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Coin and Paper Money Auction Gallery - Great Prices!

Updated on March 29, 2011

Jefferson Proof 1/2 oz. Gold Presidential Coin on YouTube

A Legacy That's Golden

The allure of coin and paper money collecting resides in the inherent value of the collectibles as well as the thrill of the pursuit and the journey towards completion. Then, there's the pride of display. Well, some display and others hoard and ogle their treasures evoking "Sing a Song of Sixpence". Seems arcane in this era of liquidating assets. Could it be a nouveau form of financial freedom?

I've learned that coin and paper money collecting has its social aspect as well: attending coin shows, exchanging cars. A circle of investment, acquisition, valuation. Some people collect to trade, and others, to keep forever and leave to their loved ones.

I once accompanied an old friend to a home in the southwest of our city. He wanted to shop an "estate sale" of coins and stamps, the legacy of an older gentleman. As we flipped through albums lovingly assembled, and boxes, officiously labeled, I felt I had gotten to know many details of a person's life through this veritable numismatic pentimento.

Shopping! Shopping!

At holiday time, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations, coin and paper money pieces - or collections - make superb gifts. We invite you to shop these pages for some very fine specimens. As these objets trouvés find their way to the block, it's up to you to authenticate. Happy findings!


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    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 9 years ago

      Thank you, Luv! Hope you'll return often!!

    • profile image

      Luv coin collecting 9 years ago

      Great resource for coin auctions. I have never seen samuri gold coins.