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Best Personal Financial Youtubers To Follow and Listen To

Updated on February 6, 2020

Be Inspired

Watching personal finance videos on youtube is my favourite hobby, I love just listening to all the financial advice and learning from others experience and knowledge. The amount of knowledge available on youtube regarding personal finance is phenomenal you can literally get your finances in control by just watching some of the videos of the Personal Finance youtubers that I am going to mention below.

Their videos have inspired me to be more in control of my finances and my financial goals, I'm no longer lost to what I want to achieve and what my future looks like; financially, physically, mentally, religiously and relationship wise. Indulging in the financial knowledge you gain will improve your finances, life and health greatly because you're no longer going to feel stressed, lost and all over the place. Rather, you are going to have a plan for what you want to achieve and a roadmap to how you're going to get there.

The information you receive is going to allow you to get it together financially and everything else in your life will fall into place. Managing your finances requires a lot of discipline, once you become disciplined in your finances you're going to start putting that skill into practice in all other parts of your life.

Budgeting Youtubers

Now budgeting is a divided topic: some people swear by it and stress that everyone should have one if they really want to get their finances in check, get out of debt, hit their financial goals and build wealth, others on the other hand laugh at the idea of having a budget because they consider it a waste of time and energy and instead they argue you should focus on other financials activities.

I side with the budget side, it just makes more sense as it is just a plan for your money and it doesn't have to take hours or be very formal- keeping it plain and simple really helps to see the overview of the month and set your limits.

My favourite budget youtubers to watch and that I really recommend are:

1. Freedom in a Budget: Kelly is filled with enthusiasm and she is just simply great to watch, her advice is unimaginably helpful and she is all about showing you how having a budget can give you the freedom that a lot of are craving. Kelly also has other financials topics other than budgeting that she explores and talks about that help you to do more with your money and learn tips and tricks you may not have known. Watching and listening to Kelly is incredibly inspiring because she has walked the talk and has a way of saying things that motivate you to listen to her.

2. Pennies Not Perfection: I absolutely love watching this channel and Mary, I have learned a lot from watching Mary- it is literally a live recording of someone working towards financial goals that most of us are wanting to achieve, Mary literally carves the path for you. The budgeting videos Mary uploads are super informative and in-depth, other than the great budgeting videos Mary has a ton of other personal finance related videos to do with side hustles, saving money and so much more so definitely check her out!

Saving Money Youtubers

Every youtuber mentioned on this whole blog post encourages saving and is great to watch for saving money but there are some incredibly helpful youtubers that really motivate you to get your act together and start saving money- aggressively!

1. Budget Girl: Sarah has the most likeable and fun personality even if she didn't make finance related videos I would still love watching her. Sarah has a range of personal finance videos on her channel but the ones that really stand out for me are her savings tips and hacks content that she uploads. She shows you how you can cut back and live within your means, Sarah comes from a place of personal experience so her advice is worth listening to.

2. Nate O'Brien: This guy is a young adult but knows his finances better than most mature adults, he gives you a ton of tips to save money and if you're a young adult then he is inspiring to watch because he shows you how you can at his age be financially free. Being young and not having any responsibility other than you is a great advantage and Nate shows you how you can use it to your advantage. Nate's videos are applicable even if you have a family, his advice can be used across the board with all types of financial situations and ages.

Frugal Financial Youtubers

Youtubers that promote and practice frugality really make you realise the difference between what is essential and what is a luxury, those that are frugal know what their long terms goals.

Frugality can either be a short term lifestyle choice for some people so that they can save that money for their long terms goals. But, for some people frugality is a permanent lifestyle choice that gives them more happiness and simplifies their life.

Frugal youtubers that I find really inspiring and grounding to watch:

1. Graham Stephan: This man is a literal millionaire and yet he spends less than people on minimum wage, for Graham being frugal is more of a permanent lifestyle change that satisfies him. If you're looking for some inspiration to help control your spending and not feel bad about the financial situation your in.

© 2020 Huma Ikbal


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