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Comparing Harry Potter to The Debt Ceiling

Updated on July 16, 2011

Harry Potter Deathy Hallows/To Debt Ceiling

I was watching the news this morning half enjoying what I saw and half in horror. How does our government compare to the #1 Box office hit of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

I wasn't too sure but I could swear they were comparing our president to "He who must not be named". I was just laughing, they didn't really say that but I thought it.. lol

They compared the congress "the capital" to Hogwarts on Harry Potter... would be true if Snape was headmaster but in secret remember Snape is the good guy..

There are some good guys in congress don't get me wrong. I try not to be political because I don't even know what I'm talking about half the time but my thoughts with this had to be written down.

It has gotten to be for a long time that our government and the happenings have been more of a joke to the media and it seems like nobody has any faith that the debt ceiling will be taken care of. What concerns me the most is the knowledge that we have idiots running our country and we as a nation are powerless to do anything about it. What we need is a real life character like Harry Potter to come in, make sacrifices and save the day. That is not going to happen with one person, it will take many like in the movie to work together and basically re-vamp congress. This has gone way to far. Our nation has become a joke to every other part of the world. We caused our own demise and now everyone is suffering. If anyone reads this, am I even near being right? Just saying, we ought to know better as a country, as civilized human beings. Where did we go wrong?


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    • primpo profile image

      Primpo 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      Thanks peabody....I. love how you put that..awsome..I have a lot of research to do..I am behind when it comes to politics. But truthfully I don't trust anyone

    • profile image

      mr peabody 6 years ago

      interesting, but we the people are not powerless you just have to wait until the next electoral process and make your voice heard. I have a couple of rules I use to vote

      1 I don't vote for people with a "flashy" smile ( I don't trust people that smile while they are talking to me )

      2 I don't vote for people that tell you what you want to hear

      ( If they are telling me what I WANT to hear I know they are being untruthful...lying )

      3 I don't vote for Lawyers ( they know the laws and how to get around them....loopholes )

      If you vote those types of people then all you get is... A Lawyer with a "flashy" smile telling you what you want to hear while they are either using legal loopholes or are trying to create them for their economic gain at our expense