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Budgeting Ideas: Save Money With These Unique and Unusual Ways To Use Lip Balm and Chap-stick

Updated on September 9, 2015
Everyone has lip-balm laying around!
Everyone has lip-balm laying around! | Source

Save Money With Chapstick?

Can it be done, and how does one save money with a small tube of scented wax? This article won't explain how you can pull out a tube, open it, and make money falls from the sky. It does not happen that way, and if it does I am unaware of how to do that and would love to know .....? Anyways, what this article will do is show you different ways that you can use chap-stick that may save you from having to buy a more costly item, and therefore saving you money. If you would like to find more products with other uses check out the link above.

Alternate And Different Ways To Use Lip Balm

Below you will find a list of all the different ways that you can use lip balm besides the normal use for chapped lips. Some of them you may have heard of, while others may be completely new to you. Either way I guarantee there is at least one thing on this list that will make you go "I never thought of that" while you race to the junk drawer to dig out your lip balm!

Can lip-balm save you money?
Can lip-balm save you money?
  1. Do Your Hair - If you find that you are frequently in the bathroom mirror trying to tame fly-away's or frizz while you are at work or school this one might be for you! Next time you find yourself in this situation and have a little spare lip-balm on hand give it a try! Just put a little on your finger tips and get to work while saving money by not buying expensive hair pomades!
  2. Chapped Skin - You can use this for more then just chapped lips, and it really does work wonders! If you have dry patches of skin, or you find that your joints such as elbows and knees are constantly chapped, try using a little dab of lip balm on them.
  3. Save money on makeup - There are certain types of make-up that cost a fortune, but the results that they provide are worth the money that was spent. What if you could get the same results with a product that was much cheaper. That is exactly what lip balm can do for you! Use it as a moisturizer to replace expensive eye creams at night, or on your eyes to replace costly primers. Either way works wonders and will allow you to save money on make-up.
  4. Beat The Hea .... Eer Cold! - If you live in a place where it gets cold in the winter then you are no stranger to wind burn. You probably are familiar with the soreness a runny nose can cause as well. Next time you feel jack frost nipping at your cheeks just apply a thin layer of balm to prevent wind burn. Additionally, dabbing a small amount to the area around your nostrils can help sooth the chapped skin a runny nose causes, Both of these tricks can save you money because you wont need to buy expensive lotions and moisturizers.
  5. Cuter Cuticles! - There are some fabulous products on the market that help with dry cuticles, but sometimes they are not affordable for everyone. If you want to save money by not having to buy expensive cuticle creams then just reach for some lip-balm! That's right! Rub a tiny amount into the base of your fingernails and watch the magic happen!
  6. Zip Er Up! - This one might actually be my favorite unusual way to use lip balm, which is appropriate because it is my favorite title as well (makes me chuckle still to this day!). If you ever find yourself struggling with a zipper that just doesn't want to zip smoothly, try applying a coat of balm to the zipper. It should help it zip more smoothly and only takes seconds!
  7. Mascara Mess - Most women have had this problem at least once in their life: you have finally gotten all of your make-up applied and it looks amazing when OOPS your mascara smudges, instead of starting all over again apply a bit of lip-balm to the smudge and wipe away with a cotton swab or tissue. This works like a charm and can save you money if you use this instead of expensive cleansing balms.
  8. Shiny Shoes - A lot of money is spent on shoe wax every year and most of the time people buy it, use a small amount, and never use it again. They could have saved themselves a lot of money if they had used lip balm instead. Rub some onto your shoe and buff with a clean dry cloth.
  9. Blister Buster - Speaking of shoes, we have all had to break-in new shoes before. This means we have all suffered from a blister or two, but you don't have to ever again! Instead of wasting money on shoes you cannot wear because they cause blisters, rub some balm onto the problem spots of your foot. You may need to reapply through-out the day, and I would recommend having a tube just for this purpose.
  10. Scratches - This last one is a two-for-one because it covers both scratches on your body and on your CD's! If you nick yourself shaving or get a paper cut, lip-balm can help to stop the bleeding, keep germs out of the cut, and help it to heal faster. Furthermore, when applied to a scratched CD in a thin layer it can help prevent skipping when the disk is played.

There are the ten unique and unusual ways that you can use lip-balm to replace normal household products and save money in the process. Hopefully all of these will work for you and help you create a little more room in your budget. However, I will be happy if at least one of these sent your running for your Lip-Balm or Chap-stick! It's awesome when you can find a cheap alternative and save money, but that is not the only thing that makes these tips awesome! They are fun as well, and it allows you to experiment and think of different things that you can use common household products for! You can find more Unique and Unusual ways to use everyday items here ------> Unique and Unusual Ways To Use Common Household Items

Who knew lip-balm could do so much!
Who knew lip-balm could do so much!

Get Involved!

If you know of any other ways that you can use lip-balm instead of on your lips please comment and let me know, I will add it to the list above and credit you for the idea! Also check out my other hub Unique and Unusual for a list of other items that you can use to replace other things and save money.

If you have an idea for a product that you have laying around the house but it is not yet on the list then please let me know and I will create a link for it! I need you guys to get involved because this is a big project, and one that I intend to finally finish! However, I need my readers to be a part of it because without you this all means nothing! Thank you! Hope you enjoyed this and will check out the link above for more awesome Unique and Unusual ideas!

Make Your Own Lip Balm and Save Even More Money

© 2015 Meagan Ireland


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