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How to Connect with People to Rank Your Business High

Updated on October 28, 2013

Why Do You Need to Connect With People

Why do we need to connect with people? How do you connect with people? I wrote a hub on earning a million dollars. In that hub, I said you need to connect with a large number of people if your goal was to earn a million dollars. Not that you need to connect to people because you want to earn big sums of money, but since you connect to people as a part of your habit or interest earning will come easily to you. There are primarily two ways in which you connect to people. The first way is the way of leaning. It is the way of marketing. You market your product, advertise it, inform people and people come to know of it, connect to you and your products, see merit in them and purchase your products. It is the second way that I am more interested in.



Connecting with People Naturally

The second way is not actually a way. It is a natural process. It is an honest process in which you connect to people. There is no artificial hype. There is no show-biz. It is the intrinsic quality in you, in your business, and in your products that draws people to you. It is a slow process, but an honest one. It is the process where you are not as much focused to imposing or dumping your products or your skills on hapless consumers and purchasers. You are not in a hurry to get rich. I think this is the way of Taoism (I will explain that in yet another article).

Why am I interested in the second way of connecting to people than the first way? Because it takes away a lot of tension off me; I don’t have to bother whether I will draw people or not. My focus is on myself, and on my honesty rather than on how to connect to people. And the beauty of it is that you draw people in the process of doing your job well. People are drawn primarily to your magnetism. People do get connected as a spiritual act. The spiritual act shows in your love for people. It shows itself in your readily admitting your shortcomings rather than hiding them and yet trying to genuinely think of your customers and purchasers. This is the trait that comes naturally when you love people for what they are rather than treat them as numbers that are statistically relevant for you.


Love People to Connect with Them

Let me give you few instances of what I really mean. Today Jesus sells as no other human being ever in history because he had the deepest compassion for mankind. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. sell for their love of human beings. Aldi, the German superstore company sells successfully because they treat their customers well. When you connect empathically with people as human beings you are likely to earn loyal customers without bothering to mull over loyalty bonus or other rewards so as to outbid your competitors.

What I am really trying to drive here is that if you really want to connect to people, you must love people in the first place. When you genuinely love people, you don’t even have to strategize to prove your claims. The more strategies you adopt, the more hollow and artificial your claims sound. Your message spreads by word of mouth. People become your advertisers. The only strategy you can use is what Napoleon Hill said on doing your business ethically. Napoleon Hill said that you must give your customers more “use value” than “cash value”. In other words, you must offer your customers more than what they are paying you in cash. Most of the companies today have policies like refund, customer satisfaction, customer care, warranty, guarantee etc. towards these ends. However, I think these are survival strategies in a competitive environment for most of the companies rather than actual concern for the stakeholders because think of the endless trouble the customers face despite their ethical policies in place.

Finally, I would like to add a note in the end. We the human residents of this planet are spiritually connected together. However, we live in an isolated world of our own making because we are obsessed with “I” “my” “self” “own” and so on. All of us try to market ourselves to our friends, relatives, colleagues, boss, stranger, and every other person. The more you are obsessed with “self” the more you are cutting your links with fellow human beings because every other individual like you is concerned with themselves. Only when you begin to place yourself in other’s shoes and begin thinking from others’ perspectives you begin to connect to people. You will not remember a hundred thousand others that have their glorious tales to narrate, but you will remember the one person, however distant and stranger that bothered to ask if they could be of any help to you. And when they asked this, you instantly knew whether they really meant it or asked perfunctorily as a matter of habit that all of us mechanically do hundreds of times in our every day life, because each of us is gifted with unique quality to see how words and body language, eyes, facial movements are incompatible or compatible. Connecting to people comes from inner harmony, positive thinking and taking action in the external world.


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