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Buy Contents Insurance Online

Updated on June 30, 2011

Contents Insurance: What Does It Cover?

A home contents insurance policy protects your possessions. It does not protect your property. It protects furniture, appliances, jewelry, tools and just about everything else in your house that you want insured.

Over the years your possessions build up. If you think about it probably everything you own would be covered by contents insurance. You may not realize it but you tend to accumulate a lot of valuables and if a catastrophe would hit your home it would be very costly to replace those valuable possessions. Contents insurance is offered by most insurance companies and your best bet is to compare costs.

Contents Insurance Online Quote

It is a good idea to shop around for contents insurance online. It is simple to research buying contents insurance online to get the best price for what you want insured. All insurance companies offer an online quote process. It is a convenient and efficient way to find the fiancial security that contents insurance offers.

You can deal directly with specific insurance companies or you can submit your quote through an online insurance provider that will find you the best price for the contents coverage you want. It is a simple way to save money on contents insurance online because there are so many companies competing for your business that you will be the one that benefits by receiving a lower cost quote.

A contents insurance online quote is free and normally is a simple process of providing some personal information such as an email address along with the value of the contents you want insured. When comparing premium costs, you want to make sure you get quotes on the same kind of policy from each insurance company so be aware of that. After you submit your information the company will get back to you pretty quickly with your contents insurance quote.

Buying contents insurance online is a wise decision.   Don't get caught without it.
Buying contents insurance online is a wise decision. Don't get caught without it.

Contents Insurance Replacement Coverage

If you watch the news, every day you hear about disasters such as a fire that destroys a family home, an earthquake that damages property, or a tornado that rips through a town. If you had a disaster hit your house you would definitely be glad to own contents insurance so you could replace your possessions.

When buying contents insurance online, make sure your policy is a replacement policy so that your possessions will be replaced with new items rather than just getting a check for the amount of the appraised value, based on age and condition. If you had to go out and buy replacements for your refrigerator, stove, or furniture it would be so costly to your finances if you did not carry contents insurance.

Keep track of all your insured possessions by using an inventory list. Write down your items, keeping track of when you purchased them plus the cost. It also is a great idea to keep pictures of the items. If you have items that are very valuable such as artwork or jewelry you should have appraisals on them before purchasing insurance. By keeping all this information organized and up to date you will be sure to have an easy claim process should you ever need it.

Protect your possessions from disasters with contents insurance online.
Protect your possessions from disasters with contents insurance online.

Contents Insurance Cost Factors

You may be wondering what factors affect the price quote of the contents insurance online process. There are many things that reflect a lower or higher cost and they are:

  • Amount of Insurance - The more valuable your possessions then the higher the cost of your contents insurance.
  • Your Zip Code - If you live in an area that is high risk, your insurance will cost more. Some neighborhoods are just more likely to have crime and get homes broken into. Also some areas are more prone to weather disasters which would also affect your premiums.
  • Claims History - If you have had any previous insurance claims, it tends to raise your premium costs.
  • Security Measures - Costs of contents insurance online can also be effected by the type of security protection you have and locks you have on your home.

Buying contents insurance online makes a lot of financial sense. Because its such a simple and easy process, you should get an home contents insurance online quote to save money now and in the future.

Contents Insurance For Renters

Contents insurance is not only for home owners but it is also for renters. Whether you are renting a house or apartment or even if you are living in a college dorm you will want to have contents insurance to cover your possessions. It makes a lot of sense to protect the items that are valuable to you wherever you may live.


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