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Bernie Madoff Shouldn't be in Jail

Updated on December 8, 2010
Madoff fooled a lo of people.
Madoff fooled a lo of people.

What the Hell can Jail do to a 71-year old Jewish Con-artist from New York...nada.

 Many people were and still are greatly affected by one of the largest Ponzi schemes to ever hit Wall Street.  In just a matter of years Bernie madoff was able to seperate investors from over 50 billion dollars ( sites fabricated gains included $65 billion).  In situations like these we often rely on our justice system to punish offenders and to distribute justice to victims, thus returning to civility.  I, on the other hand, believe that justice is NOT fully served when we place a criminal mind such as Madoff behind bars.

I didnt' lose money with Madoff, but if I did jail isn't where I'd want him. Throw his ass BACK onto Wall Street and make him earn this money back.  He is, after all, an accomplished man in his own right, and also has the ability to raise money like Jerry Lewis.  if I had lost a penny with Madoff, i'd ask a judge to hook his ball and chain to the Wall Street Bell and make him work it back for me.  Him serving 150 years an a cell doesn't return anything.

I also think that the government has a duty to uphold the law and to keep the process civil, but why couldn't they do what they usually do, like drop Bernie off in a bad neighborhood and make him walk home. New york cops surely understand this tactic.  Justice is served on many levels and I'm just posing questions and thoughts. 

Bernie's time in prison will surely benefit someone...say, his cellmate.  This cellmate is sharing a bunk with a man of intellectual brilliance and trickery.  The stories Bernie could tell!  And whose to say that this cellmate won't take what he's learned in the "Bernie school of bait and switch" out to mainstream society to make a buck.  Ponzi schemes are simple, but reading and playing people is not.  In the wrong hands, Madoff's information could ne deadly.  And why waste that on some jail cell?

Put Madoff in charge of investigating scams and frauds...keep him in a public housing unit in the finest Project Section 8 apartment in Harlem, New York.  Make him eat noodles from the synthetic Chinese food restaraunts and drape his body in the finest polyester suits from the Goodwill.  Keep his salary to prison standards (approx $2 an hour) and allow him to shave. 

To restore faith in this great system we have, examples must sometimes be made.  I don't think jail is the best example we have for showing the depths of Bernie's crime. 

Let's just hope his cellmate isn't getting out anytime soon.


Burn Bernie Burn!

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    • MosLadder profile image

      Chris Montgomery 6 years ago from Irvine, CA

      Ha! Nice take on that. Like house arrest on Wall Street.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      The only reason he is in prison is so he won't kill (or pretend to kill) himself - and then the clock would stop and all prosecution would stop - and the guv'mint couldn't take his loot.

      He's not brilliant mind you - it's just that he knew how to find people (who looted money) that were even stupider than him. There are plenty out there just begging to be taken advantage of!