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Buy shopping in bulk to save money

Updated on December 12, 2013

Shoppers can save hundreds of pounds a year by buying household food and utilities in bulk. Usually we can pay up to ten times the original manufacturer's price for an item and sometimes for times what the shop paid the wholesale outlet for the item.

To understand where we can save money we need to remember that the supermarkets, corner shops and grocery stores around the world are simply selling products to consumers that they themselves bought from a wholesaler.

Wholesale: Buy goods in bulk to save money
Wholesale: Buy goods in bulk to save money

 Wholesale outlets are sometimes called a cash and carry and they remain virtually unknown to most of the population apart from a select few retailers who use them to make enormous profits.

But no more. There's absolutely no need to be ripped off by retailers when you can go to their suppliers and buy the very same stock that they do.

Typical items that can be bought in bulk include:

  • Toilet rolls
  • Soap
  • Lighbulbs
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Sauces such as tomato ketchup and mayonaise
  • Candy

Shoppers who buy the goods in bulk from wholesalers and use them in their home over a few months or the entire year can make massive savings. For example, buying 24 bottles of Dr Pepper for #10.99 works out at 45pence each - a fraction of the supermarket price. And it's easy to save a small fortune on washing up powder and toilet roll - not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won't run out for a while.

To perfrom this money saving technique you simply need to ensure that you have plenty of staorge in your home to keep the goods that you have bought in bulk. A garage, cellar, spare room, shed all make great store houses.

Buying goods in bulk at the start of the year is a good time to start. It usually works best with products that will definitely be used such as tomato sauce, fizzy drinks, crisps, washing up liquid and other such items. Unless you are planning an enormous party then buying fresh items such as vegetables and milk is best avoided.

Cheap: Toilet rolls are a great item to buy in bulk for the whole year
Cheap: Toilet rolls are a great item to buy in bulk for the whole year

In the UK most cash and carries are easy to register with if you can provide proof that you're self-employed or run your own business. But don't worry if you're not. Often you can go with a friend who does have their own business or you can borrow their card. Makro, a popular wholesale store, allows police officers and those from the Royal to register. Or public sector workers from the social services, councils or the NHS are allowed to shop in their stores. Batleys is a popular store with stores nationwide as is Costco but they require a #27 subscription. There are often independent cash and carries and wholesale outlets with stores in a single city. Ask around among friends and families to find somewhere to go.

Ebay is also an incredibly popular site in which to buy products in bulk from. Household items such as light bulbs are much cheaper to buy in large quantities than they are to purchase individually from corner shops or supermarkets. It's a great idea to buy them in bulk so there's always spare ones at home in case a bulb breaks. Candles, batteries and even shirts or socks can be bought in bulk from ebay to save costs throughout the year.


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