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Chennai Floods 2015: A City That Was Drowned in Misery

Updated on November 4, 2016

Nature’s Wrath

Natural disasters are something that cannot be predicted or prevented most of the times, but they can definitely be managed if the right preparations are put in place. Numerous parts of India experience flooding each year, amid the yearly downpours from June to September.

November 17 to December 8, 2015 was a period that was nothing short of a nightmare for the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, as it suffered incessant rains that completely destroyed everyday life in the city and sent 4.4 million people running helter-skelter trying to survive nature’s violent outburst.

According to an article published in BBC News, the annual northeast monsoon was the main reason for the relentless rainfall across the state of Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai. The article further stated that the 490 mm of rainfall fell on December 1, 2015, which was the highest recorded in a century!

Natural calamities are not new to Chennai. The city has frequently confronted with heavy rainfall and cyclones, mainly because of the low pressure areas along the coastal lines of the Bay of Bengal.

What Went Wrong

According to an article published in The Indian Express, Chennai recorded a staggering 1218.6 mm of rain in the month of November 2015, which is nearly three times the normal rainfall for the month! There is no denying the fact that despite being prone to natural calamities, Chennai was not at all prepared for facing such a disaster.

The maximum disaster was mainly due to poor administration and 1,50,000 illegal constructions throughout the city. Had there been some solid and rigorous disaster management techniques in place, Chennai would have dealt with such a chaotic situation in a much more efficient and effective way.

Rescue Operations

The Indian Army, Navy and Air Force proved to be the real heroes for Chennai's residents. As soon as the news broke, the Navy's warship INS Airavat, carrying 20 divers, rushed to rescue the citizens who were trapped in the floods. According to an article published in The Economic Times, the constant rain claimed hundreds of lives in Chennai, while also causing major damage to the city’s infrastructure. Nearly 50 rescue teams were deployed in the city. The valor and determination exhibited by the Army Jawans was worth saluting with immense pride. They literally went to every house and rescued each and everyone who was stranded due to the rising water levels.

Various NGOs also volunteered to help by distributing medicines, blankets, clothes, and food packets to the people who were left with practically no resources.

The Solution

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As far as the safety of the city is concerned, the government should implement stricter policies to eliminate illegal structures that are jolting the roots of the beautiful city and putting a large number of people in the danger zone.


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