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Updated on March 22, 2018


This information is accurate as of August 7th, 2015. The information may not always be accurate. Proceed with caution.

For a more complex look at Constant Content, please refer to this article.


What is is an article sales database. Run by RevenueWire, an ecommerce service, Constant-Content sells articles written by freelancers. Companies can also request their own content. They have millions of articles in their database spread over thirteen categories. Each category has many sub-categories.

The Seven Dollar Minimum

The base price for articles on Constant Content is $7. This is put in place to ensure the website's owners have enough money to continue running the website.

Unique Rights

So few people bought unique rights that Constant-Content officially phased out the option. It allowed people to buy articles for themselves, but not modify the content of the articles. There were complaints people could not verify if purchasers modified their content.

How Articles Are Purchased

When an author writes an article, they upload it with prices and descriptions. People that are looking to purchase articles can view the articles for sale and buy the ones that are to their liking. They can search by category, tags, or time posted.

Purchasers that do not find content to their liking can order some in a request. Authors can fill these requests, making sure the content is to the purchaser's liking.

There are three types of rights options for sale. Usage rights can be cheaper, but limiting, as the article can be found elsewhere on the internet. Unique rights are more expensive and grant purchasers exclusive rights to the content, but it can not be modified. Full rights grant the ability to modify content that has been purchased. Full rights are the most popular sales type. Some authors will make all the rights options the same price to encourage a full rights sale.

Article Sales Data for Popular Writers

Writer Username
Articles for Sale
Full Rights Licences Sold
Unique Rights Licences Sold
Usage Rights Licences Sold
Word Gypsy
Kevin Campbell
Dr. Kristie
Celeste Stewart

Data collected June 8th, 2015.

Submitting an Article

When an author submits an article, it must go through an approval process. This makes sure the content is high-quality and there are no spelling or grammar issues. An editor may accept an article, or they may send it back with notes. The article can be corrected and resubmitted to the approval queue.

The time it takes to get an article accepted depends on the article's origin. Articles submitted for a request and resubmissions are reviewed in 1-2 days. Articles in the public queue are reviewed in 3-8 days. Articles are usually reviewed in the order they are submitted, but there are some inconsistencies.


Time to Sell an Article

Articles in the public pool can be available for a very long time. Some articles are purchased in the same week they are uploaded, others stay unsold for years. My research has found the average time to sell a public article is six months.

First Impressions on Submitting

I have published thirteen articles on Constant-Content so far. Out of those, one has sold. By my estimates, six of them will eventually be purchased. I have used their service for three months, and my articles have been viewed 178 times. If nothing else, people are looking at the articles I have for sale. While some of them were accepted on the first try, others were not. The staff are helpful when suggesting editorial changes. Wait times can feel long, as many people submit articles at once, but the articles are eventually seen.

First Impressions on Requests

Requests are not held to the same standards that articles are. While most requests are written clearly, there are some requests written in mangled English, requests with unclear or missing information, or requests in the incorrect category. This can make it very difficult for an author to respond to the request.

Notable failures I have seen:

  • a request for people to interview local politicians with no mention of where "local" was
  • a request with an important sentence left incomplete
  • requests with major formatting problems, such as walls of text

I have submitted two articles in response to a request. Neither were purchased, so they went into the public pool. Two data points are not a good sample, so I'm not sure if I'll continue writing for them.

First Impressions on Communication

When sites like Hubpages make important changes, they make an announcement on a blog. Constant-Content decides to not inform their users of most major changes. The Unique rights were scrapped with only a note on the submission page. The list of popular search terms seems misleading, with results currently including "BS7671", "hes", and "rita". The terms are updated every few months, so they should cover all three months. The list of recent searches has not been updated since I joined the site three months ago. There is no easy way to communicate with staff. Constant-Content does have a moderately active forum with a few users.


First Impressions on Payment

In June of 2015, I made roughly $70.00 in sales. The full amount was sent via Paypal. Paypal's fees could did not reduce the amount I was paid. Interestingly, despite being a Canadian company, they sent the money in United States Dollars.


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