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Beware of Presidents & Pawn Shops

Updated on February 18, 2015

Hang on and Beware of Con Artist

At the present time and for the last six years we have
had a resident in the White house and not a president
in the White House. Hard working people have lost their
affordable insurance and gone to part time jobs all
across America and this guy will still look you right
in the face and tell you the worst thing we are facing
is Global Warming with ISIS crawling America! REALLY?

What Planet is this guy really from? I know what Country, but what Planet ? Can anyone tell me?

A few weeks ago I went into a Pawn Shop on the South Side
and had the Owner checked out a 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar
I had brought in just to see what they were going for and
the guy tells me he would pay $25 but if he were me he
would hang on to it until next Presidential Election
because he expects the value of Silver to hit high marks
as well as Gold. He also told me 2014 was the worst year
he had due to Obama Care repercussions, in 35 years and
if something is not done this is going to be one sad
excuse of a Country! In my opinion we are already looking
like Argentina when it hit rock bottom with no less than
20% of our Shopping Malls closing.

A week or so later I went into another Pawn shop again
just to see the value of the Morgan Dollar and the price
was pretty much the same as before, $25.

Another couple of weeks went by and as I had taken my son to the Arlington Plaza for some business I saw another
Pawn Shop in the Center, as most of the outside Mall was
empty stores, i went in to chechk the value again and the
Woman there starts to cry out this is Counterfeit, Well I
was looking around when she was supposed to be checking the price of silver and she was supposedly doing some kind of test on my coin when I had not asked them to buy it, I
asked what they were going for, mind you three Pawn Shops
said it was good already, prior to her expert find. This,
of course made me question her motives as i knew where the
coin came from. It came from a hundred year old collection.

The only thing I can figure is she expected me to say, well since the coin is no good you might as well keep it. I went
to another Pawn Shop the next day in the Bank Of America Building again with the same finding of the coin was not counterfeit and it was worth $17 dollars and I asked why
did he think it had dropped from $25 the week before. He proceeded to tell me it was at $17 and he could not pay
any more than what it was going for, which was a lie.
There is cost, wholesale, and retail. He wanted to buy
for cost and think that would make me happy. NOT!

That's funny, because we had a family business for almost
40 years and even if you bought at wholesale pricing the wholesaler made a profit so to go into a pawn Shop and
sell your Gold or silver at below cost ia ludicrous! Do
they care about your loss, the answer would be no. They
only care about their pockets. if the value goes up as
expected they will make a ton on your precious metals and
not skip a beat to the Bank.

So rethink their offers when they tell you it's all they
can do and beware when buying from a "Dealer" of Gold and silver. They all are looking to make a killing on your
"loss" or so called "gain"!


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