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Benefits of Working at Home for Dads

Updated on November 26, 2014
Online work-at-home dad earnings can lead to vacations to tropical locations like Aruba.
Online work-at-home dad earnings can lead to vacations to tropical locations like Aruba. | Source

The WAHM movement, known by the acronym for Work at Home Moms, is becoming an increasingly common aspect of life in America. Many women make substantial sums of money by working at home and the blogosphere is filled with many sites dedicated to making money from home. There is also a rising number of work-at-home dads that are starting to get into the game. While it's probably not a good idea to quit a job with benefits, there are opportunities to make decent money by working from home in one's spare time.

Spend Time at Home--Not at Another Establishment

If you look at many of the leading citizens of the United States today, they have a common first employer. Some of the top people in society have had jobs that some would consider a dead end. Working in fast food or in retail would classify for many people. This is not necessarily the case, but people with full-time jobs probably don't want to pull a second shift dealing with deep fryers or cash registers.

Most retail and fast food employers try to keep costs down by keeping wages at a floor. Many times, workers are looked at as just another input that keeps profits from flowing to the CEO and the shareholders. Minimum wage is $7.25 and most dads who want a second job have a good chance of making very close to this minimum. There are ways to make nearly this much money or even more at home without the costs associated with the second job. The time investment is going to be several hours per week at a minimum, and there will be additional transportation costs associated with getting to the moonlighting gig. Some writers with little experience can even earn around $20 per hour by working at home. I'm not the author of the linked article, but I've used this strategy with some success.

Spending additional time at home and working when there is a 15 or 30 minute block available for working can lead to better family relations. As I wrote this very Hub, my daughters wanted me to play a quick board game. I took 15 minutes out of my busy schedule to play the game, and then returned to get back to work. This is not possible when working two jobs every day.

Become More Entrepreneurial in Your Thinking

The goal of most people is to get a job and then make money. This is not really the way to get substantial wealth unless you make quite a bit over the average and do so for a very long working career. Then, with patience, hard work, and some investing luck, you might have a large stash saved.

Most people who are able to live the life that they choose (rather than living the life that their employer chooses) belong to the entrepreneurial class. Working from home and looking into the many various ways to earn money on the internet takes people outside the box of working to make money for someone else to the wider world of making money for oneself. This is the engine that drives creativity, and many people are making nice side or even primary incomes from home on the web.

Working a part-time job for Wal-Mart, while it may pay a few extra bills, is not likely to get people thinking outside the box. Working from home may pay a few extra bills and get you thinking about better ways to make even more money.

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Passive Income Is Way Better Than Wages in the Long Run

One of the best things about working on the web is the possibility of earning residual income that can become quite passive. One example of residual income is actually writing on HubPages. Because of the revenue sharing model that HubPages employs, this article that I am writing right now could earn money for years to come.

It's not likely that I will earn $100 per month off of this one article, but $1 per month is within the realm of possibility. That's $12 per year. Over 10 years, that will earn me $120 with little or no additional work on my part. Some people who write for residual sites earn a living salary each month. Once the passive income starts and continues, it is then time to move onto the next project. In this way, staying busy can earn residual income that continues to snowball into a substantial some of money over time.

I can spend an hour writing this Hub and continue to earn money for years, or I can work at Wal-Mart for an hour for around $8. Once I earn the $8, it's probably going toward a bill, and it will be gone. It is better to have money work for you than work for money, and that is what residual income does.

You can sign up for HubPages here and start earning a few cents and maybe even a few dollars each month. Keep in mind that a large number of Hubs is usually needed to earn a substantial amount, but the money tends to continue coming in and can, at times, start to grow over time. Please note that it's not a good idea to quit your day job to start writing Hubs or to do anything online. It takes a while to build a brand and start seeing the benefits of labor in this instance.


Earning money from home can take time, but it can be done. The benefits of doing so are much better than those that come from working for minimum wage. Dads can spend time with their children on breaks from the computer. They don't come home smelling like fryer grease and sweat. There is the possibility of earning residual income, and the entrepreneurial spirit is kindled in many dads who choose to work at home. All that is needed is a dream, a computer, and an internet connection (preferably high speed). While not a sure path to success, the part-time job of work-at-home dad can be quite lucrative over time.


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