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Best Binary Trading Software

Updated on July 4, 2014

Best Binary Trading Software

Binary option or binary trading is defined as an option wherein the payment is a fixed amount of an asset or nothing. As compared to traditional options, binary options are preferred because it is easy to understand and has a simple characteristic to take note of. Today, there are two types of binary options available for traders. The main types are called the asset-or-nothing binary option and the cash-or-nothing binary option. Traders will never be confused with these two types because the name states clearly what is expected. Cash-or-nothing binary option prompts the payment of a fixed amount of money when the option expires, while the asset-or-nothing involves the underlying security’s value. Since there are only two outcomes, the option is called binary in nature. Other names of binary options are digital options (interest rate markets/ Forex), fixed-return options (American Stock Exchange) and all-or-nothing options.


If you are buying a binary option, you already have an idea of what offers you can get in return. These can be bought in two directions (Put/ Down option and Call/ Up option) on virtual financial products. Once they have the binary option, the investor has the opportunity to approach the financial product in long-term or short-term arrangements. Most binary options last on one trading day. There are varieties that could only be bought against fixed expiry times, like 30 seconds or 1 hour ahead. For example, you have purchased a binary call option of cash-or-nothing on a specific stock and it struck at $100. The binary payoff will be fixed. Once the maturity date is reached and the stock is higher or a $100, you get the pre-specified binary payoff. If the trade goes lower, then you will receive nothing from the trading.

Once the options approach the expiration date, the binary options can be settled with cash or asset, as most European-style options are. If the binary options settle in-the-money at the expiration date, the stock buyer can receive the fixed payoff. Risk assessment is easy, since there is only the downside (loss) and the upside (gain). Traditional options of trading are unlike binary options because they require a single full payout. The owner who is unlucky to be “out of the money” during expiration date might get some amount depending on the trading platform he chose.

What are Binary Options?

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Understanding Binary Options

Beginners might have a hard time understanding the process of binary options. It is best to anticipate the prices of underlying assets and the expected direction of their movement. In most binary trading software, the two options can be referred as Call and Put. Always remember that Call signals the prediction of price increase, while Put refers to the prediction of a price decrease. Some traditional options require knowing the movement’s magnitude, but binary options do not have any use for them. However, traders should guess the prediction of the price movement correctly in order to gain something from the deal. They only need to take note of the starting price, and the Put and Call options. Another advantage in the activity is that the investor can place a trade when he already has an idea about the underlying asset.

Evaluating the latest market conditions is crucial; since you will be determining the price of your chosen asset. Once your insights about the price movement are correct, the return rate will be made by the broker and he is expected to pay you upfront. It is also best to do extra research about the last trade concerning the asset. If the contract of binary options has a value of $100, and the past trade came up short, you would have a vague idea on what is going to happen. Even if the activity is risky, there are advantages that make traders do binary options often. They are simpler to understand, with only the concept of the price movement to worry about. It also has a controlled reward-to-risk ratio, which shows that the rewards and risks are pre-determined at the start of the contract. Short-term trade durations are also possible with binary options so traders can collect their payoff immediately.

The Choice Is Yours!
The Choice Is Yours! | Source

Best Binary Trading Software

Choosing the best binary trading software should depend on several factors. Some people might want a free platform which requires no downloads. Web-based platforms are indeed preferred for the safety of the trader. The payoff returns should also be a factor, because there are other binary trading software which provide up to 90% returns. Security and currency options should also be checked before creating an account. Lastly, there are platforms that offer a certain payback percentage even if you expire “out of money”. Here are some of the best binary trading software today. These are worth having a look at.

Be Careful With You Money

You have to be careful when choosing where to invest;

  • to test a service simply deposit a small amount to begin with. Deposit more if service seems trustworthy
  • always try different platform to find the one you like. They all have different features and styles
  • never let anyone tell you what to buy. Your money, your choice.
  • if you do not understand the stock you are buying then do not buy it!
  • if a software provider seems sketchy or in any way unprofessional, don't use them.


The web-based CherryTrade is a great option to consider, with 81% payout which can guarantee goo returns in the future. It requires an initial deposit of $200, and a max bonus of $20000. Traders will not have a problem picking an account that will suit their preferences, because the binary trading software has 5 trade accounts to choose from, namely: Classic, Platinum, Bronze, Gold and Silver. Whether you are a low, mid or high volume trader, you will have a variety of Binary Options to select from.

Redwood Options

Redwood Options provide great opportunities for people with skills in trading Binary Options. The platform requires a deposit of $200, with an 81% payout guarantee. It also has a max bonus of $15000. Registration does not take long, so US traders can log on to their account immediately. There are also news articles and values guide for traders to use as reference in placing their trades.

Boss Capital

As compared to the two, Boss Capital has a larger payout (85%), and it offers a max bonus of 50%. There are a lot of banking options to choose from, giving US traders a hassle free trade experience. This also great in terms of cost efficiency since the availability of banking options would mean faster payouts to US traders, with full control over withdrawals and deposits. There are varied stock binary options available, such as Cisco, EBay, Amazon, Amex, McDonalds and Microsoft among others.

At The End Of The Day

Do not choose a binary trading software by popularity. Try to read feedback before you commit yourself. It is best that you have background about the platform, and the activity itself, to increase your advantages in trading and minimize the risks it entails.

Remember that binary trading is a risk - regardless of what someone may tell you. Only risk what you can afford to lose and play safe, Try not to simply invest left right and center. Think and make an informed decision based on the facts and figures in front of you. Fingers crossed you make some good choices and you come out ahead!


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      3 years ago

      I tried many automated trading software but failed..

      Only this one still working for me.. It’s free

      You can try it..


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