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Beware of the Refrigerator If You Work At Home!

Updated on July 7, 2013

Although the benefits of work from home opportunities may be quite obvious, there are some danger zones that need to be explored. As one who has worked from home for many years, I am very familiar with these challenges. Take for example, the refrigerator. It's never far away, it's always ready to be opened and inspected and if you're not careful, something may fly out of it and into your mouth. This is not a problem if you work a regular 9-5 job at an office or in retail. In those cases, you have time segments in which to eat food you've brought in, or perhaps you go out to lunch. Maybe there is the temptation of a vending machine or a box of chocolates for snacks, but there is an implied discipline with regard to "grazing." Not so at home! As with many other aspects of working your own business from home, self discipline is key.

And then there is the laundry room. I'm not sure why appliances are such a temptation for those of us who work at home. I have often thought, "I'll just juggle the laundry before I make that call." I easily convince myself that this is good time management. Does this ever happen at an office or in any other workplace? It's a good thing that office buildings don't have laundry rooms, for they would see far less productivity from their employees!

A discussion of the appliances that lurk in the danger zone wouldn't be complete without mentioning the toaster. It's oh so easy to slide a piece of bread into the toaster and seconds later, up pops a nurturing crunch, made all the more delicious when slathered with butter and honey. Just a quick and easy anytime snack to make it easier to pick up the phone and call someone.

Another distraction frequently faced is the telephone. Although the telephone is a necessary tool for doing business, it can also be the culprit of a non-productive gab fest. It is easy to fool yourself that you're working because you are using a work related tool, but sometimes it's necessary to ask yourself if the conversation you are currently having is leading you towards a sale. After all, sales, and the money that results from sales is usually the desired outcome of a work day for the home entrepreneur.

Many people that work from home complain about the weight of their telephones. Sometimes it is so difficult to lift up the receiver and dial a number. Why is that? Amidst the light heartedness of this writing, here's some practical advice: If you are having difficulty reaching out to prospective clients, it's often because you've made this about you and not about them. Renew your focus on your product and/or service and why you chose this home-based career. Wasn't it because you felt you had something of value to offer others?

Those who are successful with work from home opportunities know in their hearts they have a message for others that will improve the quality of their lives in some way. The successful ones are into service. They put the focus on the other person, and not on themselves.They look at the telephone and make calls with the thought in mind, "Who can I help today?" They can look at their home appliances and just smile. They reward themselves after their work is done.


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    • Jody Heckenlively profile image

      Jody Heckenlively 9 years ago

      That's a great point. Joseph. That way, if you surrender to the pull of the refrigerator you can at least nourish your body!

    • Joseph Thomas profile image

      Joseph Thomas 9 years ago

      That refrigerator can be dangerous... That's why it's important to stock it with the right things! Great Hub article on the work at home aspects to be considered.

    • Jody Heckenlively profile image

      Jody Heckenlively 9 years ago

      Yes...who would have thought! Great question, Jesse. I see you're catching on!

    • Jesse McDonald profile image

      Jesse McDonald 9 years ago

      Wow, "put the focus on the other person." Now there is a useful insight! You certainily have a lot of good advice to offer people who are exploring their entrepreneurial talents. Who would have thought that just asking questions more could help their business and personal lives?

    • Jody Heckenlively profile image

      Jody Heckenlively 9 years ago

      Thanks, Amy. Yes I wonder how you have the time to make pies and bake cakes!

    • Amy Boyack profile image

      Amy Boyack 9 years ago from Idaho

      Great article, Jody.  I am amazed at how quickly the days fly by and I often wonder what I did with all my time.  Thanks for the great insight.