport copies must include the passport number, name of principal, number of pages and stamp of the Notary Public;
  • Proof of income in the form of a bank statement certifying that the account holder (applicant) collects a monthly pension of a minimum of USD $2000 per month or a financial statement from an institution in Belize certifying that the applicant’s investment will generate profits over USD $2000 per month or USD $24000 per year;
  • A medical examination including an AIDS test must be attached to the application;
  • Along with 4 front and 4 side-facing RECENT passport-sized pictures of the applicant and all the dependents.

Considering a Belize retirement?

Why are you interested in retiring in Belize?

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Download the QRP application form

To download a copy of the Qualified Retired Person's (Incentives) Programme (QRP) application form, please click here.

Come Enjoy Belize!

Retiring in Belize may be the best decision you ever make and we want to help you along the way to make the process as smooth as possible. Here are some helpful businesses like trusted real estate brokers, lawyers, shipping agencies and international financial institutions where you can get sound advice on how to transition to life in Belize.

Experience Belize!

Belize is one of the best places to live!

Locals and non-Belizeans alike LOVE living in Belize! A great article on MyBelize.Net sums up why. Belize provides residents with a unique experience from anywhere else. The standard of living is lower than most other places and healthcare is superior without the huge price tag. There is no end to all the fun activities to do here, plus they're suitable for all ages. Although people come to Belize from all over the world, they will never feel out of place because of the diverse cultures that make up this beautiful country! You will always find a friend in Belize. See the full article of 5 reasons you'll love living in Belize.


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