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Commission Crusher Scam Review

Updated on November 24, 2014

They Are Serious

Every single day, without fail, my email inbox is flooded with an array of new, improved, never before released or secret system offers. I don't care how many times I block, spam folder or remove my email address from these lists, I can't seem to stop the flow.

Every once in a while, I click the link to see what these hucksters are gaming. It almost always ends up being the same. They show me a "secret" video with "secret information. You Google the name of the system and all you get is a bunch of scam reviews that tell you nothing about the system.

They don't tell you a thing about the system because they are nothing more than affiliates that want you to buy that particular system using their affiliate link. If you ever go to Clickbank you will know why these people want you to use their link. They can earn up to 75% commission or more if you buy using that link.

Rough math, if you by a $97 product, the person whos link you use to get to that marketers site will earn over $70. Not bad for just posting a few articles, posts, blogs and such. And those who get on the first page of the search engines can earn a pretty penny indeed.

No, I do NOT earn $237,412.59 per month and I can honestly say that most of us will not earn such sums our first month online while only working 20 minutes a day. Not that it cannot be done because many people do earn that and more but I can guarantee you they work more than 20 minutes per day to achieve it.

So what about this new software? What about this hacker insider stuff this new system says its all about? First let me say I did NOT buy the system. Here is why. (And if the author of the system truly is a genius hacker then he can hack this site and take this down without being noticed, but for some reason, I think you will get to read this without an issue.) It looks, feels, sounds and smells like just about every other "new" or "secret" or "loophole" system already on the market.

The sad thing is, this guy will probably earn hundreds of thousands of dollars taking other people's money.

What does this system promise? Well according to the video and squeeze page it promises exactly the same thing that all the other Internet marketing gurus promise. Big pay day for you if you use their secret system they spend days or weeks and thousands of dollars developing. All you have to do is spend a small $37 or $47 bucks to get this priceless information or system.

This system says everything that every other offer I have ever seen says. I could change the name of the system to just about anything and it would be the same otherwise. "Work only 5 hours per week." "Push 6 buttons only." "Has nothing to do with...(you fill in the blank)"

In this particular case, he sort of tells you what he is offering which is the only thing different from most other offers. He tells you his new "hacker" software scours the Internet for money making offers. Hmmm, sounds like Clickbank. But he bashes Clickbank in his video so I guess you can assume he is going "off Clickbank" to find offers for you to promote.

Now, is this guy getting rich by selling only 500 copies (that's what his video says) at $47 per copy? Of course not. Even if it is software you are not going to get the FULL system for $47 bucks nor are you going to get everything you need with that system.

How do I know? You see 2 years ago I bought a system that promised what the above promises. Do you know I still get "insider" offers from this marketer even to this day? Yes and some of those things he markets to me cost ... wait for it ... $2995.00. Yes almost 3 grand. Oh and the software I bought that he said in his video was all I needed? Well as it turned out I needed a hell of a lot more to get his system to work properly.

I needed to use this specific web host. Of which he provided an affiliate link. I needed this other piece of software and if I really wanted to make the system "pop" I needed to join his insider network system for $97 per MONTH. So much for my $47 dollar investment and so much for the limited number of 500 copies issues.

Oh, the trick with the 500 copies? And I get this from reliable sources. It is not the 500 front end copies they talk about. Its 500 memberships that they promote on the back end. They fill up their back end membership with 500 or 1000 members and when one finally wises up and stops spending their hard earned cash, they just replace them with another. Yes, that is where they make the thousands upon thousands of dollars. On the back end.

So even with this so called hacker inspired Commission Crusher system, you are NOT going to get the full system for only $47 bucks. Why else is there a lack of full disclosure about this system? You are going to get bombarded with offer after offer after offer to get you to spend up to $5 grand of your hard earned money.

After all, if you actually made $9 million per year (as this guy claims) and you spent 3 or 4 sleepless nights writing code and testing and testing and fixing bugs, would you give it all away for only $47 bucks? Hey I'm a nice guy but even I am not that nice.

Can you do what this guy and every other guru promises? Can you do it without being sucked into their sales funnel of never ending offers to separate you from your cash? Yes. If they did it, then anyone can. You will, of course, have to spend more than 20 minutes per day in order to do it.

The wealthiest bloggers and marketers today that are honest will tell you there are no real short cuts. It took them months even years to build their business to the level it is today. And yes, many of them do make a million dollars per year but they didn't do it the very first month in business. Most likely you wont either, unless you decide that scamming people is the best way for you to earn money.

If you want to check out Commission Crusher for yourself WITHOUT an affiliate link then go to No, I wont make a penny if you foolishly buy this program. By the way, even though this guy in the video slams Clickbank, the link that I got in my email box from a would be wealthy marketer, was a Clickbank hop link. So much for bashing Clickbank.

Do I need to say more?

UPDATE November 2014

I continue to see a plethora of get rich quick or get rich overnight systems being invented and hawked online. However, affiliate programs seem to be waning being replaced by how to make money with your own products on Amazon or Ebay or another online retail site.

I have been selling online since 2009 on Amazon. I have been selling online in one form or another since the year 2004. I can tell you there is no easy way to make money on any of these sites. The process may be simple but it is not easy and you cannot take short cuts. The big sites will BLOCK YOU FOR LIFE if you try some of the tricks these gurus are selling you.

Don't fall for it. If they are willing to sell you their "secrets" for under $100 you know two things are at play. One they are not telling you their true secrets but just repackaging stuff you can find out for free if you just Google, Bing or Yahoo the terms.

Second is the fact if you want to learn what they are doing you are going to be upsold to a package or coaching or both for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Don't fall for it.

Amazon to Ebay scam

One of the biggest scams out there right now is buy something on Amazon and sell on Ebay for more than you paid on Amazon. In other words doing retail arbitrage with Amazon as your retail source.

The problem with this is that you cannot use your Amazon Prime account for this. If you do, Amazon will ban you for life. Prime is for non commercial use ONLY. Secondly, Ebay frowns upon you doing this. Check out Ebay's terms of service in order to find out more about this.

Thirdly, if your customer gets a package that is branded by Amazon, your Ebay customer will give you a very bad rating, return the package for a refund and shop for the item on Amazon themselves. Yes this has happened to a number of people doing this.

There is a safe way to use Amazon and Ebay in conjunction with each other. Usually, sellers actually buy on Ebay, get the product or products in hand and then ship them off to Amazon FBA. Besides, with Ebay, you don't get paid until the product ships and the customer has it. How will you pay for the Amazon product if you don't have the cash from the Ebay customer? Bet those gurus don't tell you how to do that do they?

One Last Thing

If you have actually purchases this or any other guru system that works, (no affiliate links allowed, they will be deleted.) then tell us about it in the comments below.

If you like this (or don't like it) tell me so in the comments and while you are at it, check out my other Hubs and comment on those, too.  Plus you can always follow me, too.

Lastly, please note that I did NOT endorse any money making system in this Hub.  Thanks for reading and good luck with your business building.


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  • frankjosif profile image

    Francisc Mos 4 years ago from Sydney Australia

    What I don't understand, How this people who create this products get away with breaking the false advertising rule?And they don't get puled up by Clickbank or Google or Yahoo or whatever medium they are using to put the software on to the Internet.I would like to find out WHY.So if you know ,This is my email , please don't SPAM me to death,

    Thank you


  • profile image

    bellabimba 6 years ago

    Before I even spent $47.00 on this, I searched it and didn't READILY find any negative I went back and figured that $47.00 wasn't TOO BAD, but before I even did that, I read (and printed) the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and because there was a Return and Refund Policy which said that "If at any time you are unsatisfied with our product". So I paid it and immediately received a receipt from ClickBank and an e-mail from Steve Iser support which had a link to a website which, when downloaded, gave me TWO HOURS of a Webinar - which show HOW to located different websites and how much traffic they received. OK...but back to the initial offering - I heard that the program would automatically FIND the websites that were making money. So then I registered and when I get to the support site, not even "Getting Started" or "Downloads" work. Hey, but then I got to another web presentation that asked me for another $297.00 (or $287.00 can't remember now) I, for one, am going to immediately call my credit card company and tell them to NOT PAY the charge. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT FALL INTO THIS ONE.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 6 years ago from New Hampshire

    Ali, I'm glad you support this stuff. Since there is tons of it out there. The main question is, if someone has something that is worth a million bucks (as they often claim) why sell it for 47 bucks? The point is, most of this stuff is rehashed and people can find it online for far less or free. In short, this kind of crap usually does not work in the long run and/or you have to invest thousands more in order to get the full effect of the "secret" system. I have heard from people both who have posted here and from other places that have bought this and other systems and did everything they said and nothing or very little and many people have had issues with getting refunds from these scams INCLUDING sometimes getting a refund from clickbank (yours truly experienced this) So be careful when you condemn others when many speak from personal experience. I still say don't buy this junk. The stuff that really does work cost way more than 47 bucks up front and they don't have massive amounts of affiliates selling the program. Think about it.

  • profile image

    Ali London UK 6 years ago

    Most of you are being stupid. READ THE ABOVE. How many have it? its with clickbank? 60 days money back? so what's your problme? buy it use it if it does not work REFUND. 9/10 TIMES all these scemes work you just need to work at it. in europe. Ford car has the EU safty rating of 5. so does the merc and BMW and guess what 4x4 half a tonne Range rover or the X5. question is what do u feel safe in? ford or something with more matierl in-between u and the brick wall or the next car? same thing here? $47 to make lets say $100 a week with 1 hour per day in front of a mahcine for next 7 days? is that a bad deal? once u learn as u go along maybe 10k per day would come too?

    use brains. 99% of the comments above are from lemons WHO DID NOT BUY. I just watched the video + read the page i wont biy as it's a

  • profile image

    avoidingthescam 6 years ago

    I am so glad I found this post! My husband keeps trying to get me to sign up for these things and was totally taken in by the commission crusher video. When you do a google search, the first 5 pages are links to "reviews" that are really advertisements. Sure sign that something is amiss.

  • profile image

    John 6 years ago

    I consider myself quite astute when it comes to these things but the sale pitch is very intriguing so I BOUGHT IT! ($47, nothing much to lose) I started to get the bad vibes once the long videos started and the 'must have the upgrade' for $100's extra. The 'six clicks to riches' is basically one click to buy the thing and 5 clicks on each of the long videos. No mention of the 'research' needed in the sales pitch. You have to find and monitor websites for affiliate adverts, see if they're selling, find affiliate offers to match these websites, create your own adverts on these websites (paying the website owner, up front, a percentage of your proposed profits = 50-75%!). Then keep doing this. It would take time, experience, knowledge and money to make this a viable option. Its not a get rich quick scheme as portrayed! (But then again there's no such thing!) The final straw for me was the 'freebie' at the end, a link to even more scamsters! I got my money refunded via Click Bank. Buyer beware!

  • profile image

    yee1 6 years ago

    I agree with Matt, they show you the clock running on their website, I bought the product when it was only 35 minutes left, but when I wake up the next morning the clock still going and going and going for weeks, maybe still now. That's when I had a feeling I got scammed but I did not want to believe it because I paid them already. One thing I forgot to mention before was, after you paid them they will never answer a question if you need help, they build you a site using other peoples word and pictures without their permission. I wish I can show you the site they built for me, there were no commas, no peroid, paragraph make no sense. Google suspend the site..people report it to google. These people are making millions from scams and they know what they doing is wrong.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 6 years ago from New Hampshire

    Im glad this post was of help to you Matt. Also to expand on what you are saying about the time clock. Notice how many offers seem to have a "limited" supply left. They often have a red hash going through a number and in hand written scribble above that number they tell you there are only 7 or 10 left out of 200 or so avail. Yet when you return the next day the same amount is left. If you return the following week, the same number is left avail. In short there are only two ways these people make lots of money. 1 is by selling the starter package to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people and 2 by upselling as many of those suckers as possible to even more expensive services and software. Thats it. So limited times or numbers is nothing more than a joke and a scam to get you to think you need to buy now.

  • profile image

    Matt 6 years ago

    Hey, thanks for the article. I just watched the long video he has on his site and it does look enticing. I knew there had to be a catch, there always is, and as such, I didn't order the product and won't.

    I DID click the Download link to see where it would take me, the one that he says you have to click to get the software. It takes you, as has been said, right to his affiliate Clickbank account. I noticed at the bottom of the page that it had his affiliate number there.

    I also like how he says you don't have to pay for it now, but you do.

    Finally, I'd like to add, if you think it's a scam, look on the page for a countdown clock somewhere, or something that says the offer is only available until a certain time.

    If it's a countdown clock, like he has on his site, refresh the page. If the countdown starts over, guess what, there is no limited time offer. It's just a ploy to get you to do it NOW. Scam.

    If it's a message that says the offer will end at a particular time on a particular date check it out. Does it just happen to be at midnight on THAT day? It will always be at midnight (or whatever time) of that day. Go back the following day and see how the date has changed to that day. Scam.

    Thanks again so much for your words and wisdom. There should be more of this in the world.

  • profile image

    Sumit 6 years ago

    Well to all who brought this product, if you are within the 60 day period. I suggest you directly contact Clickbank and they will refund you your money no questions asked. So do not worry you will get your money if you directly call clickbank. Get their number from

    All that has been said in the above article is true and I appreciate that there are some people out there who come to the rescue of people and prevent them from being scammed.

    Guys! whenever you see BIG Mouth claims just ask yourself a question, who in the world will give you a Business Plan that makes them millions for 47$? think about it.

    There is only one way to truly succeed online and that is to be a good student of the systems online and learn the basics , spend money only on utilities not get quick rich formulas and rest most of your investment will be time.

    Time will be your biggest investment.

    All The Best Guys!


  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 6 years ago from New Hampshire

    Wow Yee1, I am sorry to hear about your troubles. But this is typical practice for these scam artists. Even when you sign up for their "free" newsletter or to get other "inside free info" you find your email box loaded with junk. Its all about separating you from your hard earned cash without giving you anything real in return.

  • profile image

    yee1 6 years ago

    I bought it and waisted 47.00 but thank God I was tempted to buy the upgrade too but didn't. Steve Isler offer a free website and I end up paying 50.00 to brainhost to build the website, they said its just a one fee and guess what my new website in nothing but a crab. After few days people kept email me to take away their articles from my website I have no permission to put it there.

    Please don't buy it Its all scam. Steve Isler and workers even call my phone lol trying to sell more. They are the only online company I gave my cell and after few days I receive these major calls from Jamaica.

    I believe they sell my phone to other scammers or who knows maybe its them. I answered one call and its a huge mistake. The person on the other line said wrong number and I hang up. The next thing I know was my house phone and cell disconnected. When I call the phone company and said I have a bill of more than 2000 dollars. They said Ive been calling Jamaica..its a long story but please beware.

    I have a lot to say about the commission crusher software I did everything he told me to do but nothing works and Im so frustrated. Please dont even consider to get that free website its not free its a scam. I dont want you to go thru the same thing.

  • profile image

    john 6 years ago

    I figured it was too good to be true, so I didn't buy. then I found your review. Thanks.

  • profile image

    mwella 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for the post. As a beginer I was surfing the net and giving my mail address to many websites in the hope that someone will be there to help me honestly to teach me how to earn money from the net. What you have said is cent per cent correct. I get so many mails recomending programs. Thanks to the people who commented on your post on their real world experiences. I will not waste my hard earned money on these. Thank you again from saving me from aweful situations. I will only hope that someone will be there to help me.

  • profile image

    Alan 6 years ago

    Immediately after showing interest in Commission Crusher I was contacted by a Learning Systems company who said they were an agent for Commission Crusher. Slick marketing on their part and gullibility on my part led me to agree to participate in their program. Shortly after starting the program I saw that it was not a fit for me and I requested severance of our relationship along with a partial refund of fees paid. To date my request has been ignored and I am "lighter" by a fair amount. Beware of followups claiming to be connected with Commission Crusher.

  • profile image

    Pete 6 years ago

    Thank you all so much I all most fell for the hype!

  • profile image

    Pete 6 years ago

    Thank you all so much I all most fell for the hype!

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 6 years ago from New Hampshire

    Just an added note: Its easy to tell a scam when you see it. In fact, I did not really figure this out on my own but was told this by a former Joint Venture Partner. If you EVER get an email from anyone other than the original author of the product or service, then you know its a scam. How and why? Because the JV Partner will get 75% to 100% of the up front sales price ($27, $37, $47 or what ever it is) which means in order for the author to make money he has to sell you more stuff after the first sale. Total scam. If they were truthful then you would not need to purchase a single thing after the first sale. Be on the look out for this "bait and switch" tactic.

  • Rich Inkman profile image

    Rich Inkman 6 years ago from Shippensburg, Pa

    I fell for it before I joined HubPages.

    Needless to say, it is a bunch of crap and thank goodness I was able to get a refund.

    And yes, there are upcharges and it is just plain junk.

    Sad part is, now I keep getting spam mail from him, lol

  • profile image

    ROBERT 6 years ago


  • profile image

    Marilyn 6 years ago

    Rod Eccles thank you for your honest explanation of the system commission crusher used. I signed up for clickbank and will be looking for a refund. I have not signed up for the download, but was on the brink when I found your info. There are very few articles posted giving an unbiased viewpoint. Thank you again

  • profile image

    edgar baltazar botuyan 6 years ago

    Hi. Thank you guys for all the comments & posts here. It would be a great help for those who tries to make money me. But why would other PPC site owners continue to accommodate such scam ads in their sites? It would only add up victims for this supposed scam Commission Crusher. As for me, i'll just consume their ads while i earn from them through may be safer to leave it at that. huh? Thanks again

  • Sera Peterson profile image

    Sera Peterson 6 years ago from Northern Minnesota

    @ANYONE WHO PAID FOR THIS PROGRAM please (please) submit your complaint to the BBB. I couldn't find this program there (after trying several possible company names).

    @RodEccles THANK YOU for posting this review! I was about to spend some of my last dollars to buy this program (doh!), esp. after I couldn't find anything negative about them on BBB. Luckily I decided to do a Google search and found your article first.

    @RodEccles I look forward to your blog post with free info. I wonder how I would find your blog post, tho?

    Unlike this and other online scammers, there are lots of honest people in the world; I always thought it'd be cool if someone would share their knowledge and just ask folks to pay what they could in exchange for the info. Sure, they might not make as much, but the rewards would be priceless--such as how "the one who gives receives the most." ;)

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 6 years ago from New Hampshire

    Thanks Erik. I am not really here to bash anyone especially if you have a product or service that actually works and is price fairly. I just hate people scamming and ripping other off. We all suffer for it.

    I will NEVER charge for any product or service that claims to make you money online. But I will reveal...FREE...all that I have learned and am still learning about making money online. I may tell you of a product or service that is worth paying for but know I will not be making a dime off my rec. The blog is coming so stay tuned for real ways that work, many of which are free (and these free ways are being sold by the gurus for tons of your money)

  • profile image

    Erik 6 years ago

    Hey Rod, thanks a bunch for the advice! I almost got fooled into buying this piece of junk, but thanks to you I managed to pull myself together. All the so-called "gurus" are just feeding on our insecurities... if it's too good to be true, then it probably ain't true after all.

  • profile image

    Dio 7 years ago

    Thanks a lot, I'll not buy this scam product, saved me ~ $50. Again, THANKS

  • profile image

    Michael 7 years ago

    I was foolish and bought this product, got caught on the upsells as well. Commission Crusher is rubbish, luckily I bought through Clickbank and have asked for a refund, i have never had an issue with how Clickbank works.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 7 years ago from New Hampshire

    @Josh, notice how all these guru's are now saying in their hype videos that they know you and I have been screwed before by other "gurus" and they the other guru always shows you stats about how great their system is but tell you its all lies. Then they go ahead and "prove" to you that their system is better and how they wont screw you. But they use the exact same tactics and say the exact same thing as all the other gurus do and say. And even after you block them from sending you crap in your email, they have another JV partner you have not yet blocked send you stuff. This is how I still get their hype. Its all the same, just change the look of the website and the name of the guru but everything else including the price is still the same.

  • profile image

    Josh 7 years ago

    Man and to think that i almost bought this system. Thank you so so much for all your advice.

    Systems today are so hyped up and every vendor/guru knows exactly what to say mainly because they have been a victim of these thing themselves then end up putting you in the same position for God knows why.


  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 7 years ago from New Hampshire

    To those who may doubt my words in the above article or the comments by the readers, then make sure you pay attention to maxibaby. If PAYPAL doesn't like this site for even a second, then there must be an issue with it. Don't trust anyone who says they will make you thousands or millions of dollars only if you give them $27 to $97 bucks.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 7 years ago from New Hampshire

    Thank you all for your comments. Keep them coming. But I have to say, a lot of comments are focusing on the CC. This article was meant to show folks that most programs for sale on the web are in the same category. If they only want to charge you $27 to even $97 bucks and its worth a million bucks per year, do you really think that is true? CC may be the focus but just about any "plan" that comes at you in the same way is going to be a scam. But there are ways you can truly make money online. I will introduce a blog that tells you how, and I wont sell you any plan at any price. It will all be free. Keep watch for the launch of that blog. It will really "piss off" all these gurus.

  • profile image

    Tremayne 7 years ago

    All comments above agreed with. I watched the video, indeed it sounds good and is some what tempting just thinking "maybe this guys legit" but hey, If it looks like a duck, Walks like a duck, And Qwuaks like a duck... Its probably a duck.

    I among many have been looking for alternative ways to earn money online and from the research i have done, all of these programs are a scam, the only person getting rich is the guy selling them unfortunately.

  • profile image

    ROBERT 7 years ago

    i agree with all the comments on this commission crusher,

    they are right ,the only thing this will crush is your bank account, the only true legitimate programs on line are the stock market , the currency market , futures market.but you must always use money managnment in trading.all these other affiliate marketing programs are scams.

  • profile image

    Jim McGarry 7 years ago

    Thanks Rod and all the people who have commented above. I have just viewed the video and decided to do a quick check to see if this was a scam before handing over my $47. It sounded very convincing and I guess it tries to target everyones wish to make a few $$ online. I think "maxibaby" was right on the money with 'if it sounds too good to be true, looks too good to be true - then it is too good to be true!'. Thanks again.

  • profile image

    Juicer  7 years ago

    I was just listening to the audio and it gave me a hard laugh. No google, no website, no product... He basically means, all you need is his software to make tons of money online.

    From what I know, the only successful way to build a business online takes hard work and a lot of perseverance. Commission Crusher is just another GRQ offer that's taking advantage of those who still think that they can get rich on the web overnight.

    Products like these should be pulled out of the market!

  • profile image

    maxibaby 7 years ago

    Thank you for your honest and candid review. It was hard to research the web as a lot of the reviewers had affiliate links which lead to Commission Crusher! Didn't feel they were being completely unbiased then!

    The old saying kept rushing through my mind 'if it sounds too good to be true, looks too good to be true - then it is too good to be true!' I was also thinking why were these affiliates promoting this product when it cost $37-47 - how were they making their money? Well now I know.

    Being an internet Newbie I was almost enticed but I kept researching and found you! - so thank you. And thanks to Paypal (who rejected the website) I was saved my money.

    I look forward with great interest to when you review the 'honest' ways of working hard to make money on the web!

  • Dawn Conklin profile image

    Dawn Conklin 7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

    Hi RodEccles,

    You couldn't be more correct about some of these products! I have not tried this (I rarely try any of them anymore, only a couple of names I trust), but I have been working at home for about 5 years now so you can imagine some of the claims I have seen. It is also a shame that people promote products without testing them. I won't promote anything until I have tested it out myself. I would not be comfortable with myself.

    Truth is, the guy gets rich by selling this exact product that he claims will make you rich. With thousands of clickbank affiliates selling his product, HE will make a lot of money on this product. Does not mean that the people buying it will make a dime. I wouldn't buy it personally.

  • profile image

    Rwmpire 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info! I had an experience with a different money making product but they tell the same tale:

    1. the price initially does not cover their whole syetem

    2. the more you do what they told, the more money comes out of your pocket

    3. the 6 clicks will be 60000000000 clicks or more

    4. they make money from us who wants to make money

    My suggestion?

    Not to trust them!

  • profile image

    nono 7 years ago

    I`m almost convinced, that`s why it is always better to search first about the products before you buy. Thanks guys it helps a lot

  • profile image

    zack 7 years ago

    well tq guys..i'm about to buy it!

  • profile image

    Ravindran 7 years ago

    I like your honest comment, would appreciate if more people will write their honest opinion like you, so that people wont be fooled buying all these softwares. Thanks.

  • profile image

    Rayx2011 7 years ago

    Hey, I agree with everyone here..but I would like to remind everyone the if you bought this through a clickbank affiliate link, then clickbank will refund your money up to 60 days after your purchase..

  • profile image

    BHarrison 7 years ago

    I'm glad I decided to check. I am looking for a way to make money, but definitely want be trying this. Everyone has game! Thank you

  • profile image

    nadrahan 7 years ago

    It was an outstanding post no doubt. I really enjoyed. It was an outstanding post no doubt.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 7 years ago from New Hampshire

    My two other post on this issue prove that it doesn't matter who the guru is, they are only a guru because they have bought or developed a software program that allows them to market to you and all you are getting is how to market their software. Mick and Maurico are correct. Don't fall pray to these scam artist. If they have something real, it will cost you plenty and probably cost you on a monthly basis as a subscription. I will be launching a blog on how to make money using free or low cost online tools soon. I will tell you everything I learned and everything I learn and I wont endorse a single product or service unless I actually USE and profit from it. Stay tuned. And keep the comments and post coming because others need to learn the truth.

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    Mauricio 7 years ago

    All boils to this... if I could make all that money in minutes, hours or days, why should I tell everybody about it?. And how many courses do I have to sell to make all that money? All these gurus make their money is selling a course on how to make money, not on twhat the course does.

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    Mick 7 years ago

    I went for this CON as the video I listened to was very convincing, and I thought well $47 is not a lot to lose so took the chance.

    It was only when I actually paid the amount, and was directed to another video with another sales pitch that I realized that more money would be involved, and it was at this point that I called it a day.

    All that the original author says to this article is true.

    Steve Iser tried to sell 12 of his very own campaigns @ a cost of I believe $279, and when I declined he tried to sell half the amount.

    Your very own website FREE of charge would be developed although there there was no mention of this in the sales pitch. They also gave a link to host the website which was going to cost several hundred dollars.

    I did find a website to email and question what the hell was going on. I have received mail from three emails I sent to them asking for my money back but nothing as happened. I think you can kiss goodbye to the $47!!

    I would like to think I am not a gullible person and this is the first time I have paid for anything like this, but curiosity got me on this one.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 7 years ago from New Hampshire

    Just as a reminder. I did not buy this particular product but I have bought other products like this and they all say the exact same thing in their pitches and emails and videos. I bought them. They were ALL junk and incomplete and every single time I got hit with more emails on how to make this particular product work better or as designed but I would have to spend even more cash. In short, don't buy any of this crap. All the info you need is avail for free online. You can even find free software that will do most if not all of what they are trying to scam you to pay for. Be smart. Too good to be true, it probably is.

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    Jean 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for this review, and thank you to Jack and J.A for sharing the truth about this product. I am most grateful, was about to buy it, as am in a desperate financial position, and had thought this just might be the real thing. Thanks for sparing me the inevitable regrets.

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    Ben 7 years ago

    I received an email about this product and thanks to all of your comments I will not be buying it.

  • profile image

    J. A., Honolulu 7 years ago

    I bought the initial product. I haven't even been given a link yet to try the program, but have already been given links to buy 3 more products before I start. Finally stumbled on your post here actually telling me whether this is legit or not. At least here someone posted who actually bought and tried the program. Oh well, I will stop, at least only out $47.

  • RodEccles profile image

    RodEccles 7 years ago from New Hampshire

    There are some...some good and legit programs out there but they are expensive for the beginner. A better way to learn is read free blogs on the subject, like I do. Google "make money with blogs" or something similar and you will find a wealth of information that will only cost you time in reading. You will also note that with the legit bloggers, they will all say the same thing. Read and learn first, then invest.

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    Jack Alan Naugle 7 years ago

    I bought the system - and everything you say here is correct. The software is a cheesy piece of &^*& and immediately you get a "one time only" offer to upgrade to the REAL system for $297. This one time only offer is then repeated in the training videos.

    The software is pretty much worthless - you put in a keyword and it fetches a list of websites from his "database" with their typical monthly traffic. That's IT.

    Just try and get any kind of support - not going to happen.

    He also immediately tells you the first thing you need to do is click on his affilliate link to get your website (you know, the one he claims you don't need in the sales picth video). Oh an btw - on the bashing clickbank thing - signing up for click bank is what he has you do in the very first video.

    He goes on to tell you that you need to do weeks of research to get the right ad campaigns set up - so much for turn it on and go to bed, then wake up with all these profits.

    The only positive thing I can say is he does give some halfway decent training in the few short videos on how to do affilliate marketing.