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Make Money Online with Chitika

Updated on June 18, 2012

Make Money with Chitika

When searching for a productive online moneymaking resource, I came across Chitika that has a remarkable full-service on-line advertising network serving over 2 billion monthly impressions across more than 100,000 websites. Chitika has registered this impressive growth within a span of seven years of its existence. This tremendous progress was enough to convince me that Chitika is good online moneymaking resource and I need to look no further.

In 2010 Yahoo closed down their AdSense alternative Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) and started recommending publishers to use Chitika as a replacement. From this itself you can imagine the potential of this network.

Make money online with Chitika
Make money online with Chitika

Chitika Products for Publishers

Chitika range of products include –

eMiniMalls - Interactive Merchandising Kiosks

RPU - Related Products Unit

ShopLinc - Custom Shopping Portals

ShopCloud$ - A Tag Cloud that Rewards $

Owna - Display products in a whole new way

Linx - In-Text Advertising Units

Make money online with Chitika

Most advertisers and media buyers certify that Chitika is for them a highly result-oriented channel for reaching on-line customers and qualified buyers. Interestingly, Chitika is found to be the top revenue source for ProBlogger and many others, where even Adsense is relegated to the second place.

It is not my experience alone but all publishers uniformly agree that Chitika is an user-friendly platform for earning daily ad revenue. Chitika is truly living up to its popular catch line CLICK! CONNECT!! CONVERT!!!

Chitika has lately announced Chitika Select ads - an upgrade to Chitika Premium ads aimed to further fatten my online revenue. Chitika Select ads has provision to show ads to more than just the search traffic.

Chitika Review

Chitika Earnings and Payments

I understand that people eager to make money online will obviously be concerned about payment terms. Chitika effects regular payments in US Dollars via PayPal and check. Payments are sent unfailingly during the start of every month. Rest assured that payment will be received around 30 days after the end of the month your if total generated income crosses $10 for Paypal or $50 for checks.

Having made some in-depth research, I strongly advise you sign up for Chitika if you are seriously looking for meaningful revenue from your blogs / sites.


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  • profile image

    Suresh Gupta 9 years ago from New Delhi

    Useful information. Can you tell me which ad agency payout is minimum?

  • Rmnathan profile image

    Rmnathan 9 years ago from Sharjah

    Good infirmation, Sunseven. We did not hear about you for some time. I was wondering why.

  • aglocoincome profile image

    aglocoincome 9 years ago from Ostrava Poruba

    Thank you Sue. I am chitica too.