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Coronavirus in My Stocks Spells Buy Buy

Updated on February 29, 2020

A friend of mine, who spent 50 years carefully investing her money, said the stock market brings out the worst in people. Playing on fears, it controls the flow. A good example of the stock market is in the story of Chicken Little.

You can sideline Coronavirus with the acorn, and Chicken Little with the stock holders, and the animals with other stock holders, and the fox as the, well... you know.

I'm vaguely aware that the story is about a chicken, a cartoon chicken of course, that as it meanders around in its daily affairs, gets hit on the head by something. Being a chicken without any reasoning powers, gets excited about the sky falling down.

It then, as the story goes, goes around shrieking that the sky is falling down.

The stock market stockholders, according to her, are like this chicken.They purchase the stock, watch the headlines, and - at the first sign of bad news, pull their stocks.

This causes the stocks to fall. Well. The other wise animals - apparently seasoned stock holders - stand back quietly, and know that the sky is not falling, and wait it out. In fact, they even keep chewing on their food, maybe even reaching for the next blade of grass. Perhaps they even tear the grass out by the roots. And eat it. Again, the stock market.

But, there is that fox.

I should find the video of Chicken Little. Okay, so the story is of Henny Penny. The chicken gets hit on the head by an acorn, and again as I stated before, thinks the sky is falling. She tells a few of her friends, and they need to go see the king. Apparently, the fox intervenes and tries to entice them into his den for 'dinner'. They, according to gut feeling, get the heck out of there... so, now you have this serial killer on the loose, and they proceed to the king, who reassures them that everything is fine, and they all go home.

But, there's still the problem of the fox...who now, preys in parking lots in a white van...

Yes - Looking Forward to Reduced Prices

As a stock holder, and not interested in falling acorns, I am just patiently watching and waiting. The stock market is like a huge patch of psoriasis.

It itches, it gets scratched. The skin tears, and a new patch develops. Another words, the patch grows, and grows, and grows. No one knows why it starts, and there isn't much relief for it. Sometimes, the patch gets smaller, and being controlled by the circle of it's getting smaller, you feel better, or it's getting bigger and you feel miserable. But, you endure and persevere.


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