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Check Cashing Service

Updated on May 12, 2011

Check Cashing Service

A check cashing service comes in various forms. The first type of check cashing service is an alternative for individuals who do not hold banking accounts. Another common form of check cashing is known as a cash advance. Cash advances work by lending money out on a short term basis. Locations for the two forms of services may vary city by city.

Check Cashing Service: Process

The first form involves going to an outlet that charges a small fee for cashing a payroll, personal or government type of check. The fee that is charged is a convenience fee to the user for the service. Proper identification is often required and each storefront may have a set policy for amounts that are allowed to be cashed.

Did You Know Tip: Did you know that as of 2010, there are 15 states that have banned Pay Day Loans?

National Outlet and Places for Check Cashing Service

For traditional check cashing of a paycheck or other form of monetary payment, individuals can go to national chains such as Wal-Mart who will cash checks. Fees for the Wal-Mart check cashing service start around three dollars. Wal-Mart requires that people cashing a check bring a state identification card or driver’s license. A social security number is also required. Checks types that are allowed are government and payroll. Some grocery stores also will cash a check with the same criteria that Wal-Mart uses; however, a grocery store may require people to make a purchase before doing so. Call around to a few grocery chains in your area to find out if they provide a check cashing service if you do not have a neighborhood Wal-Mart. Consider asking what their policy is for personal checks. Every store may have a different policy; where as, they do not allow personal types.

Check cashing services include pay day loans. Photo courtesy of: kqdsng/
Check cashing services include pay day loans. Photo courtesy of: kqdsng/

Check Cashing Service: Other Organization Types

Some organizations offer cash advances for in lieu of a set fee or high interest on a short term loan. This type of check cashing service is commonly known as a “pay day loan.” These short time loans are generally taken out for emergency purposes. An individual using this type of check cashing service may need fast cash to pay a utility bill or other important invoice. The individual visits an establishment at a traditional storefront or via online and requests a certain amount in agreement that his or her next paycheck will be used to pay the amount back. This short term funding is generally for about a two week time period. 

Check Cashing Service Fees for Pay Day Loans

Interest that is charged on a short term loan is generally anywhere from fifteen to thirty percent. The borrow writes out a check for the amount borrowed plus the interest and what ever additional fees that may be added on. Other fees may include but are not limited to is a convenience fee or disbursement charge. The individual is expected to return to the lender on the short term loan’s maturity date and ensure that the payment is satisfied. If the individual does not return then the Pay Day lender will go ahead and process the check that was left when the loan was taken out. 


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