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College Text Books For Less

Updated on November 13, 2015

Look For A Good Deal

As our children graduated from college several years ago, it was exciting to have them working and on their own! College is expensive in so many ways. Textbooks are one of those expenses that can't be avoided!

Textbooks for a semester can easily cost several hundred dollars. Some of the textbooks cost over two hundred dollars each. Much to our amazement, both of our adult children have enrolled in classes to pursue additional degrees. Now out on their own, they are looking for the very best prices on school books.

Amazon is a great resource. They carry text books of all types as well as book bags and other school supplies. Most are priced much lower than the local bookstores. With a substantial purchase, shipping can be free. In addition to new books, they carry used books, which can drastically lower your purchasing costs.

To Buy New Or Used

Our daughter is pursuing a medical degree and wants to keep her textbooks. She prefers her books to be free of any markings and in excellent condition as they are an future resource investment. This past weekend, she ordered several USED books from Amazon and saved lots of money. Many of her choices were listed by the publisher as never opened.

Some individuals like to have their books underscored in color and personal notes in the margins that are often found in used textbooks. These books can often be purchased at a fraction of the cost!

The most inexpensive method of obtaining a book is to borrow one from a friend! Most friends will ask that you refrain from writing in or marking the book, a small price to pay for the money saved! Be sure return the book after you complete the course!

The Future Of Electronic Books

Electronic books are replacing the printed page. Some college textbooks are available on line now. The electronic book saves the student on printing and paper costs. Distribution is reduced to a download on your electronic device! My daughter is in Nursing School. She downloads some of her textbooks, purchased at Amazon, to her computer and alleviates the burden of toting heavy books to class. She saves about thirty percent on her electronic purchases and additionally cuts down on back strain. The books are extremely heavy! Other books she still prefers to purchase as part of her library resource.

In the meantime, shop well and keep your options open to save the most amount of money!


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  • PaulaK profile image

    Paula Kirchner 7 years ago from Austin. Texas

    I hear your pain, Rick. It has been this way for a number of years. There is such a thing as renting a book nowadays. It could be more reasonable if she is not interested in keeping the book after the semester. There is an ad for renting at the top of the page. Downloading books is in the future.

  • profile image

    Rick Redman 7 years ago

    Some how, some way, the professors and publishers get together and keep making small changes that make used textbooks obsolete. There wasn't a single textbook our daughter could buy "used" last semester. Freshman year, 1st semester books. $550.00!!! It is time for the Kindle versions to become available!


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