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Capital One Rewards Card Points Miles

Updated on April 5, 2010

Capital One NoHassle Miles Rewards Card

Credit cards rewards are a great way for customers to earn free travel, free merchandise, and even free cash back. However, many rewards credit cards are tied to a specific airline or business limiting their reward potential for most people. For example, the Southwest Airlines Rewards credit card provides its members with free flights on Southwest. However, for travelers that need to fly on another airline for whatever reason, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa Signature or Visa Business card rewards can be useless for booking the flight. Not fun when planning a business trip or family vacation.

A rewards credit card or credit card earning miles or points that is not tied to a specific airline can be a great solution. With cards such as the Capital One rewards card, people can use their miles for free travel on any airline. In fact, Capital One NoHassle Miles Rewards card holders can use their Capital One points for rewards other than free flights, such as free hotel rooms, and even free merchandise, or cash back in the form of a statement credit or check.

Capital One NoHassle Miles Free Trip Rewards

Capital One Rewards Earn Miles

Earning points on the Capital One Rewards credit card program works much like most other free trip rewards miles credit cards. For each dollar you spend, you earn 1 miles. However, there are certain places and types of purchases where you can earn bonus miles. In these places, credit card users can earn 2x, 3x or even 5x points. Earning double points, triple points, or more can add up to free travel rewards fast on the Capital One No Hassle Rewards credit card program. It is almost as easy as earning money by writing online. (Plug :)

The Capital One Rewards catalog shows numerous merchandise rewards as well. At the base rate of points earnings, these rewards for thinks like free Nintendo Wii Consoles, free golf clubs, and free toys aren't a very good deal. However, when a majority of miles are earn as double bonus miles, triple bonus points, or more, these free rewards catalog items can add up to a good deal for cardholders.

As always, it is necessary to use smart credit card practices in order to avoid penalties and interest payments which will wipe out any value earned by getting free trips and great free vacations just by using a Capital One rewards card miles.


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