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Best Places to Get Referrals

Updated on July 4, 2012

There are many websites that offer benefits for referring your friends. It may be that you get a free item in a game, some money, or possibly a discount on something. There are even some websites that will pay you hundreds of dollars for major referrals, especially for web hosting services. No matter your reason, it always sounds easier in theory to get people to go sign up for something than it truly is. Here are some places you may not have thought about to get more referrals.

If you need referrals for people to sign up for a game, try other games that don't have a rule against it. I got 112 referrals from going on an old game account I had and just telling people about the game I needed more people on and asking that they put in my name when or if they signed up. This is a bit easier to get referrals for since you can ask your family and friends to join without feeling like you're putting your reputation on the line.

If you need referrals for a website or program that caters to one specific type of individual such as crafters, gamers, cooks or moms, try looking for forums, chat-rooms or other existing groups and just ask if people wouldn't mind checking it out. Tell them if they like it and decide to join, you'd appreciate it if they put your name in as the referrer.

If you need people to buy something or sign up for a service they will have to pay for, first look at the program and see if you can find an incentive to tell your referrals about. Maybe they will get their first month free or free shipping. If there are no incentives, try to make them see why they should buy, or sign up for whatever it is. Try to think, maybe you need people to sign up for a cable service, think about who might actually want to do that. Look for forums that cater to parents or older individuals, maybe this service is cheaper or more reliable than their existing one.

If you need people to sign up for something a bit more pricey like web hosting services consider looking to new businesses and if you happen to know someone who can design their website you can do two referrals in one. You can look to existing businesses possibly from forums or chat-rooms as well and let them know about the service. With something like this you should know at least some basic facts about the program. You really need to sell to your referrals.

One last tip, job fairs or other public gatherings can be a good place to find people to sign up for programs like Hub Pages but be aware that referring people in person can be a bit more challenging if you aren't a people person. Also, remember that referring people in person makes you feel more accountable for referring people so think about it before you try to refer people to a good or service that you know is junk. Good luck all and let me know if you have found a better way or if one of these methods just don't do it for you!


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