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Buy Junk Drawers on eBay

Updated on May 11, 2012

Yes, you can bid on junk

It's true: one person's junk is another person's future garage sale. Wild varieties of stuff accumulates over years. Kitchen drawers fill up with forgotten items, knick-knacks, lagniappes, oddments, and used rubber bands.

You, as a savvy eBay bidder, have unique opportunities to feast on the unwanted detritus fossilizing in kitchen drawers throughout the world. Financial riches beyond your wildest daydreams just might possibly perhaps lie beneath the bits of string and year-old Chipotle receipts. Take the plunge. Browse our favorite online auction site in search of someone else's junk. Your future is waiting.

Who would do this?

All too often the pressures of everyday life obligate overlooking basic housekeeping. Inconvenient unneeded items end up in tossed into a kitchen cubbyhole. Eventually, what should be modest housecleaning becomes overwhelming to the extent that selling an entire drawer offers immediate relief. Thank goodness for eBay.

You, as a perceptive online auction maven, provide much-needed bidding services to the poor souls burdened with overflowing drawer detritus. Look to our favorite auction web site for a veritable plethora of junk drawers. Without you and your credit card, too many families find themselves awash in used batteries and re-useable twist-ties. Step into the breach. Be a pal to your overburdened neighbors.

It's a treasure hunt

Expect your new drawer to arrive rather disheveled. You've purchased someone else's junk: they probably didn't take the time to pack it neatly. Look for tangled necklaces intertwined with broken rubber bands interlocked with single earrings embracing those little plastic rings that secure lids onto unopened drink bottles. Some people simply will not throw anything away. It all ends up in the drawer and you end up with the drawer.

Shipping adds to the challenge. Incontrovertible laws of physics conspire to combine your new junk into amalgams of blobular combinations previously unseen by domestic archeologists. Your job is to triage the property such that it becomes well-organized junk.

What might you gain?

Convenient drawers placed in high traffic areas of the household accumulate all manner of desirable junque. Expect to find coins, keys, buttons, jewelry, baseball cards, dust bunnies, and expired gift cards.

Many older coins contain high percentages of silver, making them worth much more than face value. A Washington silver quarter is 90% silver if the mint date precedes 1965. Even the most worn example of such a quarter fetches about $6.00 as silver scrap. You just might find a few old coins in a typical junk drawer. The current owner would rather auction it to you for quick cash rather than sort through the broken toys and tarnished flatware for unexpected treasures.

Sometimes it's not junk

Some sellers have become sufficiently enamored with their junk as to be convinced that it's no longer junk. Look for auctions advertising "no junk" drawers. It's time to get serious.

Bid on junkless drawers when you need a break from broken pencils, expired pens, and exhausted batteries. These types of drawers are virtually guaranteed to contain precisely the same items as pedestrian junk drawers, but the initial bid will be higher and your expectations will soar concomitantly.

Your trusted seller has taken the time to sort through the items and filter out arbitrary junk. Anticipate the good stuff to be similarly filtered.

Who can say? One person's junk is another person's garage sale.
Who can say? One person's junk is another person's garage sale. | Source

Build your own junk drawer

Following feverish bidding you may find yourself beset with unwanted junk. Don't let the drawers pile up. Start your own auction. Combine the flotsam and jetsam from your forays into other folks junk. Consolidate your goodies into a mega-drawer and post it on our favorite auction site, eBay. It's guaranteed to be junk: someone else didn't want it and now you share the sentiment. A third party anxiously waits to have it shipped to their kitchen. Don't disappoint.


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      It is indeed a joyful momentous occasion. Thanks for stopping by!

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      Thanks for this timely information, nicomp. Until now I thought genuine junk could only be purchased at yard sales and flea markets. I stand corrected. Now I know it's available at eBay, too. What joy!