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If you don't have a UK Bank Account maybe Cheque Cashing is the Answer?

Updated on July 11, 2011

As the global recession bites ever deeper, more people are turning to cheque cashing, as a way of keeping their hard-earned wages out of the clutch of the grasping banks and their greedy executives. Increasingly, people are turning back to old-fashioned cash, realising that bank accounts are built upon shaky foundations. Many people have seen their investments and pensions plummet in value, so it is no surprise that there is a deep-rooted mistrust of the banking system. In some cases, people may have difficulty opening a bank account, because they have no fixed address or do not have a good credit rating.

The problem is that there is no way of getting around having a bank account if you are paid by cheque. This still requires a bank account, and a period of waiting, whilst the bank holds onto your money. Even companies employing casual labour tend to pay by cheque, which is a major problem if you need cash quickly, to pay off a bill or buy food. If you are paid on a Friday, you may have to wait up to a week before you can use the money that you earned.

Cheque Cashing – Break out of the Debt Cycle

Cheque cashing is the solution to this particular issue, allowing you to short-cut the banking procedure and receive your money on the spot. Let somebody else worry about the banks, whilst you walk away with hard currency. Instead of trying to negotiate an overdraft with an unsympathetic bank manager whilst the cheque clears, you receive your money straight away.

Banks love debt, and want you to go overdrawn, because they are guaranteed to make profit. Put it this way; they take penalty charges from your account the following month, which causes you to go into overdraft again, so they charge you again and again for the same debt………You get the picture, and they see you as little more than a cash-cow to dutifully pay their extortionate rates. Break out of the cycle and use cheque cashing, instead of dancing to their tune and letting them take control of your finances.

Cheque Cashing - No Hassle, No Waiting

Naturally, cheque cashing companies levy a small charge, but they are open and transparent about this, rather than applying the tortuous and arbitrary charges levied by banks. Whilst banks have reduced the interest rates that they pay if you save money, they are quick to increase the rates if you owe them money. By using cheque cashing services, you can enjoy financial freedom and remain in control of your money.

Cheque cashing is not a difficult process, and all that is required is that you visit a local provider, taking three forms of ID and a photograph. Few banks allow you to draw money against a third party cheque, even when it is from a reputable source, so this cheque cashing service is a godsend for people suffering with cash flow difficulties. Get away from the banks and access your money when you want, without hassle, stigma or inconvenience.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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