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Charge Card Bounty Hunters

Updated on February 5, 2017

Hit TV Show CC Bounty Hunters

MasterCard Bounty Hunters

I personally had my CC identity stolen and goods bought with a delivery address to a nearby city. Logic would say that law enforcement merely needs to go to that address and arrest? There becomes the problem I guess, because even after filing a police report no action ever took place against this thief, I was the only person whose life got disrupted by this thief. While watching a segment about CC identity theft, I learned how rapid this theft is throughout this country and the world. As in my case, local police tell victims that either the thief lives out of their jurisdiction or that they have no manpower to track down and arrest these id thieves.

Uber Bounty Hunters

Imagine an Uber type of community of Bounty Hunters. Victim of id theft contacts CC company the card company contacts the local Uber Bounty Hunter that tracks down, on TV, the id thief while collecting stolen goods! Not only an HIT TV show, in short time those id thieves will begin thinking twice about ordering stolen goods. Let small business solve this out of control theft. Twitter, facebook, linkedin and begin a Buzz to demand an end to id thievery.


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