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Black Friday 2011 - Are you going to be there?

Updated on November 14, 2011

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores open super early and have amazing door buster sales to help save money, or spend more money depending on how you look at it.

I've only ever been Black Friday shopping twice. Once was with my sister and we were in South Dakota. We were in line at Kohl's at the door at 3am and stood there waiting until 5am for the doors to open. We had our hot chocolate in a thermos and coats and gloves on. It was freezing outside. When we got inside it was a mad house. People everywhere grabbing things, throwing elbows, running around like toddlers with their hands full of the good stuff. I left there with only a few things and I'm not sure it was worth the time we had to wait in line. My sister got a ton of stuff and saved huge. I guess it all depends on who you are shopping for. The 2nd trip on a Black Friday was with my husband in Colorado Springs. We went to Toys-R-Us and I don't think I will EVER do that again!!! It seems like everyone who has kids goes to that store and they get there as early as they possibly can. Come even camped in tents over night just so they could be the first in line. All I have to say to that is where do you put your tent when your cart is full of all those toys? We were shopping for our kids this time so it was a bit more fun. There were still the throwing of the elbows and even more running and pushing then at Kohl's. And the line for the check out ran ALL THE WAY AROUND THE STORE!!! It took us over an hour just to check out with a 1/2 cart full of stuff. I do have to give the store props though. They put great deals out in the isles so when you are standing in those super long lines you have nothing better to do then put that stuff in your cart.

So after my two experiances am I going to do it again? There's really only one store I want to hit this year and that is Radio Shack. With the kids getting older and wanting the more expensive stuff I am thinking Radio Shack has the perfect variety of stuff I want and the prices I can afford to pay.

I've been getting my lists together for Christmas and decided I should do a HUB on the savings that are out there this Black Friday so here are some of the stores I found and some of the prices and time openinigs they have.

RAIDO SHACK - Nook Color for $199 with a $20 Radio Shack gift card, Amazon 6" Kindle for $79.99 with a $10 Radio Shack gift card, RC flashing demon for $12.49, 16GB Flash Drives for $16.99 each, Kids digital camcorders for $24.99

KOHL'S- Open at midnight, portable karaoke with microphone for $59.99, 9" digital photo frame for $39.99, Cake pop and donut makers for $18.99 each, Holiday lighting is 55% off and their entire stock of video games is 30% off

WALMART- Walmart online is offering free shipping on almost everything, the stores will have select DVD's for $1.49, Select Blu Ray movies for $5.00. They open at 10pm on Thanksgiving with deals on the toys and other items and at midnight the electronics go on sale

LOWES - Lots of deals on all the usual favorites; tools, hardware and small appliances

SEARS - All apparel for $7.00 or less and all kids apparel is $5.00

GAMESTOP- Many stores open at midnight but some don't open until 5am. They will have the PS3 160GB bundle for $199.97 (saving $170), New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Wii bundle for $149.99

MICHALES- 3 day sale from 24th at 4pm to the 27th at 930pm. A coupon for 30% off your entire order on Thanksgiving day can be found in their flyer.

SAMS CLUB - 51" Plasma HDTV for $428, HP Photosmart all-in-one wireless printer for $39.98, Cars 2, Rango, Rio, Transformers Dark Side of the Moon, and Xmen 1st Class all Blu Ray moves for $9.88 each, XBOX 360 250GB Holiday Bundle for $199

These are just a few of the great deals that are out there. There are a lot of other great items at each store and other stores I didn't mention. To check them all out and many more great savings check out the link below.

I hope this might help you decide where to do your Black Friday shopping. A few words of advice, try and do all your shopping in one place, that way you get all the great deals as early as possible and you don't have to fight through several different stores. Take someone with you that can run your hot chocolate and coats back to the car so you don't have to take them into the store with you. And above all, be safe and have fun!


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