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Best Credit Card Reward Programs

Updated on September 22, 2014

Reward Programs

Who really has the best credit cards reward programs?  That may be hard to judge, but I can give you a list of what is available to inform you in order to make an informed decision.

When it comes to credit card reward programs, they are pleniful. In today's economy credit card companies have been challegned to give customers rewards for using their credit cards. In the days of old credit card rewards programs were far and few between. Nowadays the credit card reward wars are on, and fierce for maintaining their customers. The list of credit cards do not vary much in annual percentage rate; however the reward programs is what we will take a close look at. Some of the best credit card rewards come with cash back, frequent flyer points, and a host of other rewards I will list a little later in this hub. Cards can be selected based on the individual's particular need and/or interest. For example; the Capital One No Hassle Miles card would be an excellent choice for the consumer looking for a card they will earn free trips. Capial One will give the consumer 1.25 miles on each dollar spent on a purchase.

Capital One Credit Card Programs

Capital One is one of the more popular Reward participating cards.  Capital One Credit Card offers two versions of the credit card one for the consumer, and the other for professionals. Please note Capital One has many sub-versions of their Credit Card which I will discuss a bit later in this hub.   For now let us take a look at the difference between the consumer rewards program, and the professionals reward program.

Consumer Capital One

  • Annual Fee $0
  • APR 16.9%(Variable)
  • Unlimited miles that do not expire
  • 1.25 miles per dollar
  • 0% introduction annual percentage rate
  • No restrictions on flight seats


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More From Capital One Cards

It can be difficult to pick one particular credit card with a rewards program without confusing one from the other especially when one company offers different varieties. For example here are two more cards from Capital One, but even more bang for your credit card buck.

Entertainment is a really big deal for a large number of consumers. Earning points for your entertainment dollars can really be a great value.  Points can accumulate quickly if you are a person who spends quite a bit on entertainment.

For instance one of Capital One top cards for high entertainment buyers is the MTV Visa card. I think this is a smart move especially with Apple, iGoggle, Sprint, and other companies producing so many advance technology toys its worth it to earn points for entertainment purchases.

Top MTV Credit Card Points

  • For every $1 you spend on music, movies, game rentals, sports events it earns you the consumer 5 points
  • When you spend $1 at fast food joints, coffee shops, and restaurants you can earn 2 points
  • If you are a consumer who has grood habits of paying on time you earn a total of 25 points
  • Other entertainment events not listed earns you 1 point per $1 (ex. ice cream shops)
  • This card also has exclusive advantages for those who purchase MTV tickets, merchasedise, and any show tapings

Capital One For Professionals

  • Annual Fee $39 bucks
  • APR 13.9%(Variable)
  • 2 miles earned for your every dollar
  • Unlimited miles that do not expire
  • Miles you earn can be used also on gift card purchases, and merchandise
  • No restrictions on seating preference

The MTV Visa Card

Did you know Capital One offers a credit rewards card endorsed from MTV? The MTV Visa Card from Capital One have several entertainment rewards points available for the holder of this top credit card. Including in your entertainment points earned are all your dining out points, sporting events, video game, and much more.

This was news to for me to learn Capital One offered a credit card in conjunction with MTV. I would image a person who works in entertainment will get the most juice from the MTV Visa card offered by Capital One. Not your everyday person (I would not think) would attend an MTV taping.  Or attend the AMA (American Music Award) which the holder of this particular credit card earn points for attending all the music award shows.

Capital One For Professionals

For the professional who travel extensively this is a credit card which can be a great choice. Earning points to use toward your travel miles. There are no black out dates on any travel restrictions for the professional this can score big points in there favor. Holidays, and/or weekend travel dates are not restricted.

Being able to accumulate any unlimited amount of miles that never expire can be a big deal who plan trips far in advance.  Believe it or not there are those whose calendars are planned a year in advance. 

Discover More Reward Cards

  • Discover More Card - American Flag
  • Annual Fee $0, APR 11.99-19.99%(not variable)

  • Discover More Card Wildlife Collection
  • Annual Fee $0, APR 11.99-19.99%(not variable)

  • Discover More Bio
  • Annual Fee $0, APR 11.99-19.99%
  • Discover Card Clear Choice
  • Annual Fee $0, APR 11.99-19.99%
  • Discover More Sealife Collection
  • Annual Fee $0, APR 11.99-19.99%


Discover American Flag

The Discover credit cards for the American Flag offers a 5% cashback bonus. Did you know if you use your Discover credit card through their website you can earn up to a 20% cashback bonus.

It is worth the time to go over all the fine print of different credit cards to make a decision which card has the best credit card rewards programs for you and your family. No matter which card a consumer chose it makes good financial sense to pay more than the minimum balance which is due each month. It is pretty common knowledge for Discover credit cards a credit score of an excellent rating is needed in order to be approved to be a Discover card -- cardholder.

As noted to the right for the Discover cards selected for this hub the APRs are not variable percentage rates, but are ongoing rates once approved. However it is always good to know once approved, and the card has been used for 12 months a consumer does have the ability to call, and ask for a lower percentage rate.

Best Credit Card Rewards

For the Discover credit card you can expect these credit card rewards

  • Bonus cash back 5%
  • For travel, purchases for your pet, gas purchases, home improvement purchases 5% cash back
  • 20% bonus cash on purchases through Discover website
  • Discover's online shopping website gives the biggest cash back when using their site

American Express Platinum

It is no secret that American Express is the top credit card for the Small Business Owner. Here is what you can expect to pay in fees and rates for the two cards selected for this hub.

  • Platinum Card
  • Annual Fee $450
  • APR 0
  • Starwood Credit Card from American Express
  • Annual Fee $45
  • APR 15.24%

American Express And You

American Express has wonderful perks for the person of business here are a few perks you can expect to receive.

25,000 reward bonus points on $1,000 worth of purchases in a 3 month time frame (can be used toward travel). Another perk with Amex that appeals to cardholders is the 24-hour Concierge service at luxury hotels.

Another huge perk is exclusive access to entertainment events.

Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from Amex

The major perk with the Starwood card are the free hotel accommodations with the Sheraton, and/or the Westin hotels around the world. If you are thinking 2 to 3 free nights, nope you are allowed up to 6 free nights. That's equivalent to a vacation stay.

Essential you can earn a free vacation by selecting the proper and/or top credit card rewards programs which offer points for frequent flyer miles which can accumulate to enough points to for your vacation.

The Starwood card have over 30 participating airlines which allow you to earn flyer miles with your purchase.    Always double check for participating hotel, motels, and Department stores before selecting your rewards programs. 


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  • seigfried23 profile image

    seigfried23 5 years ago

    Nice info on credit card rewards. I think Capital One does very well with the rewards for not having an annual fee; perhaps another list with annual fee cards will do? Some of those have great rewards that are worth it despite the cost.