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Coupon Comments from a Cashier

Updated on October 30, 2013
Black Friday
Black Friday | Source

Suggestions for Shopping Sanely on Black Friday or anytime

This crazy, chaotic day in retail offered me a great learning experience that I would like to share with people who might be going out shopping during "Black Friday" or in fact, any day of the year.

Some things I learned my first time ever working as a cashier on "Black Friday" were that
the store I worked at had several different promotions going on at different times of the day for "Black Friday" and the "Day After."
There were special items on sale called "Door Busters", among other "Specially Priced" items throughout the store.
There were promotional coupons available that could only be used at certain times and days.

Thus, I came up with six suggestions for shopping sanely on Black Friday that I would like to share with you.

Store Sales
Store Sales | Source

My First Suggestion to Shoppers is: Read the Store Ads.

Many stores have promotional flyers or ads--be sure to read the fine print so that you are familiar with what is actually on sale, and when it is on sale, as there are often exceptions, exclusions, or certain terms that must be met

Clip Coupons
Clip Coupons | Source

Second Suggestion: Clip Out Coupons

If you plan to use coupons, please cut them out of the newspaper or flyer and have them ready to hand to the cashier at time of purchase.
Yes, cashiers do need to take and keep the coupon, unless it is a scanable coupon on your mobile device, therefore, avoid ripping out coupons at time of purchase, as this often causes them to be unusable. Cashiers need to scan the bar code and often times when ripping a coupon the bar code gets destroyed, this can cause a delay as the cashier will then have to try to manually enter the coupon code.
Often, cashiers do have scissors with which coupons can be cut out, but this also takes extra time during checkout, so try to remember to cut out your coupons at home and have them in hand ready to use at time of purchase.
If you are planning on using a coupon via your mobile device, then please have it up and ready to scan at the time of purchase as sometimes mobile coupons take time to load on devices inside the store and this causes delays for you and everyone.

Third Suggestion: Read Coupon Fine Print--for Times and Dates

Most coupons have expiration dates. Some coupons are only valid on certain days or during certain times. Be sure to carefully check the coupons and plan to use them only when they are valid.
On Black Friday some coupons are only valid on that day and only at specific times. Often customers become upset because they didn't really read the coupon and then wait in line only to be disappointed that their coupons are not valid. Often times the registers are programmed to only accept the coupon bar code during the times it is valid, so asking the cashier to please take it anyway, even though it is not valid, most likely will not work.
Cashiers are not authorized to override coupons and calling a manager to do so most often causes delays. Reading coupons and being prepared saves you time and money.

Fourth Suggestion: Read the Coupon Fine Print--for Exceptions

Most coupons have exceptions and exclusions in fine print, be sure to read what is stated so you know just what the coupon covers.
Some times the coupon states it is valid for only certain items or only for a regular priced item. Sometimes it may include sale priced items but also exclude some things.
On Black Friday the coupons usually state that they are not valid on "Door Busters" or "Specially Priced" items for that day and time. Or, they may state that certain items are excluded. Be sure to read the fine print so you are not disappointed at the time of checkout.

Fifth Suggestion: Read the Coupon Fine Print--for Rules

Some stores have a company policy that states they will only accept one coupon per person per day.
If the coupon states this, please do not ask the cashier to take more than one coupon, as cashiers must obey the company policy.

No Coupons?
No Coupons?

Sixth Suggestion: Don't Assume Cashiers have Coupons

Before you begin shopping inquire what the store's policy is on coupons and how you might acquire them.
The store I worked at does not have in-store flyers or coupons available to customers. Customers must bring in coupons themselves either via mobile devices, email printouts, store ads from weekly newspaper or promotional handouts from the store at time of previous purchases.
Cashiers do not have extra coupons available to give out to customers during the time of purchase.

Happy Shoppers
Happy Shoppers | Source

Being Informed Before You Shop Equals a Better Shopping Experience for Everyone

Being informed before you enter the store to shop can save you and store employees unnecessary disappointments and frustration, plus, it can also save you money if you are aware of how to obtain the store's coupons and know the correct policy for their use.
Reading store ads and coupons carefully will keep you informed and give you and the store personnel a much better shopping experience, not just on Black Friday, but on everyday of the year.

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you feel you might be able to use some of the suggestions provided. Your comments are appreciated.

Black Friday

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Black Friday Coupon Deals
Black Friday Coupon Deals


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