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Best Survey Site On The Net! Top Dollar Online Surveys!

Updated on July 21, 2011
steve8miller profile image

Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...

Opinion Outpost Review. Why you should do online surveys with Opinion Outpost!

You can track your check too. Best Survey Site on the Web

They get the checks processed and sent within 3 days, you receive the check within 9 days. That is the longest it has ever taken for me to receive mine. The norm is about a week.
They get the checks processed and sent within 3 days, you receive the check within 9 days. That is the longest it has ever taken for me to receive mine. The norm is about a week.

Best Survey Site on the Internet!

There are many websites with surveys. I have looked into many money making opportunities on the Internet lately. I found many ways, little things like surveys, opening emails, doing free trials, and so on. However since starting my search a couple of months ago, I think I have found a very great money making opportunity indeed. Opinion Outpost is great. You have two payment options as of right now. One request a check, or two instant Amazon online gift card. The best thing is the check in my opinion, they are quick to pay. Most survey sites have unrealistic expectations in paying you. One you have to have 50 to 100 dollars in your account before requesting your payment. However with Opinion Outpost you only have to have 5 dollars. Yes 5 $ that is amazing. As well you get your check within about 1 or 2 weeks at the max. This is better than any other survey site in which I have come across lately.

So what do you do to make the best money online? Why you do online surveys of course. Opinion Outpost will email you surveys. When I first started the surveys were a little slow. However lately I am making about 8 to 10 dollars a day, and getting plenty of high paying surveys. So do not wait join now. I signed up about a year ago; however I just recently really started to use the site, as I am on college break. In the last few weeks I already have 150 dollars. In the past 3 days or so I have already earned 32.80 as I posted above. In what other ways are they better than other survey sites?

Top 5 Reasons Opinion Outpost is the Best online survey website on the Internet!

1. Free to sign up. You should never pay to join a survey website. They do not hesitate in crediting your account. Right when you take the survey you get your money.

2. Like I said only 5 $ to cash out.

3. Check comes within 1 to 2 weeks

4. They will go above and beyond to help you with any issue you may have.

5. They pay you 2 dollars for every referral you give them; they just have to take one survey.

Bonus! Opinion Outpost has two ways to get paid. The first way is by check, the second is though Amazon. They are currently adding more ways like PayPal. Come now the surveys are flowing and money is being made. Opinion Outpost is the Internets best money making survey site as of right now.

This is some impressive stuff indeed. They pay right now either by check, or amazon. Both options you need only 5 dollars to cash out. Each survey I have noticed averages 2.50 $ per survey. On the lowest side I have noticed about 1.50$. They are not too long either. Some are product surveys and they send you a product to test. These surveys can be over 20 dollars. You also get many more surveys over 3 dollars. Every week I get a bunch for 3 dollars and a few for over 5 dollars. All in all Opinion Outpost is totally worth it. Do not fall for other survey sites scams. If you do not trust me, you can trust Survey Police; this is a watchdog site for shady survey companies. Of course Opinion Outpost is in the top 3. Like I said, see for yourself just how great Opinion Outpost really is. Just go to Survey Police. They are a great Website that helps a lot.

So if you want to make some good money just by doing surveys, during these rough economic times just go on over to Now. Use this link below now.

I will also receive 2 dollars for referring you. Then refer your friends and family for 2 dollars a pop for yourself. Or just click the Opinion Outpost link to sign up now! I guarantee you will find great success, just as I have found with Opinion Outpost.

Best Survey Site On The Internet!

You have seen the recent ads for surveys on the internet right? Well if not you are missing out on great money! Opinion Outpost is by far the best survey site on the internet and the only way to find out your earning potential is to sign up now!

Internet Guru Opinion Outpost

My Profile Page Start Here

Tips For Maximizing Your Revenue With Opinion Outpost

The first thing you want to do when signing up with Opinion Outpost, (the best survey site on the net) Is to go to the "My Profiles" Tab (Picture on the side) Take all of your profile surveys, I see they have added some new ones since I have checked last. Once you fill out all the information Opinion Outpost needs in order to send you surveys you will begin to receive them immediately. You do not have to fill out this page, however it will severely hinder the amount of surveys that you will receive, and surveys equal cash. This is the first thing you want to do when you sign up with Opinion Outpost.

The second thing you want to do upon signing up with Opinion Outpost is make sure you take your surveys the same day you get them. Take them A.S.A.P because the longer you let them wait, the more other people beat you to them, and you will not qualify for the survey. So make sure you start them as soon as you possibly can. I have waited up to 4 days and still been able to complete them, however the high dollar surveys go within a day or two. So make sure you do not procrastinate.

The third thing you have to remember is kind of a secret that not to many people know about Opinion Outpost, so I hope you are reading this. When you do not qualify or are kicked out of a survey a screen will appear taking you back to Opinion Outpost. This screen will ask you if you want to take another survey. Of course you do right. However you can take that survey anytime you want, so click the "No Thanks" or button. From there you will be taken to the prize screen. You will have the option of donating .10 cents to Red Cross, Get an entry to the 750 dollar drawing prize. Or you have a chance for an instant win of 50 dollars. Once you have chosen which one you want to do, then go back to the members page and go back to the "available surveys" tab and keep plugging away on your surveys. This is the way to maximize your chances for a prize, if you would continue to take another survey you would miss that opportunity to win one of the prizes. So do not throw those precious opportunities to win money or donate money away. That should really help you, now you are ahead and have found the best survey site on the internet. What other survey site allows you a chance to win instantly when you do not qualify where you actually have a real chance to win. I will tell you almost none whatsoever. So listen to these tips and you should rather easily be able to make up to 1,200 dollars a month just from this one website. Remember certain seasons produce higher paying and more frequent surveys, so do not ever give up.

Updated Feb. 18th 2011. New Forms Of Payment by Opinion Outpost!

I would like to thank all of the people who have now joined Opinion Outpost in the recent months. Opinion Outpost has been great to us all. With the new payment options I think we are all having a great time finding new ways to spend out Opinion Outpost points. While they have now made it so you have to have 20 dollars to request the check they have now created several different payment options. For those of us who love Opinion Outpost we know that it only takes a few surveys to hit the 20 dollar payout to request the check. Checks are still coming as fast as ever the fifty dollar check I just requested last week has already came. I always make sure to cash out on a Sunday night, so I get my check by Saturday. Works every time so far. As well if you like Amazon you are in luck, as you only have to have 5 dollars to get the Amazon rewards. I have been using Amazon rewards too, the kids love it. The things you can get for as little as 5 bucks are awesome. I like getting my Xbox live gold cards and point cards through Amazon so it works out. With the average survey now at 2.50 it has never been easier to earn. If you are reading this and have not Joined Opinion Outpost, what are you waiting for? Do not take my word for it see for yourself. If you want to make money online the easy way, you have found it. While you will not qualify for every survey you take (typical with any survey company) With Opinion Outpost once you have completed the survey your cash comes instantly. Just remember online income does not come free, you have to work for it, the more you put into it the more it will pay off. I know people making 700 dollars a month just using this one survey site. So what are you waiting for, the surveys will not take themselves.

As well I have noticed an influx of product surveys, where they mail you out a product and you test it. These typically will get you from 20 to 100 dollars or more. Okay back to the new forms of payment, they are as follows.

Donate 5 dollars to Red Cross.--- Although most of us are too greedy to do that huh. Think about Carma, remember you can win an instant 50 bucks when you do not qualify for a survey. Unlike most survey companies if you win it is instant and it goes right into your account. Do not forget about the 750 dollar entries either! Update now you can donate to the victims of the recent Earthquake in Japan.

Amazon claim codes Only need 5 dollars to cash out. --- I have already mentioned the benefits of the Amazon gift cards. You only need a minimum of 5 dollars to cash out so what are you waiting for.

Citi Gift Card 15 bucks to cash this out. --- Well we all love our gift cards, the plus with these is the fact that if you just cannot wait for your cash, you can request one of these cards and you only need 15 bucks to cash this out. Another plus about these is, you can request a virtual card. So here is another quick same day payment option. So in theory it could be possible to sign up with Opinion Outpost, take 15 bucks in surveys and cash this out all in the same day, wow.

Request a Check 20 dollars to cash out. --- Really I do not care I am a check guy. You mail me my check within a week, and I am cashing it within a week, now you have me hooked, thanks Opinion Outpost!

Okay I want to clear something up right now. Opinion Outpost uses a point system, so when I say it takes 20 bucks to cash out that means it takes 200 points. Remember that 10 points equals 1 dollar. As well each survey is worth about 25 points, which is 2.50 per survey. I do not say points for a few reasons. First reason being that I have been with survey companies that went by points and that instantly turned me off. First of all their point systems were pathetic, you needed like 1000 points to get 20 bucks, which could take up to six months. Second reason, no one likes to hear about point systems as I have never come across a point system that was fair and right, (until I found Opinion Outpost) most of them make no sense and have no monetary value. With Opinion Outpost you look at your points and basically they are telling you the amount of money you have just without the dollar sign. Look at the picture above to see what I am talking about. There are many things that make Opinion Outpost the best survey site on the internet. However someone recently asked mine, and I will tell you. With Opinion Outpost if you do not qualify for a survey, you instantly get sent to the page where you have three options. 1. Cash drawing for 750 dollars, 2. Instant 50 dollar spin, 3. Donate .10 cents to Red Cross. No other survey site has these options. Sure they will tell you that you have been put in a pool to win 10,000 dollars, yea right. I have never heard anyone win from these survey websites. Now Opinion Outpost, yes I have heard of people winning. Two of my friends have won the instant 50 bucks, one person I referred recently won the instant 50 bucks their 3rd day using the site. Lucky her, I still have not won a thing, I go for the 750 drawings a lot though. Because I have read about people winning that as well. That is what I look for people who have won, and yes using Opinion Outpost anyone can win. So no matter what you benefit using Opinion Outpost, and trust me, not too many other Survey sites can do that. Best of all this site is free, the other good survey sites cost you money, or want you to track you shopping or crazy stuff like that. So if you are reading this, you might want to start today, before they close their doors to new survey takers!

Update March 15, 2011! Surveys Galore On Opinion Outpost! Sign Up Today!

Just a quick update for you all. The surveys are coming in like no other time. I have made 50 dollars in just 2 weeks. I am not even trying as hard as I can either. Yesterday I completed the following.

4.50$ Survey

2.50$ Survey

2.50$ Survey

2.00$ Survey

1.50$ Survey

Grand Total = 13.00$ in one day!

Right now as of today I have the following survey opportunities.

20 point = 2.00

15 point = 1.50

25 point = 2.50

25 point = 2.50

25 point = 2.50

Grand Total = 11.00$

Name one survey company that already has you 11.00$ worth of surveys right when you get up?

Note: (Opinion Outpost uses a point system yes, but not like the ones you may be use to. Points equal cash, not points, or rewards)

Everyone Loves Opinion Outpost

So what do you think?

Is Opinion Outpost the best survey site on the net?

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    • profile image

      steve8miller 2 years ago

      Hey its me If you want to sign up for a new survey site and the best one I have found thus far it is called Surveysavvy and you can sign up below.

      They pay you some good money. Opinion Outpost is still a very good survey site online. Surveysavvy is just another opportunity to make money doing online surveys.

    • profile image

      Sharky 2 years ago

      It's woerudfnl to have you on our side, haha!

    • profile image

      Johnc391 3 years ago

      I do agree with all the ideas you have introduced for your post. They are really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very brief for newbies. May you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post. fckggcdkekdb

    • bloggingvijay profile image

      VIJJJU 3 years ago from india

      After viewing your stats i understand that it is one of the great site for earning but my bad luck it is only available to us residents.

    • profile image

      SusieQ42 6 years ago

      Opinion Outpost is just one of the survey sites I use. Yes, I like O.Outpost because they are one of the quickest to send you your money. I currently use about 12 survey companies but don't make as much as you. I try to hit $10.00 a day but usually it's between 5 and 10. Thanks for the info.

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Filling out the profile is important. It may take some time, however you only have to do it once.

      You will never get any junk mail from Opinion Outpost. Any emails they give you are surveys. You can even refuse to open their emails and go straight to the website to take your online surveys.

      Always check out survey police the link for survey police is in the above article.

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 6 years ago from USA

      I Google the site. There are good reviews for opinion. So I went back to the profile page. I had to leave. Been there over an hour and only half done.

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 6 years ago from USA

      steve, I am sorry, I did not finish filling out the profile surveys. It looks just like the ones I have tried and I do not feel like doing all this work to find out it is and now they have my email address and I am sure I will start getting ads from them.

      It may not be the same as the others, but this is how they all start out.

      No time right now to check

      thanks for the tip anyway


    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 6 years ago from USA

      steve, iam going over to check it out now. I'll be back to let you know what I think


    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Well Gr8bme if you are ever asked to pay for an online survey site, beware you are about to get scammed. Also if you are ever told that a survey website is free, beware you are about to get scammed.

      Online survey sites are free, there is no need to even say it is free. I have never heard of the survey sites you refer to here. Opinion Outpost is the online survey site, of all online survey sites.

      You simply sign up with them here. From there you fill out all your profiles on the profile tab in Opinion Outpost. After that you will start receiving your surveys.

      You can get the surveys through your email, or even just go back to opinion outpost and go to the surveys tab to take your surveys. It is as easy as that.

      If you do not qualify for a survey, it will ask you if you want to take another survey. SAY NO. This is because you can always go back and take another survey through the tab. However you cannot go back and do the instant 50 dollar win, or the donation to the Red Cross, or the chance to win 750 dollars.

      So like I say if you do not qualify for a survey on Opinion Outpost, and you get redirected back to the Opinion Outpost page where it is asking your to take another one of your surveys, SAY NO. This is a huge tip I am giving you that not too many people know about. You will still be able to go back and take the survey it is offering you. You would just lose the chance to do the instant win for not qualifying for the survey. They changed this and new people do not know what I am telling you.

      Trust me I just like you, I have been there and done that, and I am now passing on my wisdom. If you do not believe me then read my Scam Alert! Hub!

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 6 years ago from USA

      steve, I have tried survey sites before. Most times the surveys were for a credit card company or cell phone service or something you really had to join and some even wanted me to use my credit card. They said after you joined and were accepted you had a certain time to cancel before your card was charged and you still got paid for the survey. If you did not accept and join at least two that were offered, you did not qualify for the survey!

      These suck!. You take so many surveys and sometimes you can forget to cancel and get charged. This is not making me any money. It is what is making them money. Does this outfit work that way?

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      When you sign up make sure to come back and check the "Available Surveys" tab! Yes they will also email you when a survey is available. Do not forget to fill out your profiles, or you will not receive any good surveys!

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Remember the sign up link is up at the top of this hub.

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 6 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Just so you know they recently changed the payout to a minimum of 20 dollars. Which is okay with me considering I usually only cash out after I got about 50 bucks.

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 7 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      I am still waiting for more people to sign up for opinion outpost. This is the best survey site on the web. Help make yourself some extra cash during this holiday season by taking a few surveys. Refer your friends and have them take one survey and you get two bucks. So come on and share the love.

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 7 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      I am sorry they only work with Canada, and the United States right now. If they were smart they would really start to expand around the globe because they are the best. So the answer is no they do not work with India.

    • profile image

      Dharmik 7 years ago

      Hey steve could you please tell me if it works for India?

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      This is very useful. There are so many survey sites out there. (even I tried a few but stopped). It's nice to read about one with a good recommendation.


    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 7 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Hey Steve, looks like you did your homework on this one. I have never tried a survey site, but this looks a good one to start with if I ever did. Thanks for the info. =:)

    • profile image

      Madama 7 years ago

      Good stuff Steve8miller! We will try to check this out. And thank you for the nice comments in our flixya. We are currently on vacation and not much online. We really enjoy your answers in Webanswers.