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Cherry Shares Daily Income

Updated on July 15, 2011

Investment That Pays

I have came across a fantastic investment opportunity! Its called Cherry Shares. Here is the website for you to look at Basically you make a extremely small investment of $50 and every day you will get interest of about 1.1% you can withdraw this interest daily or let it build up. The longer the investment plan you take out the better the return, a weekly plan pays 5.8%

I currently have $300 invested in the weekly option and for the past 3 weeks they have paid me within 2-3 hours of making a withdrawal. I did allot of research before I decided to invest and the deciding decision came from visiting this website This website shows all the investment websites out there and how trust worthy they are. is the best website listed here.

The forum has many many people all talking and commenting on their investments. Most people are investing $50-300 with the most at about $3000 and getting daily, weekly and monthly payouts. | Source

My Plan

My play is to reinvest all the money I make and then take out my original stake. This way I would have not lost anything. Then I will let the money build up until I can withdraw about $100 a month. I think this will be a nice target to aim for.

Please do check out this website for a extra steam of income that will broaden and diversify your income. Please leave me comments and let me know how you get on. I have worked out that for $50 investment that would earn $5 ish a week which is $ 20 a month is a pretty good return.

If you worked at a store for $10 a hour you would have $50 in one shift. You could not make this money money on HubPages for 5 hours work. Well I know I couldn't :) Here is my affiliate link:

Beware of Scams

If you do get interesting in these types of investments please fully research your choice. Have a good browse about the internet and ask on your favourite forums. Its better to be safe than sorry. Plus there is so much choice out there it can make it a bit of a minefield making the right choice.


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    • profile image

      puntercalls 6 years ago

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    • gladman2011 profile image

      gladman2011 7 years ago from Australia

      Cherry Shares used to be a Private Investment Pool, closed off to the public, however, they went public nearly 2 years ago. The returns the pay aren't excellent, but they are certainly good for a Passive Income style Investment...

      If you are weary, the best option to choose is the weekly option @ 5.8%. Not a brilliant return, but the safest of the lot. You can make weekly interest withdraws and you can withdraw 100% of your original investment after only 3 weeks.

      I have my Cherry Shares account attached to another Bank Account, so taking money out is very easy.

      Compared to other investments, the returns are OK, however, bear in mind that an Investment that offers rediculously high returns is usually not a real investment that can be relied upon.

      I also trade Options on the Stock Market, and make around 60% - 68% profit per week, so this is a much higher return than Cherry Shares, but there is a much higher workload too. Cherry Shares needs to be viewed as a passive investment, and be sure to take your cash out whenever you can.

      To your success!

    • Zoidian profile image

      Zoidian 7 years ago from Newcastel upon Tyne, England

      Yeah, allot of these things start off well and pay you on time and then one day stop paying but cherry shares has been running for over 530 days now and given a instant withdrawal every time according to monitoring sites. You should give it a go.

    • tmbridgeland profile image

      tmbridgeland 7 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      I am suspicious of an investment that pays 1.1% daily. Your plan to withdraw enough to cover your initial investment is sound. That way, if it does turn out to be a scam, or just a bad investment you are still protected.

      Good Luck!